Thursday, January 25, 2007


Tony and I have been reading Watership Down to each other before bed for the last few months. Actually, I have been reading it to him and he occasionally takes a chapter here and there. We had really fallen off after the holidays and recently I have been nudging him to get back into it with me. Last night I think I finally succeeded. I read about three chapters and then noticed my eyes were starting to go wonky but he said he would take over and read some. I thought that was really nice. We were getting to an interesting part of the story and I didn’t blame him for wanting to continue.

I fell asleep about five pages into his reading. Apparently he just kept going. This morning, before leaving for his internship, he told me that he had read ahead last night and that I should catch up. I looked and he had read about 60-70 pages past where I fell asleep. When I had the chance, I sent him a text mentioning that he really had gotten pretty far. He replied that he read all but two chapters aloud. I thought that was pretty sweet cause I figured he just got into it and didn’t realize I was asleep. I know I have done that to him a few times. Then he told me that he knew I was sleeping but didn’t want me to notice he stopped reading and wake up. That was still kind of sweet but really made me laugh. He could have just said that he wanted to know what happened.

Apparently, I was talking in my sleep. He said that I told him the bunnies had to do their taxes and make a budget. This is quite a telling statement. I just finished my taxes and I kept asking Tony to help me make a budget. Why the bunnies would need to do such things is beyond me but it sounds like something my insane sleepy head might put together. It really got me thinking though, what else do I say when I am asleep. As far as I knew I didn’t even talk in my sleep. I now know I am wrong.

I wonder if everyone talks in their sleep? Tony asks me if he does but since I am generally asleep before him it is harder to know. I think he does though. I recall hearing him say really strange things now and again. I don’t remember what they are, probably because I was half asleep myself, but I know they gave me a chuckle.

It’s like that whole thing about people asking you if you snore. Who really honestly knows if they snore or not unless they leave a tape recorder by the bed and tape everything. You would either have to have a really long tape or a really short sleep to actually encompass everything. I don’t think it was a particularly good idea. Then again, I would like to know what else I say in my sleep. It could make me more aware of the inner workings of my mind. Or it could make me feel completely insane and want to kill myself.

Thanks to Brooke we get three new songs today. And awesome songs they are.

1. Now who got the chance to make things right/ Why the politicians always want to fight? Ern knows it is Beastie Boys but what song, what song. He came through, it is We Got The.

2. Not a lotta bling/ when you do the thing/ bada boom bada bing

3. If you see me walking down the street/ and I start to cry/ each time we meet. Walk on By, Isaac Hayes. Identified by Mom.

4. If you had a choice of colors/ which one would you choose my brothers

5. I come home/ in the morning light/ my mother says when you gonna live your life right. Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Cindi Lauper. Identified by Mom.


Mom said...

When I was 8 years old, I'm told, I sat bolt upright in bed -- fast asleep of course -- and said "I have to practice, I have to practice!" I had a big part in a school play the next day.

Overall, very sweet and funny!

#3. Walk On By, various artists, but I have Isaac Hayes' version from the album Hot Buttered Soul.

#5. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Cyndi Lauper

Awesome indeed. Glad I can finally guess some again.

Michael C said...

Bunnies should pay taxes. We've been carrying them on our backs long enough!!!

That is very nice that he kept reading out loud, by the way.

RastaManErn said...

WE GOT THE - 5 Boroughs!!!

Finally found it. I have about a year's length worth of music on my external harddrive. The "current" stuff on my laptop takes up about 6 gigs. This was not on it, however. Not playing this game anymore. =P

BTW; Chief Rabbit would only use the tax money to fund more wars.

Jeff Roberts said...

My two younger brothers used to share a room and they would argue in their sleep...We finally listened to Watership Down on tape about a year ago - great stuff.

Brooke said...

Jamie and I once got into a fight when we were asleep,too. We both only remembered the other person's involvememt, though, so we were really mad when we woke up, like "Why were you yelling at me all night?"

Brooke said...

Also, speaking of dreams, I had a super realistic dream that we were seniors in college and dreading graduation. Then I woke up and slowly realized that we graduated almost 6 years ago and felt so old I wanted to cry.

Mom said...

Brooke - Don't cry. 6 years is a drop in the bucket when you start looking at it being decades after college graduation...!

Actually, I dreamed about a high school reunion last night... It was fun...

Natalie said...

Mom- That is pretty good. Glad I ad some songs old enough for you to know. Joking of course.

Michael- Bunnies really do live off of what we give them. I htink you are on to something.

Ern- You should still play, just don't worry about the songs unless you know them without any work. I wouldn't.

Jeff- I would have loved to hear that. I wonder if my little sister and I argued when we shared a room.

Friend- You and Jamie are fools. I love you both but just foolish fools all the way. I had a dream that had all the college crew (with Jamie and Monica added) in it last night but we were at someone's appartment and you kept trying to ditch me.... It was not very nice, maybe I should be mad at you.

Mom- let us feel old. We are old.

it's the little things said...

I loved that book as a child, and have it on my list to read again...

Blondie said...

I read WD last year because it was on Lost (sheepish grin). Good book.

I also talk in my sleep. My ex would tell me the things I said in the morning. It always happened at times of great stress--I guess that's how I deal with it. I never said anything that really made sense though--like bunnies doing taxes and making a budget. That's a good one!

Mood Indigo said...

that is so sweet - I love that you are reading WD together :) And I definitel talk a lot of nonsense in my sleep...