Tuesday, January 02, 2007


It feels oddly normal to be back at work. Seems almost like the last week never happened. Sometimes travel does that to me. There is something very surreal about not doing what you normally do. Maybe this doesn’t happen for people who don’t work the 9-5, maybe it does. I’m not sure. I just know it happens to me. There wasn’t enough time of vacation to have it feel like my normal life so instead it feels like it never happened. Let me quickly sum up vacation. Ok came back here at end of post, this is not going to be quick at all, sorry. Damn my long windedness.

Minneapolis was wonderful. I saw family and friends of family (although not all the friends I would have liked to see) and we had good times. We had good times Christmas Eve when the Jews in the family came over and we ate copious amounts of snacky wonderment (hummus, bean dips (mild and hot), cheese plate (mmm cheese brie in particular), olive varieties, broccoli pie, veggies and dip) and get festive. The fact that we made broccoli pie specifically because my youngest cousin hates broccoli was particularly great. The next day, we continued to have good times despite the fact that Christmas was ruined. See, Daddy had the nerve to get up and go downstairs before Shoshana and I woke him up and said he could. Mom kind of let us tell her when she could come downstairs but wasn’t really having it. Didn’t matter, Daddy had already ruined Christmas. Actually, I ruined it because I was up and on the phone with Tony (or maybe I was reading because it would have been early for him but I really think I was on the phone) when I heard Dad get up and go downstairs. If I had any sense, the second I woke up I would have got my Sister and we would have woken our parents and had a proper Christmas morning. Maybe it is odd for a 27 and a 24 year old to wake up their parents for Christmas in the first place. We had wonderful breakfast at the Christmas Cafe and then enjoyed presents. Eventually, we made our way to a friend of Shoshana’s house for a party and drove around looking at a few lights since we hadn't had time on Christmas Eve because of watching Figure Skating and cooking and stuff. We returned home at about 10pm to make the Christmas Pizzas, which were delicious although not ready until midnight in true Daniels fashion. Despite being ruined, Christmas was great fun.

I returned to my home late Tuesday night after a delayed flight and the fact that they left a baggage cart with my bag on it (and about 1/5 of the rest of the flights bags too) on the runway and decided that I was going to splurge on a cab home because no way was I getting on the train for 2 hours at that point. Cab wasn’t cheap but was much needed. I was very happy to see Tony and open the adorable gift bag his mom left me.

Wednesday morning disaster struck. I was making breakfast after being horribly woken by Peapod delivering the wrong kind of gift certificates, when I pivoted my heel right on top of a piece of glass in the kitchen. I felt it screw into my foot and knew I was in trouble. It was in a place I just couldn’t reach and Tony was sleeping. When he did try to get it out there was no finding the thing. Maybe it was already out? Maybe it bored so deep into my foot three was no finding it? I debated the Dr. but knowing that they just dig around in the foot and may or may not find the glass I decided against it. I decided to simply stay in bed. I had planned to spend my vacation in bed anyway and with the new RF modulator my folks got me I could even play video games and hook up the long since useless DVD player. Bed was good. Warm soakings of the foot were good. Dressings of the wound were good. I was calm.

Friday I was coaxed out of bed to spend Best Buy gift cards and look for a furniture piece for the kitchen and buy some groceries. We were hungry. Got my foot bound up tight and set out into the world. Bought a bunch of games at Best Buy and some snacks to eat on the way to the grocery store. Didn’t tell the sales associate that he didn’t ring up one of the games. Started to say something but Tony looked at me like a crazy person. I remembered that the gift cards would no longer cover the cost if he rung up the game (something we were already aware of but had accepted), remembered I was poor and decided to keep my mouth shut. I obviously still feel a wee bit bad about the whole thing. Realize that I am probably lame for that. Foot started to hurt a little cause of the glass and the walking and all that. Was happy to be hom and have food to eat. Dave came over to make us dinner because he had left his pan at our house at Thanksgiving time. That was cool.

Saturday spent in bed/couch again playing new games. Sunday spent in couch/bed as long as possible then went off to Dave E. Wo’s fantastic New Year’s Gala. Brought him his pan. He tried to make us arrive earlier with threats that all food would be gone otherwise but we didn’t believe him and there was plenty of food to be had at 11 when we arrived. In true Wo fashion we had to then walk to the beach to watch “fireworks” for the New Year. Now Fireworks are at Navy Pier and Soldier Field about 500N and 500S respectively (I’m guesstimating don’t get all down on me people who live here) Dave lives at about 5600N (again a guess) so the point is that although you can see the fireworks they are miniscule. Also in true people I know fashion we were running late so the group is running down to the beach with a almost able to walk Natalie and her trusty Tony lagging behind. If he hadn’t been there I probably would have had to stop and cry because I was so far behind everyone. It did allow for a more private turning of midnight though which was nice. We caught up with everyone about 12:02 or so and had some champagne. After returning to Dave’s he made pizza (I knew food wouldn’t be missed) and we hung out until about 2 when we went home. Note to self, cabs home from Dave’s w/tip are under $10 don’t stress about it if you are there late you can handle that.

Yesterday was spent back in bed/couch and today my foot is 98% normal. Hooray! However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t have signs that this year may not be fantastic. The first sign was that at about 4am this morning, after a week of no alarm sleeping bliss I sat straight up and had to sneeze uncontrollably. Then I thought about hw the alarm would eventually go off. Then I couldn’t sleep at all and kept having to sneeze. Someone’s body didn’t want to go to work this morning. After my morning pee I thought I was going to have to call the ambulance. Then I remembered that before peeing I had emptied out my soggy cereal and milk in the toilet so I wasn’t having a serious medical emergency. Merely a serious lapse in memory. So this year I am predicting will be full of not wanting to go to work and scaring myself for no reason. Oh, before anyone thinks of asking, I have no resolutions. Happy 2007.

Dumb, Nirvana- Man I like this song like it was 1997 even though it came out way before that. Can you believe that was 10 years ago? I can't. I was all little and shit then. Thought I was grown. Now I think I was dumb.

Doomsday, MF Doom- When I was at home playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance with Dad I thought a lot about MF Doom. Why? Cause we were battling Dr. Doom of course. Duh. I love MF Doom's mask and the music is pretty good too.

Swing, Ani DiFranco- Ok so my beef with this song is probably the same as everyone's. It is such a fantastic song and then she goes with that whole rap thing and the guy comes in and it suddently sucks. You had to get the single to get a version without that mess. I suppose I could download it and replace the crappy album version with the better one on my iPod. Sounds like a lot of work.


thethinker said...

You already have to go back to work?

I am not looking forward to going back to school this week. Not enough vacation time at all!

Happy 2007!

Natalie said...

Yeah, the days of school were much better. I was only off work for a week because of the industry I work in. Lots of people had to work between Christmas and New Years. I miss college with the month break. That was the best.

Mood Indigo said...

sounds like a fabulous vacation - I feel you on not wanting to go back to work! But at least I only have a job for three more weeks :)

CSG said...

Welcome back! I only had a week vacation too, but this friday is holiday in our company because of the coming of the Three Wise Men. It's a big celebration in Spain.

ShadowFalcon said...

it feels wrong cos it is wrong!

Natalie said...

Mood- It was wonderful! I am so excited for your countdown to no more job!

CSG- Man that sounds nice, two short weks in a row would be really awesome. Then again I am off the 15th for Martin Luther King day so maybe I shoulnd't complain too much.

Shadow- I know it was wrong. :(