Thursday, April 19, 2007


Johnny Yen had a music meme where you are supposed to talk about seven songs that you have been into lately. I thought this would not only be incredibly fun but also incredibly easy since I love to talk about music, obviously. However, I have found that it is rather difficult. I listen to so much music that it is very hard to choose seven songs that properly represent me at this point in time. No matter, I will give it a try.

1. Absolutely Cuckoo, Magnetic Fields
69 Love Songs Vol. 1 has been my best friend this week. Much of that is because of this, the first song. It is an adorable ditty about the dangers of falling for someone before they have the chance to see you go completely loony. One of my favorite lines is “I’m easy to get rid of but not if you fall in love” truer words have never been spoken. It also reminded me of my insane mix tape making days when I made one for my best friend Jenna called “the relationship” I chose songs that chronicled two people meeting, falling in love, breaking up and eventually getting back together (I think). My favorite inclusion on the mix was “One More Minute” by Weird Al. This song would have fit in well with that mix.

2. If I Ever Fall In Love, Shai
I have an unnatural obsession with this song. I don’t know why. Something about the insane harmonies and fantastic 90s feel really gets me going. At the same time I really don’t understand the story within the song. He said she was more than just a friend but is all set on falling in love with a friend if he ever falls in love again. Does he want only a friend and nothing more? I don’t get it. Or is is that she wasn't enough of a friend to begin with? Help.

3. Brick, Ben Folds Five
So I am completely aware that this song was overplayed and grew into some kind of Ben Folds Five monster that you couldn’t get away from. When I saw him in concert he played it but said that he hadn’t in ages because he grew so tired of it. That being said, I never tire of it. I don’t know why but I find it so tragically beautiful and there is something about the loneliness in the words that pull me in. “For the moment we’re alone. She’s alone, and I’m alone, and now I know it”

4. Let’s Get Out Of This Country, Camera Obscura
While this is not the best song on the album it does have the same title as the album and has just stuck to me like glue. Maybe because it has a nice escapist theme to it. I really need a nice long vacation away from anywhere familiar. One of the sad things about having friends all over is that when you take vacation it often ends up being so that you can see them. Not that seeing them is bad but sometimes you need to take vacation just for you. However, I would like to take Tony and get out of the country. “Let’s get out of this country, I’ll admit I’m bored of me”

5. Passing Afternoon, Iron & Wine
Even though I have only heard one album of this band (I need to download more stat) they have become one of my favorites. This album (Our Endless Numbered Days) reminds me of an updated version of something that would have been birthed if you married the Harold and Maude Soundtrack by Cat Stevens with Astral Weeks by Van Morrison. Every song on this album is pretty great but this song has the ability to wrap its arms around me, squeeze tight and rock me like a baby.

6. Way To Your Heart, Persephone’s Bees
I don’t know how to describe this song. It is just wonderful. It makes me tap my feet and bop my head and it is perfect walking home music. It’s nothing particularly groundbreaking. It just works perfectly and, since there are few words you can learn them very quickly and sing along. I can’t be mad when I can sing along to a peppy tune.

7. Regulators, Warren G and Nate Dogg
Ok, this is a bit embarrassing but in all honestly I have been rocking out to Regulators lately. Don’t laugh; you know you love it too. I don’t have anything great to say about this song because it isn’t great. I just know that it makes me think of hanging out on summer vacation with Shoshana and watching MTV and The Box all day long. Remember when MTV had legitimate videos on it? I don’t think even MTV2 still shows videos all day. Boo. “The next stop is the East Side Motel”

To redeem myself after admitting I have been really excited to listen to not only Shai but also Warren G and Nate Dogg I want to share a few awesome searches that have brought people to my page. “The Insult Sit By Me Train,” is a place that I would never want to go. However, someone seemed to want to ride it all night long. Someone else has some kind of fascination with Mandingos and was looking for “confessions of interracial affairs,” they will find none of that smut here. Another individual seemed to be making a statement but apparently “I went to a fundraiser black tie,” is a legitimate thing to google. My personal favorite, however, comes from some poor parent who has “black strings in my baby’s poop”. Maybe one of the parent blogs would be a better place for them to look. Who knows.

1. Let me tell ya’ll what it’s like/ Being male middle class and white/ It’s a bitch if you don’t believe/ Listen up to my new Cd/ Shamon. Deadspot said "The first song in your list at the bottom is that song by Ben Folds where he rips on musicians that he thinks he's cooler than. You know... that one with the title. " He is right, the title is Rockin The Suburbs.

2. She set your goldfish free/ And now she's sighing/ Blew out your pilot light/ And made a wish. This one happens to be Twisting By They Might Be Giants.

