Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Today was a bad day. I took a group of my students to take their National Customer Service test and only one of them passed. This brings my pass rate to a dismal 33%. Now, I know my curriculum is tough and that it could really use to be taught in more than 2 days but I don’t know if that is going to change or not. Now, although I based my curriculum on the material geared to the test, maybe I am missing something. I haven’t taken the test myself. I know, that is real stupid. I plan to take it next week. Watch me not pass. That would be disgraceful. I would be laughed out of my job. Honestly I probably should have taken it before writing the curriculum in the first place. The thing that gets me though is that out of the people who have passed the national certification, only one was someone I would have expected to pass without the class. That means that the other two had to have learned something. Both of them told me that nothing on the test was totally new to them, which leads me to think that I can’t be doing that bad of a job of teaching the material. Personally, I think they just don't read the questions and think about their answers. Like one of them was sitting there telling me he passed when he was looking at a paper that said right on top that they regret to tell him he did not pass. When i told him to read the paper a million times he still didn't see it. Changing that kind of non-reading is not something I can teach in 2 days.

I am really looking forward to taking the test and revamping things that need to be revamped. I was planning to take a notebook with me to make notes of things but after reading the rules realize that is not allowed. At least I have a good short-term memory. It’s the long term that really sucks. I do know that they ask a few questions about how to figure discounts that I need to add to the curriculum but that wouldn’t be enough to have them fail.

I just don’t want to look like an asshole. I don’t want people to think I am an ineffective instructor or that I don’t know what I am talking about. I want my students to do well. I need to figure out a way for that to happen. Until then, I have to find solace in the fact that some of my students learned enough to pass the test. Everyone I work with knows that my contract requires me to work with the most disadvantaged students and, unfortunately, those are the students who generally have the hardest time with tests. I just have to do better to be happy with my results. Once I do all that I can to make my training as strong as possible (take the test and speak with one of the National Retail Federation’s trainers) I will be able to feel less bad about their dismal numbers. At least I’ll be at the top of my game. I just talked to our Program Director and she reassured me that she thinks I am doing a good job so that amde me feel a little better. Unles she was lying to make me feel better....

Distraction by music time.

1. The lights are off again, she took me by surprise. She’s so sensitive, shit just happens sometimes.

2. There’ll be no darkness tonight lady our love will shine lighting the night.

3. Everybody’s looking at me. Feeling paranoid inside. When I step outside I’ll feel free. Think I’ll find a place to hid.

4. Downtown my darling dimestore thief, in the war of independence rock-n-roll rang sweet as victory

5. Your day breaks, your mind aches, you find that all her words of kindness linger on when she no longer needs you. For No One, The Beatles. Identified by Lizza


Always on the Move said...

Is there any possible way that they just don't care how they do and aren't taking this test seriously? DO they need to take it, or is it optional and does someone pay for them to take this course?
I'm positive that you're doing a great job, from what I've read on your blog, you seem like a real sincere person who takes their job very seriously!
SO I just want to say "keep it up and keep on smiling and doing what you're doing now!"
Hope that tomorrow is a much better day for you!

Mom said...

You are incredibly phenomenal at your job. You wrote an excellent curriculum and I am certain that you teach it in powerful and engaging ways. And your caring comes through to your students. I am sure that even the students who didn't pass learned a lot from the class.

Teaching of any kind is a tough, tough, profession. The rewards are great, and the challenges are often quite daunting. I don't know any really good teachers who don't sometimes doubt themselves or question their abilities. So you are in good company. Hang in there! You're doing great.

Lizza said...

#5, Cried for No One (Beatles). At least I think that's the title; I do know the song.

I agree with the previous comments: it really seems you're passionate about teaching and that you're sincere about wanting your students to learn.

ShadowFalcon said...

sorry about your students! Maybe more of them will pass next time.