Friday, February 08, 2008


Apparently I said I was going to write a post about sandwiches today. In all honesty, who doesn’t love a good sandwich? I firmly believe that the sandwich is one of the more perfect foods out there. In fact, one of my first, and favorite, posts was about sandwiches.

I’ll call this sandwich Gooey Goodness because I like things that start with the same letter yet describe the product. It is important to be catchy.

  • Four thin slices of sourdough or other delicious bread with a nice crust
  • 1 large cap Portabella mushroom
  • ½ Zucchini
  • 2 slices Red onion
  • 1 Roma Tomato
  • Sprouts
  • Brie cheese
  • ½ tbsp butter
  1. sauté the mushroom and zucchini in a tiny dab of butter until cooked
  2. Put the rest of the butter in a pan and melt
  3. Rub the bread, on both sides, in the butter
  4. Put a layer of Brie on two slices of bread and cover with mushroom and zucchini then cover with other slice of bread
  5. Press together with spatula
  6. Cook over medium/low heat covered for a few minutes and flip
  7. Repeat process until bread is nice and golden and cheese is gooey
  8. Remove from heat
  9. Open sandwiches and top with onion, tomato, and sprouts (in that order so as to avoid slippage, a successful sandwich is all in the layers)
  10. Close sandwich and enjoy the gooey goodness

I suppose a Panini press would also work in this situation but who has one of those? Not I. I had a green apple with this sandwich and it was delightful. Green apples are so good with Brie. As I was typing I think a super thin layer of Dijon mustard may have complimented this sandwich as well. MMM Sandwich.

1. I love you/ Completely/ Please I don't want you to go/ Though you are not content here with me and you feel you must go

2 You've got a bad reputation/ That's the word out on the town/ It gives a certain fascination/ But it can only bring you down

3. They got a committee to get me off the block. Cause I say my rhymes loud and I say them non stop

4. On the corner/ We talk away/ Everybody’s older these days

5. I’ll light the fire/ You place the flowers in the vase that you bought/ Today. Our House, CSNY. Identified by Mom.


Mom said...

Thanks for the sandwich. It would have gone great with the tomato basil soup I had for lunch!

#5: Our House, by Crosby, Stills, Nash (and Young, I think). More precisely, Graham Nash.

Monica said...

mom, even thoughit's BY nash, it's credited to CSNY. natalie, you sshould put up the recipe to our wednesday tv show nachos next week.

Danielle said...

This sandwich sounds sooooo good. I've made portabella burgers before but never in a sandwich like this.

Pass the napkins.

Have a great weekend.

Natalie said...

Mom- OOOHH Monica TOLD YOU!!! I want tomato basil soup. Is it from your cookbook?

Monica- What nachos??? Are you trying to say there should be nachos? I don't know nothing bout no nachos.

Danielle- Yeah it was a new flavor of portabella. You don't need too many napkins though cause the layering keeps them tidy.

Johnny Yen said...

Mom beat me to "Our House," by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

I heard it at work a week or two; my friend Christine was telling me it was one of her favorites songs, and I mentioned that Graham Nash wrote it when he was living with Joni Mitchell.

Mom said...

Joni Mitchell sure has had a lot of interesting relationships...

Natalie, the soup was unfortunately not from my beautiful soup cookbook. I ate it at a local bread and sandwich shop. They served a hunk of baguette with the soup. I need to hunt down a good tomato basil soup recipe. (I suppose I could just put some basil in my grandma's tomato rice soup recipe, but it's not the same thing...)

Urban Chick said...

yummy yummy yummy

Monica said...

natalie, our nachos!!!!! the ones we ate all the time at addison while watching wednesday tv? we ate them all the time!!!!!

Jason said...

I'm going to kick myself when you post what #3 is, because I know it but can't think of it.

Also, I spent about ten cumulative hours this past summer in a car stuck listening to nothing but CSN(&Y) and Seal, "...and the pain was enough to make a shy, bald Buddhist reflect and plan a mass murder..."

Anonymous said...

Rats, your Mom gotthe only one I knew.

SO, given my mushroom aversion, I was looking at that sandwhich recipe and thinking it might also be good with baked tofu subbed in.

kim said...

Sandwich, 10 in the morning, yum yum yum. I want my sandwich, now.

It's all in the bread, if the bread stinks, the sandwich does too.

I'm a yellow mustard girl myself, but I can appreciate that you appreciate dijon.

Katrina said...

The Foody Fridays are so lost on me. I'm such a picky eater that just about everything you mention in your recipes I go "yuck" at. I feel sooooo deprived sometimes.

I read an article ages ago that a person with "too many" tastebuds can have sensory overload basically and therefore end up a picky eater. That it comes down to too many flavors trigger the "ick" factor in the tastebuds. Whether that's true or not I don't know, all I do know is that I dislike WAY more than I like and it totally sucks sometimes!