Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I didn’t really claim a winner for Dance so we just won’t count that. Plus, a fall in dance is almost unheard of so how was I to know Belbin and Augusto were going to be out before things really even started. They were lucky to pull up to fourth. No one was predicting Buttle would walk away with the gold in the men’s event. As far as pairs, I called first and the couples that came in 2nd and 3rd (The Zhao’s and Dube and Davidson) were mentioned in my post. For ladies, Mao Asada came out on top even with the fantastic opening fall below. I've taken that fall before and it really knocks the wind out of you. I can't believe she got up and did as well as she did. Just as I predicted and Kostner and Kim were right behind her. It’s good to be right.

Other than watching skating I had a pretty calm weekend. Tony was working a lot so I really got to take it easy. We did have time for a few movies though, Bee Movie and No Country for Old Men. I enjoyed them both. Bee Movie was technically pretty horrible but there were some nice messages in there, like we all exploit each other for the good of the world. An odd message for a children’s film but an interesting one. As far as No Country For Old Men is concerned, I didn’t see the other nominated films but this one was pretty freaking good. It left me with one question though, who came up with the idea for a silencer for a shotguns. It’s just evil.

Lyrics reveal

1. Identity/ Identity is the crisis you can’t see/ Identity/ Identity. Identity X-Ray Spex

2. Did I/ See a moment/ With you/ In a half-lit world. Mourning Air, Portishead

3. Ghost, ghost I know you live within me/ Feel as you fly/ In thunderclouds above the city/ Into one that I. Ghost, Neutral Milk Hotel

4. I’m tired of wasting gas living above the planet/ Mister show me the way to earth/ The boys from quadrant 44 with their vicious metal hounds don’t come round here no more. Ballad of Maxwell Demon, Shudder to Think

5. Downtown/ We’ll drown/ We’re in our never splendor/ Flowers/ Showers/ Who’s got the new boy gender. I’ll Tumble For You, Culture Club.


Anonymous said...

I've always liked that initial bit where they are just slowly gliding around waiitng to start. ANd I also like about ice skating that the announcer also sounds genuinely sorry when someone takes a spill.

Mom said...

Good call on the skating events!

Re: lyrics -- hmm, maybe after you engineer the resurrection of Huey Lewis' career you could move on to Culture Club...

Speaking of resurrecting old stuff... did you see that Zubaz are back? http://zubaz.com/ Geez...