Thursday, August 09, 2007


This morning I was watching a few minutes of TV and saw a mini interview with Senator McCain. In the interview Matt Lauer (of at least I think that s who that guy is) asked him three hard questions that had nothing to do with politics. His answers made me want to die.

Q: Would you put an asterisk next to Barry Bonds’ home run record?
A: As a fan of baseball, yes I would.

Granted, I am not a fan of baseball, I could care less about the sport. The thing is, and I could be wrong because I obviously don’t care, that it hasn’t been proven that the man was on steroids. He hasn’t ever tested positive and he hasn’t admitted to using, although allusions have certainly been made. Given that, how can you put an asterisk next to his record for all time merely to say the man was suspected of something? What happened to the whole innocent until proved guilty thing?

Q: If you owned a radio station would you rehire Don Imus?
A: Yes, I believe in redemption and that people deserve a second chance.

Personally, I believe the man should have been fired. There are plenty of shock jocks still out there and I see no reason why we would want to rehire Imus. Then again, as the owner, McCain would be incredibly interested in the profitability of his station and having such a controversial host would certainly boost the ratings.

Q: If you went into your fifteen year-old daughter’s room and saw her diary laying on her bed or her facebook/myspace page open on the computer would you read it?
A: Yes, then I would tell her that I read it.

Really? Really? What a dick. The facebook/myspace page is in the public domain so I don’t see any reason why he would have to sneak into her room and catch a peek if he wanted to look at it. I can even see some merit in a parent knowing what is going on with their teenager’s online profile. That seems totally reasonable. The diary is where I have issue. A diary is full of your most private thoughts, and unless you give someone permission to read it you just don’t go there. I don’t care if he is curious to see if she is using drugs or screwing the captain of the football team. If a parent wants to find out those things they raise their children to be honest and then they talk to them in an honest and open fashion. Hopefully their kids will trust them enough to be honest. However, if you go around reading your children’s diaries, they certainly won’t trust you and won’t be as likely to talk to you about serious issues when the time comes. Maybe this opinion will change when I am a parent but I certainly don’t think so. Even a child has a right to their privacy.

On a totally different note, let's visit the Fun Text Message of the Day!
“Hulk Hogan keeps the keys to his segue in his fanny pack.”

1. You snake/ You crawled/ Between my legs/ Said want it all/ It’s yours you bet.

2. I am just a new boy/ Stranger in this town/ Where are all the good times/ Who’s going to show this stranger around. Young Lust, Pink Floyd. Identified by Danielle.

3. And I tell you everything/ And hope that you won’t tell on me/ Not give you anything/ And know that you won’t tell on me

4. Well there’s a light in your eye that keeps shining/ Like a star that can’t wait for the night/ I hate to think I’ve been blinded, Baby. Why can’t I see you tonight? Fool in the Rain, Led Zepplin. Identified by Katrina.

5. So here it is/ Fuck it/ Friends or no friends/ I’ve had enough bullshit to last me clear to the end


Danielle said...

#2 Young Lust Pink Floyd.
I am not into sports either but if he has never been proven outright to have used them I am right with you.

With the diary I am also right with you, having had a diary or journal myself, it was a place for me to let everything out and put it into pieces later.

Why all the fluff in this interview? It is nonsensical to me.

As always...

Mom said...

Don't you have to get an account of some kind to get into Facebook? Even if so, I agree with your point about the difference between a web page and a diary/journal.

What the heck is up with that "text message quote" thing? Is this some new way to pass secret messages around?

I read that the guy who caught the ball Barry Bonds hit out of the park might not want to sell it, but might still be hit with a huge tax bill just for catching the ball that has some fictitious "worth." Crazy. Just crazy.

Katrina said...

#4 Fool in the Rain by the one and only Led Zeppelin

I agree with just about everything. The only one that's murky is the diary. If there is absolutely no question about the integrity of your child then you in no way have the right to violate their privacy.

But for some kids who are questionable, with very good reason questionable that is, I think a parent has the right to investigate.

I had a couple diaries and would have been livid if my mom had looked at them. But at the same time I was a good kid and she had no worries. I had a couple friends that their parents should've looked at theirs because they could've used the help.

In the case of the question though, I'm assuming the daughter is a good kid and the diary just happens to be sitting there. That's a big big no no then.

Natalie said...

Danielle- He had just came out with a book called Hard questions or something and they wanted to ask him some "hard questions". The fluff didn't really bother me. I don't expect much substance from The Today Show.

Mom- Yeah you probably do need an account. Still, anyone can get one. The text message is nothing but a text message that I received that i found to be funny. I might include them here and there.

Katrina- Even if I had a crazy kid I don't think I would read their diary. I would talk to them or even talk to their friends. I just think that even if you are getting into trouble you still need a space that is just your own. Then again things may change once i have kids.

CS said...

Ack. I completely agree - a parent is a fool not to check their minor child's myspace page, but a creep to read their diary.

Anonymous said...

like your blog... alot.