3. Last night it was so good/ I felt like crying/ I felt crying/ Last night though you looked so cold/ I felt like smiling/ smiling while I'm dying. Needles In My Eyes, The Beta Band. Identified by Jaclyn

4. I’m a little pea/ I love the sky and the trees/ I’m a teeny tiny little ant/ checking out this and that. Monica said "4 Is that song by Flea from One Hot Minute... I can't remember what it is called. He goes "I'm a pacifist and I will fuck your shit up"" she is right, it is called Pea.

5. Summertime/ and the livin’s easy/ Bradley’s on the microphone with Ras M.G/ All the people in the dance will agree that we’re/ well qualified to represent the LB C D me and Louie/ Run to the party dance to the rhythm it gets harder. Doin' Time, Sublime. Identified by Ern.


dmarks said...

"One More Minute", Hey, I know that one! :)

deadspot said...

The first song in your list at the bottom is that song by Ben Folds where he rips on musicians that he thinks he's cooler than. You know... that one with the title.

I can totally hear the 5th one. I can even sing it, but I'm drawing a blank on who does it or what it's called.

I'm terrible at this.

Kiyotoe said...

i suck at this game. the lyrics always sound familiar but i can't place them.

Mom said...

Your uncle will be thrilled that you are still enjoy Regulators and Warren G after all this time.

Permit me a small musing on "black strings in baby poop" -- but first, why on earth did that bring them to your page??? Anyways, quite naturally, any food besides mama's milk will change how a baby's poop looks. And bananas are one of the first foods parents often give to babies. It so happens that feeding a baby bananas will result in little brown squigglie things (or "black strings") in the otherwise yellow baby-poop. So that poor, freaked-out parent probably has nothing to worry about.

... Being the curious type, I couldn't resist typing "black strings in my baby’s poop" into Google to see what would happen. Sure enough, your blog is the third thing that shows up -- "Snow Melts, Poop Appears" (Feb. 21, which apparently includes a reference to baby poop and a comment in which Brooke mentions strings.)

Michael C said...

I'm glad I wasn't tagged. I have rather enjoyed listening to Helen Reddy's 'Delta Dawn' a lot, really.

RastaManErn said...

The last one is "Summertime" =P. Sublime, I beleeef.

I can guess the obvious ones.

RastaManErn said...

Blah, wait... not Summertime. Doing time. Not so obvious. And is that last bit correct?

Johnny Yen said...

I love that Weird Al song--
"I'd rather spend eternity eating shards of broken glass/Than spend another minute with you...."

My son has discovered Weird Al. Ah, 13 year olds and novelty songs... and now he's got my stepdaughter listening to them too. Oh well, they're better than Hillary Duff.

Monica said...

4 Is that song by Flea from One Hot Minute... I can't remember what it is called. He goes "I'm a pacifist and I will fuck your shit up"

Jaclyn said...

number 3 is "Needles in My Eyes" by the Beta Band, I THINK.

or maybe not.


I'm so glad it's Friday.

Am I right?

Natalie said...

dmarks- It is most certainly a classic.

Deadspot- You are right it is that one song. I wouldn't call that terrible at all.

Kiyotoe- When I play on other people's blogs I have the same problem. Luckily I know most of my own songs. Not all though.

Mom- Glad something can make him happy. See, I knew they should have looked at a mom blog. Moms know about black stringy banana poop.

Michael- I should tag you just for spite. I just don't generally tag anyone and leave it up to chance.

Ern- I have no idea if the last bit is correct. That's what it sounded like to me.

Johnny- What a great time of life, when the young ones find the novelty songs. Yoda will always remain my favorite.

Monica- That is totally my favorite line.

Jaclyn- Yeah, you are right. Good one. I never would have guessed it.

waylon solos said...

two words: yacht rock. when you get to episode seven ("i keep forgetting") than you will understand why i have sent you. but do watch them all and in order too. any music dork should fall for it. they're short too.

CS said...

I always feel like such a musically-impaired goob when I read your music posts.

terry said...

love love love ben folds. "forever and ever amen" is one of my absolute favorite albums.

and persephone's bees! i've seen them in a club here -- they're really great live.

ShadowFalcon said...

Years ago I too had an obssesion with the shai song - then it was covered by an awful british band and ruined.

(love iron and wine btw)

Johnny Yen said...

Oh man-- I can't believe I missed "Twistin'"! I love the line "She won't have to give/Your dB's records back"-- I loved the dB's!

Natalie said...

"Waylon"- Greatest episode ever.

CS- It's ok I feel like a goob most of the time.

Terry- they seem like they would be an incredibly fun live band. color me jealous.

Shadow- I can't believe someone id a bad cover of If I Ever Fall In Love. How awful.

Johnny- A few people were shocked by missing that one. It's ok, I still like you.

Johnny Yen said...

*wipes the sweat off of his brow* "Whew-- thank god!"

Anonymous said...

Being a first time mom of a child now eating bananas with the aforementioned black swigglies, I want to say thank you for the info. Now I can rest easy that it is not worms.