Monday, April 09, 2007


I was about to snap while thinking of a post using the word snap. Then it hit me. I have snapped, maybe this would be a good time to talk about that a little bit. The most recent total snap I had was at old roommate Eric. It was a snap for the ages. He had been on my nerves for ages and, one day, I lost it.

I was planning to take a shower and had got in my nice cozy green bathrobe and went to the bathroom. When I looked in the shower, there was a carpet of shaved hair of some sort all over the floor. CARPET people, no joke. I was already upset with Eric. He had done some bogus things, the least of which was to tape unknown men’s drawers on my bedroom door. He assumed they were Tony’s since he was over a lot and they were in the dryer. However, they were briefs and therefore not Tony’s. To this day I have no clue whose unknown drawers those were but they were someone’s and I did not appreciate them taped up on my door with an evil note to keep my mans underwear away from his laundry.

So I went and pounded on Eric’s door and asked that he clean up the bathroom so that I could take a shower. The argument of the century ensued. Now, to make sure everyone understands how hilarious some of this is remember that I am a 5ft tall person in a green bathrobe. Eric is an enormous over 6ft person, although I don’t remember what he was wearing. I am standing in his doorway so he can’t close the door (although he tried to slam it on me a few times) up in his face pointing screaming and all kinds of other things. Monica is sitting at the computer not sure if she should be terrified or laughing in hysterics. Tony is in my bedroom hoping I don’t get myself in too much trouble because he doesn’t want to have to come and protect me because Eric is huge and mean.

After a good half hour or so of yelling, slamming doors, swearing, etc. things are done. Nothing was resolved at all. I ended up washing the foul hair down the drain so that I could take a shower. I also ended up moving out before the lease was over (for a variety of reasons, none of which were Monica). I had been trying to deal with Eric for some time, but finally snapped. There was nothing to be done about it.

The unguessed songs are:

1. What happened to/ The world we knew/ When we were dreaming, scheming/ Whiling the time away. Yester Me, Yester You, Stevie Wonder.

2. Megan/ She don’t eat bacon/ She never killed a sweet innocent little piggy to get bacon. Megan the Vegan, Propagandhi.


Morgen said...

Sometimes you just gotta snap.
And I think you were totally justified. I mean, that Eric guy so did not respect you or your argument that HE should clean up his own hair-carpet. Sheesh - what the eff was he shaving? His back???
Two snaps up for your fun post!

Monica said...

So while this was going on, I was playing Sims and talking on the phone with Ben. I opened the front door so that the Garcias would hear everything and kick Eric out. Ben was trying to get me to call the cops but we had to wait an see if Eric was gonna hit you or anything which luckily he did not. Oddly enough, after that fight with you, he started trying to be cool with me when we hadn't spoken in like a month. Those were the days, huh?

Monica said...

By the way, we should start "The Bad Roommate Blog" and write about specific antics of Eric and the others.

Lizza said...

The things that can make a person snap are so unpredictable sometimes. I don't know which is worse, shaved hair or nail clippings. Either way, ugh.

Good on you for getting out of a stressful situation, one you didn't have to live with.

Danielle said...

A carpet of hair in the bathroom on tip of stranger's drawers taped on my door would have definitely made me snap.

Happy MM and enjoy the day

Robinson K. said...

He'll think twice, I hope, of leaving you his mess to clean up. Don't let him, get the best of you, by getting you to snap to often, though.

Eve said...

Aw, snap. (I couldn't resist.)

Man, living with roommates is such a pain in the ass. Ah well, maybe it's character building? No, it's just cheaper, really.

Travis said...

Ahh yes...I remember the days of roommates.

Michael C said...

That was a snap. It seems like I snap all the time at work, just to myself though -- gotta keep the moral up ;-)

Crazy Working Mom said...

Yep, sometimes it takes a SNAP to SNAP out of it. :)

Carpet of hair...ewwwww!

Mrs. Loquacious said...

I enjoy a good snap every once in a while, when it is justified. Like snapping at a close friend who decides to be a whiny negative spoiled kill-joy complainer all week long during a supposedly fun trip to Thailand for New Year's. Or at a roommate that has grated your last nerve with his "hair". Gross.

A good snap brings catharsis. I hope it did for you :)

Johnny Yen said...

Ugh-- that brought up some memories. I blogged a couple of months ago about my ultimate nightmare roomie-- I don't think I even mentioned the hair thing in my post-- he suddenly decided to go with the "close-cropped" look, and once a week or so would shave his hair down, leaving the hair all over the bathroom. Apparently he thought maybe a maid would come in and clean that, and everything else-- he did not clean even once the year and a half or so I let him live in my place. He started using my stuff without replacing it, and then ultimately started stealing from me and everyone around him. The relief I felt the day he moved out was immense-- I didn't like having my son around this guy.

After he moved out, my landlord and I discovered that he'd apparently locked himself out of the apartment at one point, and rather than just cutting the screen, which would have been just a few bucks to fix, he'd cut out the brand-new window frame, which was not just a few bucks to fix. He was not only a thief and a jerk-- he was an idiot as well.

With Love, Fat Girl said...

I snapped really badly at one of my roommates years ago... after she threw a ton of goldfish food all over my carpet (you know how hard that stuff is to vacuum?!), I substituted her shampoo with hand cream. I know it was a sucky thing to do, but geez, sometimes people just drive you mental!

Turnbaby said...


I could pitch in on the 'bad roommate" blog--oh my did i have some doozies.

Of course, even with a husband there are 'roomie' issues--although he is awfully good about leaving the seat down ;-)

Natalie said...

Morgen- I don't want to think about what he was shaving because, since he walked around in boxers all day, I knew he had hairy chest and legs. EEEWWW.

Monica- Those were the days and a bad roommate blog would be hilarious. Everyone could contribute and we would have to do very little work. Genius.

Lizza- Both are very nasty. That question could take an entire post.

Danielle- While these things directly contributed to the snapping, there were many other things that also helped A LOT.

Robinson- Well he did get the best of me because I moved out and he didn't. Then again, I had an awesome living situation after moving so....

Eve- Yeah cheap is good. However, there is a limit

Travis- It is a time I never plan to go back to. Thankfully.

Natalie said...

Michael- I haven't snapped at work too often. Then again I have wanted to many times.

CWM- Yeah I wish I had snapped out of it after the snap. I didn't.

Mrs L.- It did make me feel really good. It did absolutely nothing to fix the situation but I felt better.

Johnny- At least I didn't have any kids around. I would have never let Eric near my kids.

WLFG- I have thought about doing that to many people, well mainly two, but never had the guts. Nice work!

Turnbaby- I have a few roommate issues with Tony as well but he gets a free pass cause of the love and all.

ENID P. said...

the drawer thing is not funny and the hair thing ...jeeze..I don't know what to say...