Friday, February 29, 2008


I am listening to a playlist for a CD that I made for Lakeiya when she left for law school and I am realizing that I have really good taste in music. I am sure there are some people out there who will disagree with me but this list is kind of universally good.

Ain’t No Sunshine- Bill Withers

High and Dry- Radiohead

Oslo in the Summertime- Of Montreal

For Your Love- The Yardbirds

Cool It Down- Velvet Underground

Golden Slumbers- The Beatles

Morning, Morning- Richie Havens

2HB- The Venus in Furs

Flying Away- Smoke City

Sexy Boy- Air

Dry The Rain- The Beta Band

I’ll Be There- The Jackson 5

Long Hot Summer Night- Jimi Hendrix

Get Ready- The Temptations

She’s Not There- The Zombies

Fuel- Ani DiFranco

Tender- Blur

In My Life- The Beatles

The Circle Game- Joni Mitchell

Street Spirit (Fade Out)- Radiohead

Sure there are some repeats as far as artists go but it’s ok. The songs may not seem to flow together to the naked eye but the final notes of a song always lead nicely into the first notes of the next song. It’s just a really good grouping of songs.

I have always been a mix tape maker. I think I have made some kind of mix for every close friend in my life with the exception of Monica and Tony. Brooke, Jenna, Roxanne, and Shoshana got the majority of them. Monica simply knows far more about music than I do and I wouldn’t presume to do a compilation for her. Then again, I did make an Ani compilation for her that wasn’t half bad. I guess Tony is the only one left out.

I have thought about making one for him. I have even started to create a playlist only to give up. The reason is simply that his musical taste changes far too often for me to even attempt to make something he would enjoy for more than a week or two. He has this thing about music he likes but never wants to hear again. He is the type to burn himself out on particular artists. I can listen to things I like over and over forever. He has actually been swearing off music a lot lately. At one point he lived and breathed music but apparently he is burnt out on the whole genre. Interesting. Maybe someday I can crack the code.

1. I’m coming up man-sized/ Skinned alive/ I want to fit/ I’ve got to get/ Man-sized. Man Sized, PJ Harvey. Identified by Brooke.

2. Close my eyes/ feel me now/ I don’t know how you could not love me now

3. Elephant wields the rod/ While the donkey throws you the bone/ I'd rather have a bone than a beating I suppose/ Either way still the dog

4. Virtue/ Is relative at best/ There's nothing worse/ Than a sunset when you're driving/ Due west. Virtue, Ani DiFranco. Identified by Brooke.

5. Silver birch against a Swedish sky/ The singer in the band made me want to cry/ We're all inside our own heads now/ We are leaving new friends/ We are leaving this town


Mom said...

You've also made quite a few compilations for your parents, which we cherish. But which I have a bad habit of scratching all to h*ck.

Woozie said...

Wow, I have heard almost none of those songs.

Guess who's downloading them...

Anonymous said...

I don't know all of them, but I like the ones I do, so I bet it's a good mix altogether. I'm going to look for the Ben Affleck video.

Brooke said...

I found the mix tape you made for me freshman year last time I was in Jules, entitled "Oh you miss me, unless it's school time." It made me laugh a lot.

You made Monica an Ani compilation? I thought she was a hater.

I know the super easy songs with the title in the first line.

1. Man Sized, PJ Harvey
4. Virtue, Ani DiFranco

Monica said...

i loved my ani compilation. i would like a mix tape. i think you know me well enough to make it good. why would you think otherwise? you should make tony a wesley willis compilation. but instead of actual wesley willis, it should be us and michael booth...and maybe only one song.

Michael C said...

Ok, first I find out you like Huey and then I see you put 'She's Not There' by The Zombies on your mix tape? Your musical taste is beyond awesome!!!!

thethinker said...

I have only heard three of the songs in that list.

kim said...

Fantastic. I would have to say your taste is almost as good as mine. Congratulations.

Natalie said...

Mom- Well I can always make you more

Woozie- If you do let me know what you think. I don't know if I included High School boys in "everyone". Of course you aren't your average high school boy.

Citizen of the world- There are some random ones on there I wouldn't expect most people to know all the songs

Brooke- You always got the mixes that were really good except for one or two crack songs that were actually really good but only after you got over the crack factor.

Monica- I wouldn't make you one because we listen to much of the same music except that you listen to more of it.

Michael C- Why thank you. I am pretty happy about it myself.

Thinker- That comment has just inspired another post.

Kim- Why thank you. I am now very curious to hear your music.

Johnny Yen said...

I was the consumate mix-taper, and later with cd's, and now with itunes playlists.

I related a lot to John Cusack's character in High Fidelity, including the mix tapes. The character he played, including the flaws, was a lot like me in my late twenties/early thirties.

dave said...

i was thinking of making mixed tapes on my box... and putting little snip its of me babbling between songs and mailing them off to friends, espcially freinds far far far away.

but how has tape decks anymore?

i do, but only my box... which is really a kids toy i got at the thrift store and runs on D batteries... which i don't think they make anymore...