Friday, March 28, 2008


I have actually been cooking a fair amount this week. I’ll share what I think was the most successful meal. As far as the pasta goes, for something in a cheese sauce it keeps very well. I know because I have been eating it at lunch more a good chunk of the week. For an even better reheating I put a little in a mini ramekin and covered it with parmesan to get a nice baked thing going for dinner one night. It certainly isn’t the most healthy of dishes but in small amounts it fit into my not eating horribly plans quite well and, like I said, lasted a really long time. Since the smoked gouda has such a strong flavor I didn’t need as much as I would for other cheese sauces I have made.

3tbsp butter
3tbsp flour
1 grated shallot
1 clove garlic pressed
3oz smoked gouda
3 cups skim milk
5oz frozen spinach cooked and drained
2 packets boca ground burger (I could have done without this but Tony wanted it and it added a nice boost of protein so it wasn’t a bad addition)
Salt and pepper to taste

It’s just your typical cheese sauce preparation and would go well with any pasta but I used whole wheat rotini.

Melt the butter, add the shallot and garlic, stir in the flour, let it cook together for a min or so, add the milk, stir until the flour mixture is dissolved, add the cheese, add the boca meat, spinach, and seasonings, let it thicken.

So go with it I made the most delicious bean dish I have had in quite a long time. They complimented each other very well

1 can small white beans
1 can whole tomatoes each tomato cut in thirds
1 zucchini
3tbsp fresh basil
1tbsp lemon zest
Juice form ½ lemon
2 shallot diced
1 clove garlic pressed
.5 tbsp olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Saute shallot and garlic in the olive oil, add everything except the basil, let cook about 5-7 min or until zucchini is soft, add 2tbsp basil and adjust seasoning if needed, let cook for a few more minutes, serve with a light dusting of freshly grated parmesan and the rest of the basil as garnish

Tony isn’t usually excited about eating beans. He'll do it but without enthusiasm. He was LOVING these

1. You had all of them on your side/ Didn’t you/ Didn’t you/ You believed in all your lies/ Didn’t you/ Didn’t you. Ruiner, NIN. Identified by Brooke.

2. The fat is in the fire/ A fryer made of chicken wire/ Gettin sick and tired of a friggin liar

3. Three hits to the heart son/ And it's poetry in motion/ One can send you down the river/ Three's a strange way to be delivered. Three Hits. Identified by Citizen of the World

4. You are a splendid butterfly/ It is your wings that make you beautiful/ And I could make you fly away/ But I could never make you stay

5. You can't hide/ Behind your social graces/ Don't try/To be all touchy feely. As Is, Ani. Identified by Brooke.


Brooke said...

1. Ruiner - NIN
5. As Is - Ani DiFranco

Anonymous said...


3 - Three Hits - Indigo Girls