Friday, December 22, 2006


Last night ended up pretty good. The 15 min walk in the drizzle to the Grand Lux Café for our office dinner really helped me to feel less ill. I was actually able to eat some food. I actually ate a lot of food. I was starving. I got the honorable mention for creativity on my door. The security guard’s notes said she didn’t get it at first but then did and thought it was very creative. See Monica's blog for what that really means.

After miraculously getting a seat on the bus, I headed home and was all set to go back out to see Rocky Balboa. Unfortunately, Ryan was not there yet and Tony told me we would be seeing the 10pm show instead of the 7:45 show because Ryan needed to arrive and they had to watch Rocky first. I sucked it up and realized I was in it for the long haul. Luckily the 15 min walk to the theater in the mist/drizzle kept me energized. I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone but I will say this, Rocky Balboa was quite entertaining. As far as quality of Rocky movies goes it would have to be Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky Balboa, Rocky IV, Rocky III, and Rocky V. Did anyone other than me not know that Rocky won best picture in 76? Does anyone other than me find this odd? I thought maybe horrible films were up against it and that was why. Boy was I wrong. It beat Network, Taxi Driver, All The Presidents Men, and Bound For Glory (which I haven’t heard of) but is apparently Woody Guthrie’s story starring David Carradine. Rocky may have been better than that. Woody Guthrie’s story sounds ok. David Carradine, not so much.

While our CFO is doing payroll, everyone else I waiting for her to be done so we can go home. I have to pack tonight and get ready for the journey to Minneapolis. There is so much I want to do and see while I am there and I am beginning to think I maybe should have stayed a little longer. Then I think that I really am looking forward to being in my house doing nothing for seven days so I shouldn’t complain. It will all be fun and good.

I have no idea what my blogging will be like between now and when I come back to work. It might be good; it might be bad. I don’t think it matters. I’ll write more when I do.

Dry The Rain, The Beta Band- Many people seem to only like this song by the Beta Bad. I like more than this song, although this one is particularly good. We all love High Fidelity but for some reason I think I love it a lot less than most people I know. I like this scene a lot.

Holy Moses, Lee “Scratch” Perry
- Sometimes I think the fact that I know who Lee Perry is makes me cool because lots of people say they like reggae and only know who Bob Marley and maybe Peter Tosh are. However, I don’t ever go around saying I like reggae cause it isn’t one of the genres I listen to a lot.

Ticket To Ride, The Beatles- I do have a ticket to ride, all the way home!


Steven Novak said...

I am trying to convince my wife to go see Tocky Balboa with me on Christmas day since we've got nowhere else to go...

She isn't sold ont he idea. ;)


Mom said...

Well, your door decor was creative, in the very best, truest sense! And you know how much I value creativity.

When I first moved to Minnesota, people used to say, "That's different..." When I first heard this, I thought it was a compliment. It wasn't. And I used to hear it quite frequently. Hmm.

notfearingchange said...

Have a safe trip home! :-D

Ashley said...

I've honestly never been a fan of Rocky...

CSG said...


BionicBuddha said...

I am quite surprised that you enjoyed Rocky so much. I admit that I admire the fact that the original Rocky concept is the product of Stallone and that he would not permit anyone else play the protagonist! It is good for people to dream and to be able to make your dreams into reality is very good.