Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I went over to the National Testing site with a few of my students this morning so they could take their test. The only two whose results I got passed. That automatically raises my percentage from the last group. That made me smile. I couldn’t get results for the other two because their computers locked up right when they were about to go to the score page. I have to wait for the testing center to talk to the national center and retrieve their results. Based on their work in class I am not expecting one of them to pass, but the other should. Even if neither one passes I have improved upon the last group and that is a good thing.

After the tests, I went to Chipotle to get a burrito bowl for lunch. It was delicious but that is not the point of the story. The point is that while at Chipotle I encountered one of the worst types of people around, the white business guy who insists on using poor Spanish to talk to anyone who appears to be a Spanish speaker. Typically, I see these people and just shake my head and laugh at them to myself. However, this guy was right in front of my face and I was hungry. To make matters worse, he was ordering for five people and seemed as if he had never been to Chipotle before. I want to stress here that I was not the only person who seemed annoyed by his Spanish, the workers were about ready to kill him too and kept shooting me sympathetic glances.

My mom gave me this book, “My Life As A Daymaker” and the point is to live your live in a way that will make at least one other person’s day every day. I thought it was a very silly book cause I’m not much into the whole self-help type of book but it has a good message. Anyway, I digress. One thing they said in the book is that one way to make someone’s day is if they have only one item and you are in line in front of them with many things that you may want to let them go ahead of you. That principle would have easily applied today. Not only did he have five orders but he wasn’t entirely sure what he wanted, plus he insisted in ordering in Spanish and occasionally had to think of words. I had one quick order and would have liked to go first. Isn’t it typical fast food etiquette to let someone order when you don’t know what you want? The food is no longer fast if you have to wait forever for it. That guy really did NOT make my day. Just for him I have coined the term Dayruiner. Maybe I will write a book called "My Life With Dayruiners" and list all the horrible people I encounter. Huh, not a bad idea.

Since none of the songs were guessed from last week I’ll have to out them myself. We need to do better people.

1. True love will find you in the end, you'll find out just who is your friend. True Love Will Find You In The End by Daniel Johnston

2. Hey girl stop what you're doing. Hey girl you'll drive me to ruin. Communication Breakdown by Led Zepplin

3. Girl, the only thing that matters in my life is that I'm down for you and treat you right. Don’t Be Cruel by Bobby Brown (Boo to everyone for not knowing this song)

4. Born to be a god among salesmen. Working the skinny tie. Blue Eyed Devil by Soul Coughing

5. Come along with me to my little corner of the world. My Little Corner Of The World by Yo La Tengo (greatest song ever)


Mom said...

Congratulations on the much-improved pass rate!

I had wondered if the Bobby Brown song was Milli Vanilli... Oops. You're right, "Don't Be Cruel" should have been eminently guessable.

I wish I had gotten the Soul Coughing song...

Why on earth would anyone (who doesn't speak Spanish) try to order in Spanish at a Chipotle in Chicago??? Geez...

Anne said...

Hi Natalie's Mom! Can't help overhearing what a cool momsy you got...smiles. Nice idea for a book and will never run out of subjects to work with if that is the topic. Thanks for droppin' by, now I can converse with the bloggers I stalk...love those raves and rants, keep em coming !

notfearingchange said...

oh dear.
Well it was more of a ying-yang day. You had the passes then you had the guy who was not so good.

Monica said...

The guy at Chipotle sounds like a mess. When I used to work in hell and people would come in and say "what do i want... what do i want" there was a collective sigh among me, my fellow hellbuckers, and everyone in line behind the, ultimately they would settle on the most disgusting frappuccino and pronounce it wrong.

btw i'm back in chi-town

ShadowFalcon said...

Hope the other two students pass, have fingers crossed for you.

Blondie said...

When I run into people like that, my reaction depends on what kind of day I'm having. If I'm in a good mood, I'll just wait it out. If I'm cranky, I would yell something like, "Your Spanish is TERRIBLE. For the love of GAWD, just let me order my BURRITO!!!!!!!!" Try that next time. ;)

Eve said...

What a jerk. He probably thought that be speaking Spanish, he was being considerate!

Jaclyn said...

You and your terms for people - always right on the mark.

I hate dayruiners. Seems like there have been a lot of them lately.


Natalie said...

Mom- Thanks. I would guess it has been a while since you have heard Soul Coughing, it's ok.

Anne- I'll keep stopping by and I have added you to my blogroll, fun.

notfearing- well at least there was balance right?

Monica- Yeah people not knowing what they want to order are the worst. I want to collectively punch their faces. I am going to call you in like 10 minutes, get ready.

Shadow- One of the other 2 passed but that makes me happy.

Blondie- Good call. I think I may have to try it although it goes against my whole being nice thing.

Eve- Sad and true

Jaclyn- Thanks, I like making terms. Maybe one day all people will lement dayruiners and stupids. We can only hope.

CSG said...

writing a book about dayruiners could be too much, but a blog about it would be fun to do.