Friday, December 15, 2006


Mary Poppins, she seems to be surrounding me these days. In the windows at Macy's that I walk past every day on my way to work. In the conversations I have with people that lately seem to turn to musicals more often than usual. I love Mary Poppins, she is a sweetheart. She is the kind of person that I inspire to be. she is sweet, intelligent, imaginative, kind, caring, and selfless. I am certainly not selfless but I do aspire to be...kind of...sometimes. The woman is, as you may recall, "Practically Perfect in Every Way". Apparently, according to a recent personality quiz I took, so am I.
Almost Perfect- INFP

26% Extraversion, 86% Intuition, 33% Thinking, 20% Judging

So, you want to make the world a better place? Too bad it's never gonna happen.

Of all the types, you have to be one of the hardest to find fault in. You have a selfless and caring nature. You're a good listener and someone who wants to avoid conflict. You genuinely desire to do good.

Of course, these all add up to an incredibly overpowered conscience which makes you feel guilty and responsible when anything goes wrong. Of course, it MUST be your fault EVERYTIME.

Though you're constantly on a mission to find the truth, you have no use for hard facts and logic, which is a source of great confusion for those of us with brains. Despite this, in a losing argument, you're not above spouting off inaccurate fact after fact in an effort to protect your precious values.

You're most probably a perfectionist, which in this case, is a bad thing. Any group work is destined to fail because of your incredibly high standards.

Disregard what I said before. You're just easy to find fault in as everyone else!

Luckily, you're generally very hard on yourself, meaning I don't need to waste my precious time insulting you. Instead, just find all your own faults and insult yourself.


If you want to learn more about your personality type in a slightly less negative way, check out this.

I love being an INFP. From the research I have done only about 1% of the world population falls under that category. I like to be different. It makes me fell more special. Like if someone knows me they will be likely to not know to many other people who are very similar to me. It took me a long time to fully embrace my INFP personality. I spent a lot of time being down right evil. I’m not entirely sure why I enjoyed being evil so much but I did. I still find evil things rather funny at times. I think I get it from my father. He is an incredibly sweet and loving person too. But his sense of humor certainly borders on evil. Maybe the evilness was more of a defense mechanism to hide my inherently do-gooder personality. In retrospect, it makes a lot of sense. See, it isn’t particularly cool to be all touchy feely and loving as a child. In my youth I also tried to reject my introverted personality and really wanted to have lots of friends and be liked by everyone. It took a lot of energy for me because it isn’t how I am. I always liked being alone with my books or my imagination as a young child.

However, between the ages of about ten and sixteen I really didn’t want to be that kind of person. How many people those ages really want to be the quiet kid in the corner? To avoid that I made lots of acquaintances, I never had lots of friends. I hung out with “cool” or “tough” kids as often as possible and I developed a pretty hard exterior (at least as hard as a tiny short person that always gets described as “cute” could really be). I was pretty proud of that exterior and always valued it as a part of who I am. My inner personality seemed too weak to have in the forefront all the time. That, combined with my evil sense of humor has gotten me labeled as a pretty evil person for a long time. Monica once told me that I was utterly evil yet really sweet and that she didn’t understand why that was. I guess a few people have told me similar things. Rather recently I have grown sick of being such a conundrum I have embraced my true nature and let a lot of that evilness go. I’m not afraid of being seen as weak and easy to take advantage of anymore. Probably because I’ve learned that being a caring giving person doesn’t always mean you are a pushover. Don’t get me wrong; I’ll still laugh at you if you fall down. I’ll just check to see if you are okay first.

1. Tell em I’m driving and it’s all right turning on this wheel turning on headlights.

2. In the right light study becomes insight but the system that dissed us teaches us to read and write.

3. After all the jacks are in the boxes and the clowns have all gone to bed.

4. Your hand on his arm, the haystack charm around your neck. Needle in the hay, Eliott Smith. Identified by Monica

5. Oh well uh you might think I’m crazy to hang around with you or maybe you think I’m lucky to have something to do. You Might Think, The Cars. Identified by Monica


Monica said...

Did I really say that about you? Eh, maybe. Sounds like something I would say. Anyway, I always get different results on Meyers Briggs, and fake versions thereof, so I take them with a grain of salt. Anyway, I know 2 songs.
4. Needle in the Hay by Eliott (nee Steve) Smith
5. You Might Think by The Cars.

sunshine scribe said...

Hey Mary Poppins. This was so interesting. As someone whose only read your blog, I would have guessed you an E ... really.

Must be tough to be practically perfect in every way :)

Natalie said...

Monica- I think I paraphrased a little but it was something like that. I always get the same results on Meyers Briggs tests. Apparently I am incredibly strong in all my categories so it makes sense.

Sunshine- Yeah a lot of people sometimes think I am an E but I am in no way at all. It is a little strange since I like teaching so much but I think that appeals to my N and F qualities. In my adult life I have always had 1-4 really close friends and don't really talk to anyone else outside of work. I totally hate parties where I don't know anyone and I am incredibly socially defunct. It's nice to know that all that isn't always in the foreground though.

Natalie said...

oh and i know i'm not at all perfect, those are jokes.

Jaclyn said...

Number 3 is driving me crazy!!!!

I KNOW it! I KNOW I do!!!


Mom said...

Natalie - Nice post! Mary Poppins indeed. Do you remember when I started reading a Mary Poppins book to you and had to stop because it was so incredibly racist? The "movie Mary Poppins" would never be like that...

It's not uncommon for an I to seem like an E (or even behave "like an E" in some situations). The way it's been explained to me is that Es "get their energy" from others while Is "get their energy" from inside themselves. So a person can be very friendly and outgoing and still be a very strong I. People of both types have needs for both solitude and being around people.

I like lyric #2 a lot and can't wait til someone identifies it for me.

ShadowFalcon said...

I always thought Mary Poppins was a bit sinister, so look out