Monday, December 04, 2006


I have been so out of touch in sick world and luckily I was tagged today so I don’t have to think too hard to make up a post. Then again, the tag was to name weird things about me so I have to think a little hard but since I am kind of a weirdo I guess it isn’t all that hard.

1. I just slept about fourteen hours. This is something I used to be able to do all the time but now, impossible. I don’t know how it happened. I was planning to go to work and all but I was just so tired and here I am, waking up at 2:30.

2. I have never intentionally eaten meat in my life (except French onion soup because it is so delicious and the beef stock just has to be ignored about once a year or so). Vegetarians are pretty common these days but lifelong ones, not so much. I think after my generation has all their kids there will be a lot more.

3. ANYTHING on the TV or a movie that is remotely sad, sappy, happy, or uplifting will make me cry. It is somewhat embarrassing. This includes films like The Little Mermaid, Bamboozled, and The Muppets Take Manhattan

4. Yesterday I coughed and saw stars for a good 30 seconds and I had vortexes going on for like hours (Monica will know what I mean)

5. I got into med school and didn’t go. I don’t know how weird that is actually but a lot of people I say it to think I am really weird and I am having a hard time thinking so I’ll add it to the list.

6. I only had one friend that was a girl until 6th grade and she was an out of school friend. I was still a girly girl though and raced and played football in dresses….

You know how I tag, anyone who wants to feel free and then just let me know you did it.

I am going to reveal the songs from last week, I guess they were a lot harder than I thought.

1. The lights are off again, she took me by surprise. She’s so sensitive, shit just happens sometimes. Losing Lisa, Ben Folds.

2. There’ll be no darkness tonight lady our love will shine lighting the night. The Lady In My Life, Michael Jackson.

3. Everybody’s looking at me. Feeling paranoid inside. When I step outside I’ll feel free. Think I’ll find a place to hid. Am I Going Insane, Black Sabbath.

4. Downtown my darling dime store thief, in the war of independence rock-n-roll rang sweet as victory. In France They Kiss On Main Street, Joni Mitchell.

5. Jacques Lamure is a volunteer fireman. He longs to give his life saving a nice old man and his wife. Jacques Lamure, Of Montreal.


Mood Indigo said...

my roomate has the cough thing - I feel for ya :(

Mom said...

Wow, Natalie, I bet you needed that sleep and sure hope you sleep well tonight!

I remember when we cried at ET when you were 3. Trying not to cry, I looked over at you and you had that one tear slowly falling down from your eye...

That stars-and-vortexes thing sounds cool yet scary. Take care of yourself...

Interesting song lyric info... Mostly pretty well-known artists but rather obscure songs?

ShadowFalcon said...

Oh I knew I knew song 4 from somewhere!

and the muppets take manhattan is awesome :-)