Thursday, November 16, 2006


The conference was fantastic and the hotel was the most surreal place I had ever been. The picture shows only a little bit of the madness, check out the site for the full horrific effect. It felt like you were either in a movie set or a dollhouse. Some liked it, I found it terrifying. 9 acres of strange gardens, a river complete with boat rides, and a bunch of people who choose to vacation in Nashville (sorry to anyone who really likes Nashville) is not somewhere I tend to find myself. I can’t wait to write about all the fun things I learned. I do have to say that (as far as I know) no one has been surprised to discover I was not a lesbian since I found out Ben Carroll (who has no idea who I am but I just discovered he has a blog so why not put in a link) thought Brooke and I were a couple at Sarah Lawrence. The ladies made me feel pretty. Oh, the hotel is also called the Gaylord Opryland and that is a real funny place to hav a LGBTQ conference. Anyway, I won’t write about it now because I am completely exhausted. On the almost nice hour drive home last night (it took seven to get there) it stormed the entire way, I ran into all kinds of traffic, got back too late to return the van, and had to drive to work this morning during rush hour and return the car. Then, when I got to work I had the biggest customer service class to teach that I have ever had. My last two classes had four people each. This one has sixteen. It’s not huge but it makes a difference. I left work as soon as class got out and hurried to my bed. I hope that I will have time and energy to post something of interest tomorrow but maybe I wont. I can barely hit shuffle to get some new songs. But I will.

1. Cars and girls are easy come by in this day and age. Laughing, joking, drinking, smoking, till I've spent my wage.

2. A pretty girl is like a minstrel show It makes you laugh It makes you cry You go

3. You don’t care about me I don’t care about that. You got a new fool, ha, I like it like that. Fire, Jimi Hendrix. Identified by Brooke

4. Because mutiny on the bounty is what we’re all about. I’m gonna board your ship and turn it all out. Rhymin' and Stealin', The Beastie Boys. Identified by. Bionic Buddha

5. Before I go to sleep can I be excused from dreaming?


Mom said...

Welcome back! Will be interested to hear more about your experiences.

One of the shuffle lyrics was real familiar but I had to Google it to figure it out. Then it was, "Oh, yeah, of course!" But I never would've guessed.

Hope your class goes well. It sounds like word is getting out that there's this great class, with this dynamite teacher...!

Brooke said...

That was very embarrassing, Friend, when Ben Carroll responded to me telling him I had a crush on him the previous year with, "Really? I thought you were dating that curly haired girl you're always with." Ugh.

I can't believe your mom didn't get #3 - Fire, Jimi Hendrix

CrimsonKing said...

A river? WTF?! Also, #3 is something by Jimi Hendrix, I think it's called Let me stand next to your fire or something like that. I could be wrong.

Always on the Move said...

WOW....That hotel sounds SO amazing! I think I should try going there for a nice vacation or something. But I won't have to listen to Country music will I???
Glad to hear that you had fun and that you're back safely and all!

Mom said...

Brooke -- Yeah, Martin couldn't believe it either. I really should've known #3. To make it even weirder, the page Google sent me to credited the lyrics to Alice Cooper or something...

BionicBuddha said...

4. Because mutiny on the bounty is what we’re all about. I’m gonna board your ship and turn it all out. - Rhymin' and Stealin' (Beastie Boys)

Thanks for the challenge!

ShadowFalcon said...

Wow that hotel looks like a fairytale town!