Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I am starving. I want to eat anything and everything. I don’t know the last time I have been this hungry at 11:06am, unless suffering from extreme drunk-all-night-and-need-cheesy-potatoes- stat sickness. Speaking of, why do I love a cheesy potato so much? Not to mention, why am I starving at 11:06am. Maybe it is because I stayed up crazy late last night finishing "Stranger In a Strange Land" with Tony (I think it was the first time I didn't cry although I was plenty choked up) and haven’t eaten anything in a long time. I missed breakfast for some stupid reason.

I have been craving ice cream. Surprisingly, it is free cone day at Ben and Jerry’s. I am thinking of the fact that the nearest Ben and Jerry’s as at 500W and I am at 50E. While not incredibly far, it is far enough that I don’t know if it is worth a free scoop. If you happen to be closer to a Ben and Jerry’s than I am please grab some Americone Dream (or other suitably delicious flavor) for me. Then again, I really am itching to try Willie Nelson’s Peach Cobbler now that I have had a taste of Stephen.

What am I going to eat? I want something delicious, with cheese. When don’t I want something with cheese? Never. If I didn’t like cheese I think I would instantly reduce my size by half. This is a lie but it effectively illustrates the amount that I like cheese. The question is what kind of cheese do I want? Do I want a melted cheese? A solid cheese? A slightly melty but still firm cheese? Do I want a mild cheese or a sharp cheese? Do I want the cheese to dominate my meal or should it be a mere accent? I just don’t know. I do know that I am starving.

My tummy is so hungry. I just realized that the Volunteer Services Director isn’t here today because the receptionist called and asked me if I was handling volunteers. I am always her back-up. However, she is very specific about calling me to make sure I am available if she is going to be out. She calls me on sick days; she even comes in on days off to handle certain things. I am really surprised that she didn’t call and it is an Interview Day for the clients, which means we have more volunteers than usual. I hope she is ok. I just realize that I have five volunteers scheduled to show at 12:30. This means that I have a lot to get ready in the next hour. I have to set up rooms for them, greet them, and make sure they have pens. I can’t go to lunch now! There is no way.

One of my favorite things about my job is that, except for the days that I teach, I can set my schedule. I can take lunch at 10am or at 4pm. It doesn’t make any difference. As long as I get done what needs to be done I am fine. The lack of that freedom is the biggest thing that I hated about working the Volunteer Director position when they were in-between directors. Not only did I have to be all nice to the volunteers all the time, not that I don't like them I just can be cranky, I had to make sure lunch didn’t happen between 11:15 and 1:30. I know, lunchtime. However, since the volunteers come in on their lunch hours it follows. Typically, that is no problem. A 1:30 lunch is generally right on the money for me. Not today. Today I want to go get something cheesy and delicious right this second. My tummy is rumbling and my head may very well start to ache. This is no good.

I think I have decided to go to Caffe Baci. Why there are two “F’s in the name is a mystery to me. I just wanted you to know I know how to spell café. I am torn between a pesto pizza, ravioli salad, a Caprese sandwich with veggie chili, and numerous other cheesy dishes. Unfortunately it is not Thursday because on Thursday they have some fantastic looking goat cheese pasta that I really want to eat right now. I think this post is getting pretty long and it is all about how much I want to eat cheese. This is totally embarrassing. I should probably stop. The unfortunate thing is that writing about cheese is the only thing keeping me content that I am not eating cheese. The volunteers will be here in ten minutes. Remember at the beginning of this post when I was starving and it was 11:06? It’s now 12:20. I wonder if the Vegetarian Chili comes with cheddar cheese. I really need cheese with my chili. I am sick and have a problem.

If anyone is still reading this post I am sorry. I know that I occasionally come up with interesting things to say and maybe you were reading on in hopes that that time would come. Unfortunately, in this post, it will not. It is now 1:38pm. The interviews are done and technically I could go to lunch. However, Tony is coming downtown and I would love to eat with him. Not to mention that I waited so long to eat that I‘m not even all that hungry anymore. Bugger.

1. Let me tell ya’ll what it’s like/ Being male middle class and white/ It’s a bitch if you don’t believe/ Listen up to my new Cd/ Shamon

2. She set your goldfish free/ And now she's sighing/ Blew out your pilot light/ And made a wish

3. Last night it was so good/ I felt like crying/ I felt crying/ Last night though you looked so cold/ I felt like smiling/ smiling while I'm dying

4. She was hungry so hungry/ she was trying to think clear/ she kept opening the fridge door/ Looking at the mustard and the beer. Slide, Ani DiFranco. Identified by Brooke.

5. People talking but they just don’t know/ what’s in my heart and why I love you so/ I love you baby like a miner loves gold/ Come on suger let the good times roll. Come On (Let The Good Times Roll), Jimi Hendrix. Identified by Mom.


Leafie said...

I love your love of cheese. I am a passionate eater of the spoiled milk myself and recently discovered baked brie. Not sure where it has been my whole life, but holy hell it's good.
Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my little slice of of the giant block of cheddar that is the blogosphere. keep up the good work, Leafie is now a reader!

thethinker said...

