Friday, December 08, 2006


Today is a very productive day. I started and finished my Christmas shopping. I won’t be able to talk about what I got people because they could read this blog. I got good things though and everyone will be happy. I love shopping on the Internet. I believe that everything will be here with time to spare before I fly home. In case that doesn’t happen, sorry family. I did have to venture to one store though to round out shopping and it took me about 30 minutes to do so. I thought that was pretty good. 30 minutes of store time for the holidays. I am good. To be fair, I only had four people to shop for. Being poor, I am not shopping for anyone other than my immediate family (and Tony of course but he is like family). I feel for people who have to shop for all types of people. At some point I really should start to buy things for my cousins but that will have to wait until I am less poor. Now they just get a happy birthday if they are lucky.

The door to my office is closed. I generally prefer to have it open because when it is closed I feel like I am projecting a go away I don’t want to talk to you attitude. That is not the case. Plus, my door automatically locks so if anyone wants to come and talk to me then I have to get up and open the door. That seems really silly. I only have an office because there was no room for me in my department and I operate relatively solo, everyone else is part of a team. I’m not complaining. I’m just saying it isn’t like I have an office because I am important or anything, certainly not important enough to lock everyone out.

After my class next Tuesday and Wednesday I am going to be ready to go on vacation. Unfortunately, I will have eight days of work left before vacation will be able to start. Those will be very difficult days. My class seems like it will b good sized so maybe I can fill those days with follow-up appointments with the students. If I have to meet with people I will be more likely to not notice how long days can be. Today was one of those really long days and I don’t know why. I have plenty to do and have done a lot. However, It is only two thirty. It seems like it is time to go. Huh.

Tomorrow I am going to go to karaoke with Monica and friends. I am a little nervous. I haven’t done karaoke in front of people since the Alumni Club closed. I have to say that my performances that night were two of the greatest karaoke times of all (my solo of Humpty Dance and duet of Dancin’ With Myself with Monica) but that doesn’t mean I haven’t fallen off my game. Eh, I’m sure it will be ok. I wonder if Tony will come. Once he said that if he came to Karaoke he would sing Strokin’ because he wanted to go Clarence Carter Clarence Carter over and over. I would like to see that. I don’t think he would actually do it. Of all the many times I invited him to come to karaoke he never did. I think a lot of the things I do he simply tolerates. This is particularly true of karaoke and DDR. These things are done in the home and not in public so if he would have to leave the house to tolerate something why would he bother? I probably wouldn’t.

I am busy listening to the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack so my iPod is busy. I am debating if it is worth stopping this soundtrack for a proper shuffle. It probably is. The only reason I am listening to it is that I just read Monica’s blog and she mentioned how great this soundtrack is in her shuffle. It would be strange for me to forego mine because of hers. Shuffle away:
Mean Mr. Mustard, The Beatles- Man this song is good. It reminds me of the honey mustard and onion cashews that I purchased this morning and are in my desk. If you are questioning the deliciousness of such a flavored nut stop (unless you are Monica because she will die). These nuts are fantastic! They taste like the tangy mustardy pretzel bites and you just can’t mess with that.

L.A. Woman, The Doors- This song is kind of not all that great. I mean I love the Doors plenty and all but sometimes they are just silly. This song is one of those times to me.

Summertime Blues, T-Rex- Huh, not bad for Summertime Blues.

That was a really boring shuffle. I should have kept listening to the Velvet Goldmine Soundtrack. I think I was on TV Eye.


Dark Damian said...

All I wanna know is, what did you get ME?



Mmm hmmm. A likely story.

Mom said...

Hey, bring us some of those nuts if you have any left, they sound yummy!

Summertime Blues: GREAT song -- a true classic! I found three GREAT versions on YouTube:
1. Eddie Cochrane, the original.
2. Blue Cheer.
3. The Who.
Check them out. Much better than lame-o T-Rex. (Apologies if you're a big fan, but all I know of them is "Bang a Gong Get it On" which I have always made fun of.)

steiny said...

