Saturday, December 29, 2007


You gotta love friends being in town. After I spent Thursday recuperating from my trip home by lazing in my pjs, doing puzzles, and sleeping Friday was a time to get out and get going. I planned to meet Monica and Brooke for lunch downtown but that didn’t quite happen. Brooke came over after lunch and we got to chat a little bit and then headed to the train where we met Dave and then were off to Ba-Ba-Re-Ba for some Tapas and Sangria. Monica and Lakeiya met us there. Hooray for lots of friends! After four pitchers of sangria and delicious tapas, one of which looked like a caramel covered nutty poo (but was incredibly delicious) we though it would be an excellent idea to travel far out west for Karaoke.

Sadly, I had forgotten my check card but since I was with friends they made sure I wasn’t too thirsty during the singing festivities. That’s what friends are for. Brooke and Monica’s band, The Obnoxious Hollering Assholes, made their official debut, which is funny because I am kind of the only friend who isn’t in the band in some way shape or form. Apparently you have to ask them to be in the band and I thought they should just ask me because I am so obviously talented. Guess not. On the way to karaoke Dave became the costume designer and Lakeiya became their lawyer. I was still just chillin. Anyway, I am now at least something since I had a fairly large part in the debut. Our first two numbers were a complete group effort (Brooke’s first time up on the karaoke stage) and were both completely Asshole type songs.

Lakeiya had to go home at around ten because she is a sleepy little girl who likes to go home. Plus she lives in the suburbs and it takes her a while to get anywhere. I guess it was acceptable. Monica and I both did atrocious solo songs. We both decided not to do those songs again. I should have sung The Letter instead. We should know better then to get up and sing when we are afraid. We are never afraid to get up there. It was a sign. Dave and Brooke did an awesome rendition of a karaoke staple, which sealed the deal for Brooke becoming a full fledged karaoke lover. We then closed out the night with a very fast song with hard to pronounce words. I can’t believe we sang it as well as we did. Our voices were totally sore and horrible when we were done but it was totally worth it. 2am it was and obviously time to go home.

It took us a while to get out of there, being that the place is in the middle of nowhere, and it was rather extremely chilly but cabs came and we got in them and then were able to get to our homes. Today should also be a good time. We plan to eat burgers and drink bad sangria (not to be confused with the delicious sangria at Ba-ba-re-ba) at Moody’s. Should be a good time. I have once again made a post and it isn’t yet 2008. However, as I got an awesome laptop for Christmas, it makes posting wile doing other things much easier and therefore possible.

For the songs today I will use the ones we sang for karaoke in the order of which they were sang. This does mean six songs instead of five but it just seems right. Obviously, Monica and Brooke have no business answering these.

1. I pulled into Nazareth/ I was feelin' about half past dead/ I just need some place/where I can lay my head. (sung awesomely by the Obnoxious Hollering Assholes) The Weight, The Band. Identified by Johnny Yen.

2. He went out tiger hunting with his elephant and gun/ In case of accidents he always took his mom (sung awesomely by the Obnoxious Hollering Assholes). The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill, The Beatles. Identified by Johnny Yen.

3. He came from somewhere back in her long ago/ The sentimental fool don’t see/ Tryin hard to recreate/ What had yet to be created once in her life (sung quite poorly by Monica) What A Fool Believes, The Doobie Brothers. Identified by Johnny Yen.

4. Heard of a van that’s loaded with weapons/ Packed up and ready to go/ Heard of some gravesites/ Out by the highway/ A place where nobody knows (sung quite poorly by Natalie). Life During Wartime, The Talking Heads. Identified by Johnny Yen.

5. Twenty-five years and my life is still/ Trying to get up that great big hill/ of hope/ For a destination (sung incredibly awesomely by Brooke and Dave). What's Up. 4 Non Blondes. identified (with the wrong title) by Mom.

6. Harry Truman/ Doris Day/ Red China/ Johnny Ray/ South pacific/ Walter Winchell/ Joe DiMaggio (sung surprisingly well by The Obnoxious Hollering Assholes (although Lakeiya had left)). We Didn't Start The Fire, by Billy Joel. Identified by CS.


Johnny Yen said...

1. The Weight-The Band
2. Hey Bungalow Bill- The Beatles (the White Album, which I got for Christmas!)
3. What a Fool Believes- The Doobie Brothers
4. Life During Wartime- The Talking Heads

Monica said...

dude! that was the most awesome song guessing game EVER
ps i can't believe you don't actively WANT to be an Asshole... blasphemy.

CS said...

Hey! I atually knew 1, 2, and 3 (which I see were already identified by Johhny Yen. Bummer that I wasn't here first.) And 6 is Billy Joel, "We Didn't Start the Fire." Woo hoo for me!

Natalie said...

Johnny Yen- That is some seriously good guessing. Nice freakin' work. Have you and Kim been to Sidekicks? As lovers of karaoke I think you would have a blast and the DJ is awesome.

Monica- Yeah, it was pretty good. I'm sorry that I don't WANT to. As I told you, I prefer bands with lyrics because I heart writing songs.

CS- Woo hoo for you for certain. I must admit they are some pretty good songs.

dave said...

Dear Natalie,

that was a grand adventure out!!! I'm glad to have been a part of it. I'm glad i was finally able to allow Monica to talk me into going over there. perhaps when the season is warmer we can all go again!

I also have some thoughts on your canundrom with The Obnoxious hollering Assholes. i was wondering if i could ask you to play a vital roll in the bands future development. i know i am only the lowly costume designer so my opinion matters not; I'm not even sure if i have the right to ask. But I was hoping you could play the roll of "Biggest Fan" maybe after a while of that your talent may get noticed by someone else (Higher up, so to say) and they can ask you to take another roll, where you will be best utilized.

Warmest regards,


Mom said...

Thanks everyone for saving #5 for me to identify!
#5: What's Going On by 4 Non Blondes
An awesome song.

Natalie, I can't believe you sang Life During Wartime badly. It is also an awesome song. Good song choices all around. Sounds like a ton of fun.

When I bought the Wihte Album the first time (right when it came out) I think it cost me $3.50. Maybe even $5. Which was a lot of money for a record at the time.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Natalie! May 2008 find you in the company of only the best hollering assholes!

Brooke said...

Dave, Natalie can't be the biggest fan, because she's our official hater.

Johnny Yen said...

We've never been there-- it's not too far from our home! We'll have to check it out.

We actually own a karaoke machine-- I got it for my stepdaughter's birthday last year.

Natalie said...

Dave- There is no way possible that I would be the biggest fan unless you call unrepentant hating being a fan. Thanks for your encouraging words though.

Mom- It was like a monotone rap version of the song. Very very bad.

Auld Hat- As much as I hate on them I will admit that being in their company is a jolly good time.

Brooke- Wait, it's official now? Can i have a t-shirt?

Johnny Yen- I think you guys would have a blast (although it isn't kid friendly)! Owning a machine is a great thing to do. Where do you get the songs?

Mom said...

Sorry I screwed up the song name. I know better...