Monday, November 27, 2006


For my final installation of Conference Talk I want to speak a little about the session that had the greatest emotional impact on me. It was a session facilitated by former youth in care (I think they had all aged out but I’m not positive) and they presented their “digital stories” about their growing up and becoming who they are. They were incredibly powerful. Despite being only about 3 minutes long each, the stories gave a clear and concise picture of the student and the changes in their lives. They all expressed different emotions looking at their stories (which had been made years earlier) and how they may or may not have changed them if they could. One of the students said she had only watched her story once after it was done and had another student present it for her. She spent the time it was on under her hoodie and looking down. One of my favorites was Captain’s story. A line from the piece was (and I quote but may misquote) “There are three sisters who make up the man you see before you.” I thought there was something very beautiful about that sentiment. The awareness of different aspects of the self is common but to be able to articulate it so well at such a young age was really nice to see. I wanted to put some of the stories up on the post today but You need QuickTime (I think) to view them and I don’t have it on this computer so instead you can just click on the youth training project website and browse around if you so desire.

This group of young people also works closely with caregivers and youth workers to better educate them on the needs of youth in care. As I am sure we all know, what you may think is the right thing for people may not actually be the right thing for them. They are working to get more groups of young people to be heard within the system and to make sure that their needs are met. Far too often the voices of the people who need help are not heard and instead things are imposed upon them.

On another note, Thanksgiving was completely awesome. While some of our guests may have been a little scared of the continuous playing of Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 (If anyone has Extreme and wants to give it to me they should because the songs on it are much better) and the singing of karaoke ("The Girl Is Mine" was our hit closely followed by "Zombie"), we all still managed to have a great time. The food was awesome! Even carnivorous folk were chowing down on the Turkey Tofu. I think it is all pretty much gone at this point. I think I may be able to squeeze one more meal out of it but that’s about all I can hope for. Yesterday, I took the last of the mashed potatoes and made delicious croquettes with them. I made balls about 1-2 inches in diameter and put a little square of Swiss cheese in the middle. Then I dipped them in eggbeaters, rolled them in breadcrumbs, and dropped them in some hot oil for about a minute. They were sooooo yummy! The cheese in the middle got all gooey and wonderful and the outside was nice and crisp while the inside was all piping hot and full of mushy goodness. I think I have to go to the grocery store tomorrow. I am debating about making more Turkey Tofu because I loved it and don’t know if I got enough. Dave’s delicious challah is nice and hard and I can use it to make more stuffing. Tony requested more mashed potatoes so maybe we’ll have an extra Thanksgiving feast just cause. I hope everyone had a wonderful time with whomever they were with and ate until they exploded.

Let’s Name That Tune:

1. Just Like a paper tiger, torn apart by idle hands, through the helter skelter morning, fix yourself while you still can. Paper Tiger, Beck. Identified by Jaclyn

2. Hooray I awake from yesterday alive but the war is here to stay. 1983...A Merman I Should Be, Jimi Hendrix (probably my favorite song of all time). Identified by Mom.

3. The lights are off again, she took me by surprise. She’s so sensitive, shit just happens sometimes.

4. There’ll be no darkness tonight lady our love will shine lighting the night

5. Everybody’s looking at me. Feeling paranoid inside. When I step outside I’ll feel free. Think I’ll find a place to hid.


Mom said...

#2: 1983... A merman I should turn to be by Jimi Hendrix (from the album "Electric Ladyland")
I wonder if he chose the year so as to get underwater before 1984 came around? Who knows...

"Still rainin' still dreamin'..."

ShadowFalcon said...

Turkey tofu - is that a turkey stuff with tofu or a tofu stuff with turkey, or something totally different?

I personally love Quorn syle chicken it very yummy

Jaclyn said...

Number one is "Paper Tiger" by Beck, off of what I think is by far his best album "Sea Change."

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! Sounded delicious! I finally moved into the 21st century and got a microwave last weekend, so I could eat all the leftovers I was sent home with.

And number 2 rocks. I think of you every time I hear it.

thethinker said...

That description of the croquettes made me hungry.

Mom said...

Natalie - Thank you for those awesome links from your conference! The Captain's "digital story" was beautiful.

Shadowfalcon - Turkey tofu is the name that somehow got attached to a casserole (or "hot dish" here in Minnesota) consisting of baked sliced tofu seasoned with a lot of poultry seasoning and stuffing (that has not been inside a turkey and is totally vegetarian). It has been our family's turkey-substitute for about 30 years.

thethinker - Yeah, those croquettes did sound awfully good! I hope Natalie will do some cooking when she visits for Christmas...

Natalie said...

Mom- I could have explained what Turkey Tofu is you know. It is MY blog. Kidding of course. Love you.

Always on the Move said...

I used to be a vegetarian, and I actually quite enjoyed it. But when I moved back home, I was kind of forced into eating meat, but I still won't touch a lot of red meat and anything from Pigs, because they're my favorite animal! I LOVED Tofu!!! SO Yummy, and it's amazing how many people either won't try it or say it's very disgusting!!!!
DO you have any YUMMY Recipes you'd like to share with me???? :OD