Just wandered into your blog world through a series of random clicks, and I've got to say, you and your mom crack me up. btw, the Who version of Summertime Blues from Live at Leeds kicks some serious booty.

I haven't been able to figure out exactly what your student population is like, but have you considered the possiblity that they may lack the cognitive skills to take a written test? (I'm a middle-school teacher, I see it all the time, and I wonder what kinds of jobs my students will have down the road.) On the subject of mass stupidity, there's the old saying: "Think of how dumb the average American is -- half of them are dumber than that."

Karaoke rocks. I recommend, no matter how inebreiated you are, never, ever picking Sly Stone's "Family Affair". It's the advice that the MC gave after my rendition of it and, though it still stings a little, she knows what she's talking about.

I think I know the pretzels you're talking about -- Snyder's of Hanover? (btw, if I may make a parenthetical aside on your comments page, what's up with the bloodfeud between the Snyders of Hanover and Berlin? Pennsylvania's weird...). If you like those and spicy food (good question about the hot air balloon -- do they have a single aperature for ingestion and excretion, like a jellyfish?), I highly recommend Blue Diamond's Wasabi Almonds. A friend gave me a handful yesterday at work and they made me cry. Partly because they were so intense, partly because they made me so happy.

Natalie said...

Damian- I think you'll have to be happy with my comments on your wonderful blog and my well wishes. Like I said, I'm poor. If I could I'd bake you a tang cake with bacon frosting but that sounds too disgusting to even think of actually attempting.

Mom- The nuts will be gone sometime next week. They are Walgreen's brand; I bet you can get your own. Thanks for the song versions. You're a good Mom.

Steiny- Welcome. My students should be able to pass the test. See, they have to pass a test I created (which is harder than the national one) to qualify to take the real one. I think they just get too nervous and don't really think through the questions. I will be changing my teaching style somewhat to better deal with that. They all have a minimum of a HS diploma (and we all know how valid those can be) and are generally functional members of society (again, not a big confidence builder). I am hoping more will pass as the class becomes more defined (I've only had three so far). Man, I am on a parenthesis kick in a bad way. I would never have the balls for Family Affair. Snyders are the pretzels for sure MMMMM. I will have to check out wasabi almonds they sound fantastic.

Monica said...

mom: i was just going to mention the Blue Cheer Summertime Blues. Much better.

Nat: tomorrow is gonna be awesome. I'm thinking I will do all asshole rock all night.

Monica said...

You know what, you need the "real" velvet golmine soundtrack. you would have to make it though cuz it doesn't actually exist. it's all of the original songs instead of the amazing covers from the movie.

ShadowFalcon said...

Velvet Goldmine - I still can't decided if I like that movie or if it scares me.

Mood Indigo said...

ok - you are LUCKY to have 4 in the immediate family. My immediate family? 17 - no joke. That does include nephews and neices, because if you're gonna buy Christmas presents for anyone, it's them - right?

Thanks for the reminder that internet gifts need to be ordered now to get here in time by the way!

Natalie said...

Monica- I know, why don't you make it for me for xmas? Too bad I slept through Karaoke huh?

Shadow- The folm can be a little scary. I like it though. I really wanted Brian Slade to be a real artist so I could listen to him but since all his songs were covers I guess my wish came true.

Mood- 17 is a lot. I couldn't deal. I agree that I probably should be buying presents for the youngsters. Oh well.

Side note, if you are commenting on your own blog you shoulnd't have to to the word verification 4 times.

Mom of Three said...

When I was 25, I won $500 in a karaoke contest, and even though I'm 40, still do DDR and have PlayStation 2 Karaoke. But I haven't been seen in public in years. But if I get wind of a good karaoke night in my little Oregon burg, I may just drop in...

I used to sing country, even though I'm not particularly a fan. I won on "I Saw the Light" by Wynonna Judd, but also used "The Woman Before Me" by Trisha Yearwood. There are a lot of good female songs in country, I think.

Everyone else I know just does "Love Shack."