At Ben & Jerry's, I usually choose Chunky Monkey. It's delicious. Unfortunately, I'm missing free cone day too.

notfearingchange said...

you just made me very hungry....damn you! lol. ;-)

Mom said...

Well, #5 is certainly "Let the Good Times Roll" by Jimi Hendrix. Maybe also by some other folks, I don't know...

Cheese is damn good. So is ice cream.

Travis said...

Well, did you get some cheese???

Now I'm hungry. Good thing I'm home. I think I'll have some pasta.

With Love, Fat Girl said...

Oh, I love cheese too. I think Sandy is my soulmate based on our mutual love of lactose alone, he's got an entire drawer in his fridge devoted to the stuff. It became our favourite snack over the coldest nights of winter... Gorgonzola, wine, and Tony Soprano!

Mrs. Loquacious said...

I love the non-stinky varieties of cheese. I love apples with cheese and cheesy pizzas and grilled cheese sandwiches and french onion soup with cheese. Vive la fromage!

I also love Ben & Jerry's. We (Hubbs & I) recently rediscovered our love of the B&J Vanilla ice cream. It was more like lust, actually. Esp now that I've sworn off sugar for 6 weeks.

Always on the Move said...

LOL, I LOVED your posting today. YES, I too read it all and didn't get bored, so no worries. I also love cheese, but not all kinds like you, but I DO love lots of them! I just finished eating some actually right before I read your posting...it was GREAT!!!!
Did you actually get some Cheese and some Ice cream today?
We NEVER get free Ice Cream where I live, at least I've never heard of it...Shitty! :o(

Jessica said...

Darling lets eat cheese. Call me, I'm free all weekend.

CSG said...

thank god I just arrived to work, which means I had breakfast a little while ago. Otherwise your post would've made me sooo hungry! And so jelous you can taste Steven Colbert's new flavor at B&J. Only half or so of the flavours are available in Spain... :(

deadspot said...

That seems like an appropriate love of cheese to me. As long as you don't dress it up, name it, or indulge in public displays of affection, I think you'll be fine.

Do remember those "Behold the Power of Cheese" ads? I loved those. I think my favorite was the one where the guy just finishes washing a big plate glass window when someone comes running up, hurls themself against the glass, and slides to the ground. Then the camera pans back to show a display of cheese inside the window as the guy sighs and starts washing the window again.

Now I want cheese.

Natalie said...

Leafie- Baked Brie is my absolute favorite cheese on the planet. One of my good friends had a huge wheel at her High school graduation party and I was hooked.

Thinker- I don't think I have ever had chunky monkey. It must be chocolate. I don't like chocolate ice cream.

Not Fearing- Sorry, but you made me travel envious so we're even.

Mom- Yes, you taught me well.

Travis- Eventually I had some macaroni and cheese but it wasn't quite what I had in mind. by that time, it was 4 and I didn't really care anymore.

Natalie said...

WLFG- A cheese drawer sounds heavenly. So does wine and gorgonzola. MMM

Mrs L.- I don't know if I have ever had their vanilla because I always want something all full of stuff when I go there. I'm a little partial to stinky cheese in small doses. MMM Apples and cheese.

Always- we only get free ice cream once a year. It's not worth being that jealous about. I am now waiting till Thursday to eat that goat cheese pasta. It sounds awesome.

Jessica- Ok, sounds good. I'm bust Friday but Sat and Sun are pretty open I think.

CSG- Stephen's is actually the number one seller right now. Then again they probably don't think the Colbert Nation extends overseas. How little they know.

Deadspot- That commercial was hilarious. I do occasionally engage in public displays of cheese affection. Sometimes me eating a delicious saganaki or queso fundido in public is a bad thing.

Brooke said...

Mmmm, cheese. I finally found a place in NYC that has queso as good as the stuff I had in Austin. So yummy.

By the way, chunky monkey is not chocolate. It is chunky banana goodness.

4. Slide - Ani

Johnny Yen said...

So my cheese post yesterday was a big tease, wasn't it?

I think I've mentioned on my blog, my work-friend Sara's shop, "The Cheese Stands Alone", on Western and Wilson. My son, who shares your cheese affinity, loves the place.

Danielle said...

I love Muenster cheese on onion rye bread deemed by my oldest as stinky cheese on stinky bread, after he requests one for himself.
Now I am hungry too.

it's the little things... said...

Cheese is king.
So is ice cream for lunch, like I had today.

Kiyotoe said...

uh uh, cheese does things to me.

Unspeakable things.....

CS said...

You only got one thing wrong, and that is the post title. There is no such thing as an abnormal love of cheese. Cheese was meant to be loved. All of it. (Except maybe bleu cheese - that I don't get so much.) And ice cream. Currenlty I'm addicted to Mayfield Extreme Moose Tracks and also those tiny Dove bars. In fact, I think I'll have one now...