Wednesday, April 04, 2007


This morning everybody and their mama decided to take the red line. Thankfully, the trains ran just as well as they have been since Monday and I was still earlier than normal to work. This brings the question, how was the train slower when all tracks were open? Maybe because the CTA knows they are under close watch they are actually trying to do their jobs well and get people to work on time. What a novel concept.

Apparently coyotes are a problem in Chicago. I didn’t know this was an issue at all but one walked into a Quizno’s about four blocks from my office during the lunch hour yeaterday. That suddenly becomes an issue. This seems like the last area a coyote would be. I mean I know Millennium Park is right there but a coyote? Apparently it didn’t bother anyone, just chilled until the animal control people came to pick it up. They said they get a lot of coyotes this time of year. Who knew?

I had nothing to say today and then, while reading blogs, noticed CSG had tagged me with an alphabet meme. Then I realized I did this meme in January and that maybe I should come up with something else. I did. While watching On Demand music videos the other day I noticed this gem. It is Go Go Gadget Gospel, by Gnarls Barkley. This dynamic duo is awesome when it comes to videos. The Rorschach test video for Crazy had me mesmerized. Then the Gone Daddy Gone video with the band as disgusting bugs getting real intimate with the lady of the house had me in hysterics. Putting themselves in historic moments in Smiley Faces was also awesome and my description doesn't do it justice. Needless to say, I was excited for this video. When it started I was a little surprised, it looked just like a normal rap video. Then, the wonderful happened. I won’t spoil it for you, just watch and see for yourself. My only problem with it is the song, as great as it is, is so short. Which, I suppose, may make this video more interesting to those of you with little time.

1. What happened to/ The world we knew/ When we were dreaming, scheming/ Whiling the time away.

2. Megan/ She don’t eat bacon/ She never killed a sweet innocent little piggy to get bacon.

3. It's a hard world to get a break in/ All the good things have been taken/ But girl there are ways/ To make certain things pay. It's My Life, The Animals. Identified by Johnny Yen

4. Riding round town with all the windows down/ 8-track playing all your favorite sounds. Summer, War. Identified by Johnny Yen

5. I kept the right ones out/ And let the wrong ones in/ Had an angel of mercy to see me though all my sins. Amazing, Aerosmith. Identified by Monica


Phil said...

That video is pretty funny.

I'm gonna get one of those song lyrics one of these days.

Mom said...

You know I'm not much for watching music videos, but that was great. Thanks!

PS - Sorry about the Yanni concert. We left very soon after we arrived. It was loud and terrible and we didn't want to damage your ears. Or your musical taste.
...Hey, do you think maybe "The Empire Strikes Back" might have been the first movie we took you too?

CSG said...

"everyone and their mama"? lol. It may be a well known expression there, but it's new to me.

Thanks for accepting the meme. I really don't have many blog friends yet, plus, I usually like your memes.

With Love, Fat Girl said...

Being a journalist (at least by education) and a transit taker, I'm privy to both points of view. While I let some opinions slide for the benefit of the occupation, and while I do think journalists are right in a lot of cases, there are also things I wouldn't be caught dead doing. Like taking celebrity photos off the back of a motorcycle, or harassing the family of a murdered loved one, just for a quote. That's the humanist in me.

I don't know if our coyote problem has ceased, but 10 years ago it was a big issue. My sister and I were chased by one late at night once... not fun at all, I can assure you.

Katrina said...

That coyote story was all over every news break on every radio station I listened to today. This morning on the only one I listen to while getting ready & driving out to work, during the day on the station they have at work and on my way home I flip through all my presets constantly, at least when I'm not listening to a CD that is and it was on every one of them too. Done with the coyote story. But I agree, who knew in the great city of Chicago you'd have a problem, especially down by Millinneum Park.

The video was very clever, thanks for putting it up, I never would've seen it otherwise.

Monica said...

I know #5 is Aerosmith. 90s Aerosmith. I'm gonna guess Amazing but it's probably Crazy or Cryin. I can't believe how much you like 90s Aerosmith.

terry said...

that's an EXCELLENT video! thanks for sharing.

coyotes? in chiago??? really?? wild.

Johnny Yen said...

#3 is "It's My Life" by the Animals, and #4 is "Summer" by War.

When I called my son tonight (I'm in Seattle) he excitedly reported on the Quizno's coyote.

Coyotes are all over-- they're going into places they've never been before historically. I blogged about it a few months ago:

CS said...

With the warmer weather I've been sleeping with the windows open and a few nights ago a pack of coyotes were screaming (I know it is called howling, but by God it sounded like screaming)a few feet from my window so loudly it I was out of my bed from a dead sleep in a heartbeat. But that's rural Tennessee. Chicago? That's just crazy.

Natalie said...

Phil- I really do have something for everyone in my music library. One day, you will get one of those songs.

Mom- You should watch all their videos. You would laugh. I forgive your for Yanni. It's really funny. I would guess Empire is about right but you would remember better than I.

CSG- I would say its pretty commonplace around these parts. It's a good one. I'm glad someone likes my memes, I do but sometimes I wonder.

WLFG- Chased by a coyote? That sounds simply terrifying. They are cute and all but also real scary.

Katrina- Yeah I only heard about it once since I am not a radio person I wish I had been at that Quizno’s for lunch. It would have been funny.

Monica- Whatever Mr. Big. Wait, I like that too. Crap.

Terry- I really liked it. I wouldn't share a crappy video.

Johnny- I have to check that post out. Thanks.

CS- I don't know what I would do out in the wild. I think I would crawl under a rock and hide. You lost the “L”, interesting.