Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Last night I was talking to Ryan and he told me about an article that was recently released saying that Hillary Clinton’s camp had done a background check on Barack Obama and found that he attended a radical Muslim grade school for two years. Attending this school seemed to hint that he had toes to radical Muslim communities and interests and therefore couldn’t be trusted. Then, a CNN correspondent went to check out the school and found that it was not at all radical and seemed just like a regular old school. My initial reaction was shock and horror. I never claimed to be a huge Clinton supporter but I found it insane that she would allow someone from her camp to broadcast such mess against a fellow democrat. I vowed to do more research on the subject. From what I read today, it seems that the story was printed in Insight Magazine, not the most liberal of publications and Fox News also really ran with the story. From what I have seen, Clinton’s camp hasn’t said that they conducted such an investigation and Obama’s seems relatively silent on the issue.

Now, I am not claiming to have all the facts straight by any means. I don’t know if this is some dirty politicking on the democratic side or an elaborate scheme from the republicans to turn the democrats against each other. I don’t know if it matters. The fact that anyone would put the idea in people’s heads that Barack Obama attended a militaristic Islamic school, no matter how young he was, is so incredibly dirty and evil that I don’t know what to say. In my last post I talked about how people have been “mispronouncing” his name or focusing a lot on his middle name, Hussein. Although that is important, this goes to an entire different level. Websites all over are talking about this issue and I have put a few links at the end of the post. The most common concerns people seemed to have after hearing about his radical past (that doesn’t exist) was that his allegiance wouldn’t be to the United States but rather to the Muslim countries. Are you kidding people? Then there is talk about the fact that since his father was a Muslim then he is a Muslim (I guess it works like Judaism through the maternal line) and since he says he is a Christian and attends church that he has broken Islamic law and is an open target for assassination. Like the first viable Black candidate for the presidency in the US needed another reason for talk about being assassinated.

I would assume the people who are freaking out about this story aren’t the people who would vote for him anyway but maybe it has raised concerns about some people who were on the fence. It doesn’t take much considering the political climate of the country to get people thinking the wrong thoughts. It is also very interesting that in the many things I looked up online there was little or minor reference to the fact that his school was not very focused on religion (but did respect it) or that he wasn’t too big on religion as a child in the first place. I guess those things don’t make for interesting stories.

The Insight Article
A Sane Person
A Crazy Person

I can’t find my favorite thread anymore but it was full of a bunch of crazies saying the strangest things I had ever heard. Obama being the antichrist was mentioned a lot. I am very sad I can't share it but none of the searches I did earlier seem to be turning it up. Maybe they banned me from the site knowing I was only going to link to them to laugh. Maybe they erased the post from existence because it was so insane. Who knows?

Only one song left from yesterday. Good job guys, those weren’t the easiest.

1. Now who got the chance to make things right/ Why the politicians always want to fight?

2. Not a lotta bling/ when you do the thing/ bada boom bada bing

3. Now I taught the weeping willow how to cry/ And I showed the cloud how to cover/ Up a clear blue sky

4. It’s gonna be sudden/ It’s gonna be strange/ Gonna stop on a dime. Give you five cents change.

5. I’m one/ big queen/ No one/ can stop me


Eve said...

I can't help it, but that made me chuckle. I mean, that's insane! Two years (in grade school no less) at an Islamic school. Have you ever met anyone who went to Catholic school? The ones I know are not fanatically religious, to say the least. Geez.

Monica said...

the fact that some crazies... no... stupids... no... individuals can be so easily distracted and led astray by something like a name, is both funny and anger inducing. Whoever thought to pursue these tactics is probably laughing their asses off at the fact that it tends to work like a charm every time. It is sad when people have no respect for Americans but even sadder when it is justified.

Mom said...

I'm sure that Barack Obama is ready to deal with this level of BS. He has to be, because in all likelihood this is only the beginning of the stupidity he'll have to deal with from all sorts of people with all sorts of agendas. But he is a positive person and runs clean campaigns that reach out to the best in people.

notfearingchange said...

oh lord.....

RastaManErn said...

The first song sounds like something from the Bees-T-Boys, but I will check my itunes to make sure.

This whole Obama-madrassa-Clinton-did-it story was cooked up at Faux News, which is pretty much par for the course for them. Any of you watch the SOTU address? I'm checking out highlights now. Check out Think Progress for an entertaining analysis.

ShadowFalcon said...

Unless he went ot bomb school Why should it matter?

I didn't know non-christians couldn't run for office...

With Love, Fat Girl said...

People resort to crazy measures when they want to win.

You have to appreciate how Hillary is doing everything she can to paint Obama the terrorist, yet she's the one wanting to keep troops in Iraq, while he wants them out.

Maybe she was the principal of that grade school.

CSG said...

I think those camp guys did wrong. But I think the saddest part of the story is that there is a big amount of people that would believe anything they see on the news. They are so easily manipulated. And they love juicy news. The more exaggerated, the more they belive it. Insane. I think their thinking switch is off.

Natalie said...

Eve- It made me laugh too. So crazy and so lame. I don't think anyone I know who went to catholic school still considers themselves to be catholic.

Monica- They truly are some clever tactics. Yet another reason why people laugh at poor old stupid American politics.

Mom- Last I saw his camp just said it was crazy talk and let the facts come out. He does seem to have a sane head on his shoulders and knows people are coming at him with everything they can. Smoking was the big one last week.

Not fearing- Well put.

Ern- It certainly is the Beastie Boys (this was Tony's iPod we are talking about). I started watching the address but it made me want to cry so I just watched the reactions afterward. I just can't listen to that Bush guy talk anymore.

Shadow- There is no law against a non-Christian running for office although we just got our first Muslim congressman and there has never been a presidential candidate who isn't Christian of some sort. There was a big uproar about Kennedy because he was Catholic. However, Obama is a Christian and attends church so they are really talking about his father and stepfather’s religion.

With Love- Politics s dirty, no question. The thing is that Hillary may very well have nothing to do with this. It's all a bunch of horrible lies.

CSG- That is what is so sad. Even though the story was disproved seconds after it came out and everyone should know it is a bunch of bull many people don't.

csmc said...

I love Obama... He seems so level headed and gracious in all the interviews I've watched and read. A friend of mine told me that Hillary is planning on running for the presidency and the first thing I thought was: What about Obama though? I kind of want to move to his state just to be a little nearer to him. Is that a weird crush? Maybe but I don't care. ;)

Natalie said...

Csmc- Obama is not a strange crush at all. Many people I know have various degrees of crushes on him. Illinois is a great state anyway, we'd take good care of you!

Alex said...

Apparently 'Hussein' is a very common Arab name. Maybe to avoid further rightist attacks he can tweak it and go by the alternate 'Husayn'? I dunno.