Friday, August 24, 2007


Vacation was a great time. It did not go entirely as planned but it was truly awesome. Being back from vacation, however, sucks buttholes. There will probably be many posts detailing the stages of vacation but I got to start somewhere so I’ll start at the beginning, Minneapolis.

The drive to Minneapolis was rather uneventful. I got in the car and drove. I stopped as little as possible. We left later than I had wanted to and we had dinner reservations at The Dakota for my parent’s anniversary and my Uncles Birthday because they are on the same day. Note to anyone who knows me: If you get married on June 5th you are a dick and I am not your friend anymore. Thanks to Mommy changing the reservations we had a very delicious dinner. I got a drink that made me a little wack-a-do (champagne, pomegranate liqueur, and vodka) but then it wore off really fast and I was completely sober. The couple at the table next to us hated our party because we like to laugh and do not always have inside voices. Whatever, the man had a bright red suit jacket on and they were lame. Ryan, Tony, and I left the club and went bar hopping in the Uptown area. Actually, they hopped and I drove. I’m so awesome.

Bar 1. Rudolph’s
This place is real ok. It would be nice after work or something. It has a bit of a big cushy booth feel to it. Ryan and Tony were convinced they had ordered $8 beers because they were huge and full of Guinness. I reminded them that they ordered the special and we were in MN. They didn’t believe me until we got the check.

Bar 2. Mortimer’s
This place is real great. They have every single bar game imaginable and some. We were incredibly excited to play air hockey (Tony and Ryan were very excited about $8 pitchers) and got three games worth of quarters. Tony and Ryan played the first round and I was to play the loser. Then this group of ruckus looking individuals put some quarters down on the table claiming the next game. That was ok. While they were playing we put our quarters down. Somewhere during the game I think the quarters disappeared. That was to be expected though because one of the guys was playing like a madman. He was slamming the puck left and right. When they were done we were going to play but noticed he left the thing you hit the puck with quite bloody. Never mind.

Bar 3. Was supposed to be Liquor Lyle’s but ended up being the C.C Club
I was at this bar for my 21st birthday. It is still a great bar. The people are chill and a motley crew, but in a good way. It’s a place where bikers, emo kids, and hippies can hold pleasant conversations. We enjoyed ourselves. We would have liked to be at Lyle’s but I haven’t been in Minneapolis for a while and was on the wrong street. Oops. Never fear. Lyle’s stories will follow.

Bar 4. The Bulldog
This bar used to be one of my favorite restaurants in the Twin Cities, The Mud Pie. While I was growing up it was the only Vegetarian restaurant around. I could be wrong about that but it seemed like it. They had awesome enchiladas and a great Middle Eastern platter. It had the most wonderful smell. Sadly it is now a bar but at least it is a nice seeming bar. While there Ryan suggested to Tony that they take a biking/rafting trip. They would bike somewhere and then raft down the Mississippi for a while like Huck Finn. I thought this was hilarious. Tony knew it was slightly hilarious. Ryan thought it was totally doable. They did bike from Chicago to Milwaukee after all. I was talking about how horrible their trip sounded because it wouldn’t have bathrooms and showers and beds and this girl at the bar likes what I had to say. I think she liked Ryan too.

We then walked back to the car and I drove the scenic route home taking the boys around the lake where my friends and I used to drive and drink, but not at the same time. We would trade weekends and one person would drive around the lake and the others would drink from the huge gallon jug of amaretto. The boys laughed at how responsible that was as I relived the experience. Then we went home.

As we opened the bed it must have been caught on the plug for the table lamp because when we laid down there was a loud thunking sound and the light went out. The next morning I looked and it appeared the bed had somehow broken the outlet in half. I realize as I am typing this that I neglected to tell my parents this. Mom, Dad, this is why there is a broken outlet sitting on the bedside table in my old room. Sorry.

End day one.

Oh, no random songs because my iPod won't go to the menu and all I can listen to is Billy Idol. I have 9 Billy Idol songs. This thing better fix itself soon.


Brooke said...

I'm so glad you had a lovely vacation, Friend! And jealous, cause I need one so bad. I was planning to come home for at least a week in Oct. (high school reunion time - haha) but I just got a job which will limit that trip to a weekend. So I'll be in the city for a Friday night only. Ugh. Let's make it a rockin Friday though! It will be 10/5.

So was that lake the same one that we fed ducks cigarette butts?

Brooke said...

Dude, I just realized I'm listening to this cd you made me, all full of eminem and digable planets. What a dork. It's good to clean to, though. Or procrastinate reading blogs.

notfearingchange said...

Welcome back...
btw the line:
"Note to anyone who knows me: If you get married on June 5th you are a dick and I am not your friend anymore."
Made me laugh hysterically loving it!

Johnny Yen said...

Too bad about Liquor Lyle's-- Kim brought me there last year and I loved it. Loved it even more when Husker Du and other great music, and even more when we discovered it was two for one drinks.

As someone who has worked as a waiter on and off for 27 years, I don't get people who go to a restaurant or tavern and actually seem to want to have a bad time. That's great that there's so much fun and joy in your family.

Blondie said...

Oh, so fun to hang out in the old haunts. WHEE!

CSG said...

I always enjoy vacations the most I can, so when I have to go to work I just have to think about what a great time I have. That way I keep smiling for weeks!

Welcome back.

terry said...

glad you had a good vacation! i look forward to hearing more...

Natalie said...

Friend- No we did eventually go around that lake but it is too far from my house for turns drinking. What a silly CD. I have got to talk to you! Jobs and all are awesome. I'm not going to my reunion it is in mid sept and I don't think I can get Tony back to MN that soon. Plus...

Notfearing- It's true. Apparently my folks had good reasons but it still seems odd.

JohnnyYen- The next post should make you smile then. Lyle's is awesome.

Blondie- Old times are good times. You seem to get over all the past crap and just enjoy.

CSG- I will try and keep that in mind as I go into work today.

Terry- More will certainly follow.

Mom said...

I think red-jacket man at the Dakota wanted us to be quiet so he could listen to the music uninterrupted. I think he was the piano player's dad or something. The Dakota is a great place to eat, drink, and listen to jazz. I certainly don't talk during their big-name shows! But this was not a big-name show and we were not the only people in the place who were talking. No matter -- it was a ton of fun.

Natalie -- LOL about June 5 and about the River Raft Idea (and that it seemed so reasonable to Ryan)!

Re: my wedding -- We were trying to satisfy various timing needs and really wanted to get married on the 14th, but my mom said no because Jews don't get married on Saturdays (apparently not even if they're having a civil ceremony). So we were stuck with Sunday the 15th, which happened to be my brother's 16th birthday. So, not only could he not get his learner's permit that day but he had to forevermore share his birthday with his sister! If I had it to do over, I would plan quite differently.

Evil Spock said...

Never been to Minnesota, but I hear Minneapolis is gorgeous, and extremely bike friendly. Its 10 hours away from me though, and there are a lot of places within a 10 hour vicinity.

Decisions, decisions. . .

Katrina said...

Sounds like you had a great first day. Can't wait to hear more.

Welcome back.

Natalie said...

Mom- I think the piano players family was all on the other side of the restaurant. There were a ton of people who all looked like him over there. I think he mostly just didn't like Warren, he's the loudest of a loud group of people.

I know about your wedding, I'm just funnin' ya.

Evil Spock- It is beautiful and extremely bike friendly in the summer. I would suggest a visit at some point. It's just a great place with a really chill vibe. Only visit between May and Spetember though.

Katrina- It sure was! Thanks.