Friday, November 03, 2006


This morning I read a story about a man who snatched purses from three women and was sentenced to thirteen years in jail. Now, he did also cause one of these women the loss of a finger because she tried to get her purse back and he slammed a car door on her hand. Even so, 13 years seems like a really long time to me. I looked up stats for length of murder sentences in Illinois and even first-degree murder can carry as little as twenty years. Maybe I am lenient, but a seven-year difference from planning and carrying out the death of another individual and a guy snatching some purses and accidentally severing a finger doesn’t seem quite right. Rapists averaged ten years. Sometimes I really wonder about our legal system.

Anyway, I have been running around like a crazy person the past two days teaching my customer service class. I found it is easier to teach a class of four boys than it is to teach a class of four girls. I’m not entirely sure about why this is. Maybe it just depended on the particular boys and girls in my class. The guys I had were incredibly focused on getting through things as quickly as possible. Every little thing distracts this group of girls. I hope it’s just the groups and not some difference in the brain chemistry. That would make my last post totally invalid. However, I think I was right so never mind.

I am looking forward to having a very quiet weekend. Apparently I am supposed to be going out tonight with people from work. I had forgot about that. Also, I have absolutely no money with which to enjoy myself out with people from work. I’ll just show up and make an appearance and then leave real quickly. Unless of course I have fun without drinks at a bar where everyone will be drinking. I suppose that could be fun. Water is free and drunk people are funny.

Last night I watched the OC season premier. Although the show has been going downhill since Season 2, it was absolutely hilarious how far off track things had gotten. After Marissa’s death, Ryan took to cage fighting, Seth works in a comic book store and hangs out with geeks and old people, and Summer is a tree hugger protesting hippie at Brown with that guy from Everwood (which was a really good show and should have remained on the air while the OC went off the air) and took turns “jammin’ on the dij”. The world has gone crazy.

Songs are good though, they always keep me grounded.

Eyesight To The Blind, The Who- I love some Tommy. This is one of the greatest albums to be around. However, the movie made me very upset. The whole point of the album is that Tommy’s dad comes home from the war and kills his wife’s new lover and Tommy witnesses it so they tell him he didn’t hear or see it and he won’t say anything about it. In the movie, the dad comes home and the lover kills him. It makes everything less meaningful for me. The stepfather just doesn’t have the same regard for crazy Tommy as his true father does. I just think it changes everything for the worse.

Turn! Turn! Turn, The Byrds- I don’t really know what to say about this song. I suppose Hippie Summer is jamming on the dij to it though.

Elder Green Blues, Charlie Patton- Every time this comes on, I think of my Daddy. I particularly think of when he was on the train in Chicago and some punk kids tried to steal his iPod and he told them no and then got into a conversation with them about Charlie Patton. My dad is cool.


Mom said...

That note about Daddy and the iPod kids gave me a good, happy laugh!

Yes, water is free and drunk people can definitely be free entertainment. Plus, you can be as silly as you want to be, because everyone else is drunk. :-)

Always on the Move said...

Did you go out and miss your Friday Night show Natalie? I don't even know if Degrassi was on tonight, I couldn't find it in my TV you know if it was on? I love going out with drunk people, even if I don't drink, I still manage to have a blast, I just feed off their crazy energy, I guess.
I was going to write something else regarding your post, but now I can't remember!
AND...Can I share your Daddy with you? My dad doesn't even know how to turn a computer on...*sigh*, but I do love my daddy to pieces, we are quite close...but your daddy sounds like a blast can I be your sista??? :oP LOL!

Michael C said...

I've never watched the OC but your description makes it sound like one of daytime TV's really bad soap operas!

Monica said...

i honestly thought the oc was cancelled and that one chick died.

Natalie said...

Mom- They made me buy a drink. Luckily since it was only $3.50 and all i had was a credit card people paid for it.

Always Movin'- I did miss Degrassi but Tony used the DVR and I watched it today. Great episode about an old man from "my room" stalking a HS girl. There is a big waiting list to share my daddy but I'll add you to it.

Michael- The OC is the worst nighttime soap you will ever see. I am ashamed i watch it.

Mizzle- She did die and it should have been cancelled. Unfortunately dumbasses like me will watch anything.