Friday, April 13, 2007


Mama never cooks breakfast with hog and she is in NY with Sisterhead anyway. So is Dad, by the way, which makes me very jealous because he did not come to visit me last time mom came because he was “too busy,” whatever. Regardless, I am still having a good day. What is good about me having a good day at 10am is that it seems as if the day will get better and better as the hours pass. This is making me rather excited.

Yesterday was not a particularly good day. It was also not a particularly bad day although it threatened to be as we were scheduled to have two overnight guests. Now our couch is big, two people can easily sleep on it comfortably. However, it helps if those two people don’t mind getting a little cozy. Our guests were not the cozy type. Not that they have any problems with each other but they weren’t going to snuggle.

Tony and I were a little concerned about how it was all going to play out but we really couldn’t tell either person they couldn’t stay with us. Both are good friends. Tony tried to go to sleep to avoid the situation but I told him I was not answering the door for his friends and that he had to deal with it. Our first guest went to sleep pretty quickly after he came by. He didn’t take up to much space on the couch, which is amazing as he is one big dude (over 6ft over 300lbs big). When the other showed, he Tony and I gathered in the sunroom, the greatest and most underutilized room in the apartment, and commenced to drink and play games.

We started with rummy, and then moved to a game and a half of scrabble. We would have finished but I thought I had to go to bed and went to lie down but then realized I couldn’t sleep and in the two minutes it took me to get back to the game room they no longer wanted to play. I must say that I got an incredibly high scoring word “absolute” and it went over two triple word scores and I used all my letters and I felt really special (we're talking 131pts here people). The game we stopped playing was actually really close and the guys had a chance to really give me a run for it. The best word I couldn’t put anywhere was “ovulate”. I was a little sad about that but “absolute” fixed it.

We then started talking about Monopoly, which would usually get me really excited but as it was well past 2am at that point and I did have to get up for work I knew a three player game was not something I should get into. Instead I acted as banker, real estate agent, and payment reminder to the guys as they played. I wonder how they did after I went to bed. As I often needed to remind them about properties they owned and to pay each other I have a feeling it was a silly game. Although this fun stuff happened yesterday, it was late enough at night that we can technically call it today.

I was terrified of getting up and coming to work this morning. I knew it had been a late and ruckus night and I am not as young as I used to be. When the alarm went off the first time I was not happy. I didn’t think I could possibly get enough sleep in the next 30min to compensate for how I felt. I was wrong. 30min later I woke up to an abnormally sunny sky, a wide awake happy feeling, and a warm bathroom. It was so sunny I thought I woke up at the wrong time. But I didn’t.

When I got to work, things were still happy and I was ready to rework my contract. I just learned yesterday that some of the income guidelines I had been using were incorrect so I may be able to add a few people to my contract thus bolstering my retention numbers, which would be awesome. When I got here, Lakeiya came to my office with her hands behind her back and asked me to pick a hand. I chose correctly and she produced a brown paper bag with a small cylindrical container inside. I felt it, “could it be,” it was. A pint of Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream was inside. We have been talking about eating this ice cream since Tues March 6th and, although we have both looked, we haven’t been able to secure a pint. I can’t wait until lunchtime. *It is now after lunch and I am happy to say that the ice cream did not dissapoint. It truly was an Americone Dream. *

After work, I have a dinner party to attend at Dave E. Wo’s house. How fun is that going to be. Dave always has great food. Speaking of food, I just realized it is Foodie Friday. Having been especially poor this week I ate nothing particularly exciting. Well I did have enchiladas but I already posted about how to make those. The other meals were so lame there isn’t much to pull from. Alas, Foodie Friday will have to wait.

Another Sunny Day, Belle and Sebastian- This is a perfect theme song for today. Belle and Sebastian I actually pretty good theme music for most days, as long as you find the right song.

I Am Somebody (Part 2), Johnnie Taylor- I don’t think I have ever heard part one of this song. If it is as funky as part two it promises to be awesome.

