Tuesday, December 12, 2006


So now that I have put down the horridness that is Ulysses I have picked up one of my favorite (but oft forgotten) books of all time, Watership Down. If you haven’t read this book please stop whatever you are doing and go pick up a copy. I know it sounds real loserish to read a book about rabbits but it truly is a magical and wonderful story about human nature and perseverance. I know they are bunnies but they are human bunnies. The first time I experienced the joys of this book was at my grandparent’s house. My mom was looking for something to read to me before bed and we started this book. When we got home, we just had to get a copy and continue the story. I can’t describe how engaging it is.

When I talk to people about this book I find that many haven’t read it. It makes me sad. In all honesty it should be required reading for humanity like The Little Prince and Stranger in a Strange Land. Even though I am just starting to get back into it, find it very hard to put it down. Like children, animals have a sincerity that you can’t ignore. Plus imagining little bunnies hopping around all over the place is just precious. I realized last night that I had always pictured them on their hind legs and that the story is even better if they hop like real bunnies do in your head. They become even more precious. They also have bunny lore and bunny language, which just makes me want to die. Next time I go to Dave E. Wo’s I will have to talk to his bunny in the few bunny words I know. Maybe something magic will happen. Maybe the bunny has been away from the wild too long to understand me. Maybe I have to talk to a wild bunny. They are too fast though.

Anyway, I just felt I had to counter my angry tirade against literature from yesterday with something sweet and tender that truly conveys how much I love books.

On another note, I think the restructuring I did in my class is going well. Maybe it is the fact that I just have the best darn group of students you ever could want. Then again, maybe my tune will change when they take their test. I don’t think so though. I think they have it pretty well in hand. We are going over some of the harder things and they seem to understand so I have my fingers crossed.

I just learned that our old Karaoke DJ form the Alumni Club (most fun ever) is coming to our x-mas party at work. It’s on.

1. Hey people looking out the window at the city below. Hey people looking out the window for the fun and sorrow. The Roller Coaster Ride, Belle and Sebastian. Identified byMonica

2. Hey pretty baby with the high heels on you give me fever like I’ve never ever known. The Way You Make Me Feel, Michael Jackson. Identified by Monica and Steiny

3. Tell em I’m driving and it’s all right turning on this wheel turning on headlights

4. I’ve waited hours for this, I’ve made myself so sick. Close to Me, The Cure. Identified by Monica and Shadow Falcon

5. It took a second to register up in my branium my dome my head my skull my cranium. Otha Fish, The Pharcyde. Identified by Monica and Steiny

Second easiest shuffle ever. Actually it may be even easier than yesterday. I need some new music.


Mom said...

Ack! Yesterday in my Critical Pedagogy class (after my group's hour-long presentation on bell hooks, which went superbly well), we were discussing "What is art for?" (and a book by the same name) and I actually talked about Watership Down! Remember the part about the bunnies who had art and high culture, largely because they lived near a farmer who had set a trap to kill them and they had no way to talk about it? Well, there ya go. Yes, a fantastic book. And not just for kiddies.

No clue about your so-called easy shuffles. Is one of them Cyprus Hill again? (I also talked about how some art is ugly, rather than beautiful, and thought of them. Sigh.)

Monica said...

This time I will guess:
1. The Rollrcoaster Ride - B&S
2. The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson
4. Close to Me - The Cure
5. Otha Fish - The Pharcyde

ps sometimes words are hilarious and you KNOW it ;-)
pps "One day George is gonna let me tend the RABBITS"

ShadowFalcon said...

I love Watship Down and have a first edition. I've also been to where the book is set its so beautiful.

#4 The Cure - Close to me

I really do wish I'd stayed asleep today...

CSG said...

I studied English Literature and Language (English Philology), so I guess I know what you mean in your earier post. But I must congratulate you since at least you actually read Ulysses! I just couldn't, and I had to read very boring books at colleage, but this was just too much.

steiny said...

I was all excited because I knew the MJ and the Pharcyde, but monica's smarter than me. didn't you have a quote from "the way you make me feel"? you're a vegetable.

Natalie said...

Mom- YEah I remember that part. I love the bunnies. Not so much Cypress hill though, it was Pharcyde. They are much better. I know you hated 8th grade me pumping Cypress Hill like crazy but I dind't think it was ugly. Not beautiful either but something inbetween.

Monica- No one will let you tend the rabbits, not even George.

Shadow- I am officially jealous. I never considered that thre was a place where the book was set. Very interesting.

CSG- Thanks, that makes me feel good.

Steiny- I think the vegetable thing is from You Wanna Be Starting Something? It isn't that Monica is smarter, although she is a real smart lady. It's just that after living together for 3 years we know a lot about what the other one listens to.

Mom said...

Natalie - It wasn't that I hated the 8th grade you listening to Cypress Hill, but rather I just didn't like their music (and I did tend to like pretty much everything else you listened to) and thought their music sounded, literally, "ugly" (and of course I respect your opinion on this). In addition, if there was any sort of deep, artful, socially-conscious, or uplifting message in any of their lyrics, I missed it (feel free to enlighten me on this...). :-)

Why would no one let you tend rabbits? Allergies? Maybe you could tend some hyper-allergenic bunnies?

Much love,