Monday, April 16, 2007


Welcome to this week's edition of Manic Monday. The word of the day is TAX. To view other Manic Monday participants check out Morgen at It's a Blog eat Blog World.

Having someone stay at your house is taxing. Even when you don’t deal with them very often it is taxing. Don’t get me wrong, if I was having some serious housing issues I would hope one of my friends would step up and let me crash for a while. However, I would realize that it wouldn’t be easy for them.

I have basically lived in my bedroom for the last five days. It isn’t that I don’t like our guest, he is a fine person, it’s just that someone being in the house is totally disruptive to our normal living arrangement. Tony and I like our privacy. We like things quiet and peaceful. We want to play our games and watch our movies and cooks meals and just relax. Our houseguest likes to listen to loud music, drink beer, and stay up late.

We like to do these things too, just not all the time. I don’t think our guest necessarily wants to do them all the time either, but that is what we always do when we hang out so it seems strange to do anything else. It is funny because there will be times when we won’t leave the bedroom for days anyway. However, because we have the option it isn’t a problem. Not that we don’t have the option to leave now. Only if we do, we have to talk to our guest.

I kind of feel we are being bad hosts. We spend a lot of time together while our guest hangs out in the living room and watches TV. Unfortunately, doing much else is too much of a tax on our comfortable living style. We can’t just sit around and watch TV in peace like we enjoy doing, we have to interact with our guest. He is a taxing person, we just can't do it. Our guest also likes to argue and isn’t always right, at all. So to avoid that mess we just stay sequestered away in our room, only emerging to handle little things here and there.

I think he is supposed to be out of our place on Friday. I really hope so. While I am handling it ok, I think Tony may lose his mind. He is having trouble sleeping while company is there and, therefore, is really tired during the day and half asleep when I get home. I think it is taxing his nerves. I just hope he can keep it together and get some rest. I can sleep through anything but he isn’t as lucky. Wish us luck.

1. I want to run/ I want to hide/ I want to tear down the walls/ That hold me inside. Jeff Roberts

2. And the moment will come/ When composure returns/ Put a face on the world/ Turn your back to the wall. Monica

3. Let me tell ya’ll what it’s like/ Being male middle class and white/ It’s a bitch if you don’t believe/ Listen up to my new Cd/ Shamon

4. She set your goldfish free/ And now she's sighing/ Blew out your pilot light/ And made a wish

5. Last night it was so good/ I felt like crying/ I felt crying/ Last night though you looked so cold/ I felt like smiling/ smiling while I'm dying


Comedy + said...

Hear me now. This person needs to leave your home. You are being held hostage. This is the most taxing post. I hope it's a pun and not for real. If it's for real get this freeloader out of your home. Try to have a happy MM.

Jeff Roberts said...

#1: U2, Where the Streets Have no Name

Guests are a strain. Whether it's the emotional 16-year-old who we took in temporarily or my wife's mom who will clean herself to death if we don't do it before she just unhinges everything.

Monica said...

#2 Sleep the Clock Around - Belle and Sebastian. My SONG. Love love love it.

Anyway, being a house guest can ruin a friendship. Isn't that hilarious? Nothing like never wanting to speak to someone again because you grew to hate them when they were around for too long. Good times.

Jaclyn said...


guess I won't be hitting you up for a place to crash when I get back to chicago....


actually, I'm moving back into my old sweet is that???


lisa said...

ahhhhh. this is by far the most taxing experience I've read about today. I have been there so can relate. it's awful, I feel for you.

Natalie said...

Comedy+- No, it's for real. He will be gone by the end of the week but I don't know if we can make it that long.

Jeff- It is so strange because even when your guests are the coolest and most fun people it makes things hard after a while.

Monica- I think that may be happening. I don't care all that much really but Tony is about to go insane. I can't believe you didn't get #4

Jaclyn- That is pretty cool. It was a very nice building.

Lisa- Thanks, I need it.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Yikes! Hope your guest leaves soon. Sounds like you and Tony need to go have a dinner away. Get outta the house for a bit.
Here's to a quick week for you!!

Morgen said...

This is indeed a taxing post.
Hope he clears out soon.
Perhaps you should TAX him for using things while he's there: you know, a 25 cent use tax per flush in the bathroom, a silverware tax at mealtime, an oxygen tax in the bedroom while he snores - you know, just tax the stuff he uses! It's called Use Tax!

Monica said...

I looked up 4... I'm so ashamed that I didn't know it. If it's on, I can totally sing along though.

Eve said...

Yikes! He should make himself scarce. The library is free, and there's tons of stuff to do in Chicago.

Travis said...

It is tough to have guests, especially if they are poor guests. It can seriously tax a friendship, as you describe.

Hang in there!

With Love, Fat Girl said...

I find someone using my soap just the most taxing thing ever. It makes me want to taxingly toss the bar at their foreheads.

Natalie said...

CWM- Last night we got to be alone because our guest wasn't home until 2:30.

Morgen- Not a bad idea.

Monica- It's ok I know you can

Eve- He does, he really only shows to sleep but its still taxing

Travis- three nights to go

WLFG- At least he brought his own soap.

RastaManErn said...

Hey Nattie,

Check out this website:

When I saw the contest entries, I thought of you and Monica. They all look pretty good (except the Northwesterners).

dmarks said...

This reminds me of that old ice-cream restaurant chain. It had a name like Farrells or Farrels (well, anyway, one of the 4 or 5 possible ways you can spell it).

I had that sort of old-timey decor, and there were silly sayings. One of them was:

"Fish and visitors stink after three days"

This is attributed to Ben Franklin.

Johnny Yen said...

I was just about to post the same quote as dmark. I'd seen it attributed to Mark Twain, but looking it up, it looks like Dmark is right.

When I went out to visit my friends in Seattle a couple of weeks ago, I was concerned about the length of my stay (a little over 4 days). They seemed all right with it. For my part, after three days, I'm overcome with the urge to be in my own home.

Natalie said...

Ern- Some of those places were amazing. I can't believe what they did with the space. My place is a little over 900sqft so I was in shock at how small some were and still managed to have one bedroom. Welcome back.

Dmarks- Great saying. I am usualy ok with 4-5 days but 10 is really crazy talk.

Johnny- I usually want to be home after a week or so but I tend to spread my stays out over various people. Since our guest is at our house because he has no home to go to he can't leave.

dave said...

you can always run away to my house to escape i love having house guests... as long as they do not stay for more then 24 hours.

after 24 hours things are different.

i can't believe that i had stephen stay with me for six months before i finally kicked him out.

i think the escessive drinking is a coping mechanism. you have to be drunk to deal with him, he has to be drunk to deal with being between houses...

ahhh the joys of drinking. it's kind of creepy that not that long ago i was such a drunkered. i think i've been much happier since no drinking so heavily. i don't know if i was unhappy because i was drinking so much or drinking so much because i was unhappy.

but i still do enjoy drinking and having nights of it. but i like to have sober down time as well.

hugs! can't wait to see you on friday!

CSG said...

After college I decided I would not have any other roommate ever. I'm ok with guests staying no longer than a week. Besides, they are usually relatives, such as my favourite cousin. But then we live in a 60 square meters (I think it's about 195sqft) flat, so we really can't have many guests.

I hope your situation ends soon and well.