Que Onda Guero, Beck- I never really “got” the Guero album. This song sounds a lot like Cypress Hill but more “alternative” I don’t not like this album it’s actually pretty groovy at times. If it were by another artist I may have been more impressed. However, I know that Beck has much better to offer.


Danielle said...

Great! I told ya' the sun will come out. I love waking up feeling good usually I am so tired that my mornings are a daze of kids and coffee.
I know you'll have fun at the dinner party.

Be well and enjoy the day

kim said...


You are so funny. I bet you write the way that you talk. I had the same kind of weird sleep. Girl left to go out east to see her Grandparent's and I had to wake up at 5:00 to get her ready. Fell back asleep to weird dreams and woke up foggy. Suddenly the sun hit me like a lightening bolt. It's fabulous. The couch thing is something I would have liked to have seen.

Always on the Move said...

I can't believe that you didn't call me over last night!!! I was up until like 12:30 waiting and waiting and waiting for your phone call. I had a feeling that you'd be up all night being silly and all and having a blast without the TV with friends. I'm jealous! And too bad that I live in Canada!!! LOL!
Glad to hear that you had fun...and that you had a great day today...on Friday the 13th!!!!
Hope your weekend goes super well as well and that you also enjoy all that food at your friend's place as well!!!!

fringes said...

Followed you here from Killer Rants. Nice space you have here. I'll be back to read more when I'm not frantically preparing for a houseguest of my own. Have a great weekend!

terry said...

*sigh, you got to have a little taste of mr. colbert...

(i love "guero," myself. i find myself listening to it over and over again, especially in the car.)

Blondie said...

It was amazingly sunny yesterday. I forgot how wonderful it is to see the sun. Of course, today it is overcast again. :( Once my live-in boyfriend brought home one of his rocker friends and let him sleep on the couch--which I didn't notice until I got up to get ready for work in the morning and found a strange man on our couch. Grrr. At least you knew they were coming. :)

notfearingchange said...

I like the couch where you can get comfy....
Hope the dinner party was fun.


thethinker said...

I love Scrabble. Somehow, I always end up with all of the "e"'s or some other useless pieces like that. I need to keep "absolute" in mind for my next game.

ShadowFalcon said...

I could play monopoloy all night but no one will play with me

CS said...

"and I am not as young as I used to be"! That made me laugh out loud and think, Oh, honey, just wait.

Sounds like fun overall, and I put the ice cream on my list to try. Can't go too far wrong with Colbert.

Travis said...

Bad days should always be followed by good days. I think I'll pass a cosmic law, and include the caveat that there should be more good days than bad ones.

Kiyotoe said...

what a coincidence, I was duped into starting a game of monopoly last night (this morning) around 2 a.m. and it lasted well past 5. Now I'm paying for it.

I know better.

ENID P. said...

wait.. Have you guys been watching TV? I must know...


Natalie said...

Danielle- Yeah I slept through the dinner party...Oopsie

Kim- I talk very much like I write. Sometimes I think I make a lot more sense speaking.

Always on the Move- I don't think you would have made it in time but I'll try to give more advanced warning in the future.

Fringes- Thanks, I like new people.

Terry- To be fair I think I have only listened to the entire album once. I got it at the same time as many other things and probably didn't give it a fair shot.

Blondie- I did know they were coming. It would have been very scary if I didn't.

Not Fearing- I miss my has people still.

Natalie said...

Thinker- "e"s are great letters, just not all at once. I eerie is always a good way to get rid of lots of "e"s but it sucks for points. At least it will get you more than trading in letters though.

Shadow- Welcome back! Only a few people will play with me as much as I want to. I totally understand.

CS- Colbert is a delicious man in every way possible. I am old. I swear.

Travis- I look forward to the day that law passes. I think you will have plenty of support.

Kiyotoe- You can only play that late at night on a weekend or with two people. More than two takes far too long.

Enid- We were watching, but not as much. Now that we have perma-company we are kind of back on it.