Monday, February 18, 2008


Tomorrow is the night. Monica, Tony, and I will be heading downtown to experience the wonder that is Jesus Christ Superstar. We are going on opening night. I always wonder about attending the opening of a show. Part of me feels that they are going to go out there and give it their all but another side wonders if they may not yet feel quite at home and, therefore, suck a little. No matter, even if the show were to suck it couldn’t help but be awesome. It will be hard to contain myself and not belt out songs. I think it might be a little inappropriate in a theater. This isn't movies in the park.

Let me tell you a little about why I love this show.

  1. The music

Tony once told me that while in Texas he asked his friend Matt what Jesus Christ Superstar was. Mat replied, “it’s Jesus but funky.” He couldn’t be more right. This music is FUNKY. You just want to get up and dance and I am so curious to see the dancing that is going to happen tomorrow night.

  1. The history

When I was young I didn’t go to church, synagogue, temple, ashram, or any other edifice of religiosity. I was somewhat curious about religion because I was a curious child and a while lot of people seemed to put a lot of stock in it. All the questions I had were answered by my parents to the best of their ability and I considered myself rather well informed.

One day, while looking through my parent’s records I came upon a double album containing the London cast recording of Jesus Christ Superstar. I figured the title was pretty interesting so I put it on. Need I remind you that it was FUNKY? I think not. So I sat there and listened to the music with the liner notes in hand reading along and learning the story. I think that experience was my first real exposure to the story of the final days of Jesus. Because of this musical being my teacher I was very confused when I heard that Judas was considered to be the worst of all worst people. His character in the play is very sympathetic and he totally has the best songs. Jesus is a little whiny. These facts may be why the musical was controversial.

Later in life I read the Bible and was pleasantly surprised to find bits and pieces of the words from JC Superstar dispersed throughout. I felt pretty good about the fact that the play was nice and true to the text…ish

  1. The clothes

Now, since my only seeing of this show has been through the 1973 Norman Jewison film that is my only concept of the clothes. However, anytime Roman guards look like village people, King Herod appears to be a coked out movie producer, and Jesus and pals are total hippies I can’t help but love it.

  1. The music

Yeah I know I covered this already but really, this stuff is FUNKY

I can’t wait.

1. Dear I thought I'd drop a line/ The weather's cool/ The folks are fine/ I'm in bed each night by nine

2. Sitting down by my window/ Looking at the rain/ Sitting down my window/ All around I felt it/ All I could see was the rain

3. Cato play with my head/ I won’t know the difference/ if we’re living in the novelist/ or statistician/ Oh oh oh. Cato As A Pun, of Montreal. Identified by Monica

4. See the storm set in your eyes/ See the torn twist in your side/ I wait for you. With or Without You, U2. Identified by, Danielle

5. I’m a poor boy born in a rut/ Some say my manners aren’t the best/ Some of my friends have been in a whole lot of trouble/ Some say I’m no better than the rest


Danielle said...

You won't believe that I have never seen Jesus Christ Superstar and you make it sound awesome.

Funky is always good.

I've never been to a musical either but will never forget seeing Esther Rolles play in A Raisin in the Sun in a cozy theatre in Boston where I sold tickets.

It sounds like you all will have a blast!

4. U2 With or Without You

Mom said...

Dang! Danielle guessed the only one of the songs that I had a hope or even a prayer of guessing.

The thing that hooked me on JC Superstar (when I first heard the songs on the radio in the early 70s) was the funk and the lyrics of the title song.
"Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, who are you, what have you sacrificed?"
"Jesus Christ, superstar, do you think you're who they say you are?"
"Don't you get me wrong, I only want to know!"
I agree -- the title character did come across as a bit whiny. (And do you remember that unfortunate figure skating routine that Todd Eldridge once did to the "watch me die" song?)

Have a super-fantastic time!

Monica said...

I can't wait! Corey Glover as Judas... whoa. Original Jesus too if I am not mistaken...

3. cato as a Pun - Of Montreal

Chatty Knitter said...

Have fun tomorrow night. I would be more jealous than I already am if I had not seen the production last year in Cleveland.

We might still try to get tickets...but after Othello last week I'm pretty worn out on the Judas-types and whiny martyr types.


Urban Chick said...

Enjoy the show. It's going to be a funky good time. Feel free to get up and dance :)

Diesel said...

Judas was one of Jesus' chosen 12 disciples, so he couldn't have been too bad. He just made a really bad choice there at the end.

Natalie said...

Danielle- At least rent the movie. You can get the picture from that very well.

Mom- Oh I had blocked that routine from memory. It was truly horrible.

Monica- you are not mistaken and it will be wicked awesome.

Chatty Knitter- Seeing the same show twice in one year is sometimes overkill. It's only a week run so if you want tickets you should get them soon.

Urban Chick- I think that dancing would shame me completely.

Diesel- That was an incredibly logical statement.

Woozie said...

It's called Jesus Christ Superstar, it won't be bad. Trust me.

Rositta said...

I wish you enjoyment...I saw this musical 30 years ago and still have the program somewhere. I loved it...ciao

notfearingchange said...

oh lord...guess who now has "Jesus Christ Superstar..." singing through her head!

i hope it was fun...

*get the song out of head*
*get the song out of head*

Natalie said...

Woozie- You are right, the name says it all.

Rosita- It is wonderful when a show can stay with you for 30 years.

Notfering- Sorry, they have been in my head non stop

The Idea Of Progress said...

I heard that Crispin Glover is great in this!

Monica said...

best moments include:

1) you me and tizzle unable to control or stop the eruption of laughter after "slutty jesus" which was actually "sweet holy jesus" apparently

2) from the woman who brought us "slutty jesus", "come baaaaaack!"

3) those bitches behind us who hate special people and tried to be our friend

4) corey glover (twin of crispin) in all of his glory