Monday, March 10, 2008


I had an utterly exhausting weekend full of stuff and things. To most people it would have been a relatively low key weekend. Oh how I love my extreme debilitating INFPness.

Friday after work I headed over to Monica’s office to meet her for dinner and Be Kind Rewind. We had a lovely meal at a Mexican joint called Su Casa that we never go to because it is right next to Grand Lux and we felt it would be overpriced. It was pretty standard dining out Mexican food priced. We even ordered marguerites, which is unusual because usually we are all about being hella cheap. It was nice to eat like regular adults. While we were there we discussed how I only have three friends I see on a regular basis and one of them is Tony. This leaves me with Monica and Dave. It isn’t that I don’t like my other friends; I like them quite a bit. However, seeing Dave once a week and Monica about once every other week give or take, and Tony all the time more than satisfies my need for human interaction. This, coupled with my laziness, means that I love seeing my other friends but it doesn’t happen all that often. She then wondered why it was that she has like 20 friends who she sees semi-regularly and still feels like she doesn’t’ have enough friends. I had no answer, the thought of the stress of seeing so many people just made me want to curl up on my couch and I had a movie to see. The movie was plenty entertaining, the end was a little on the cheesy overdone side but it was still fine.

Saturday was a day that most people would say was full of absolutely nothing. Tony slept late so I watched some TV and messed around with the computer. Then we went out to Diner to eat food, then we went to the grocery store, then we cleaned the fish tank (those poor little guys needed it so bad) and installed a new heater, then we watched Torchwood (which is totally awesome) and had some dinner. I think we might have read some as well. It was, as you can see, incredibly busy.

Sunday was even busier! We got up and made some breakfast and then decided that since we had a nice clean fish tank that we possibly needed more fish to go in it. We headed to the fish store up the street only to find that it was closed and they are also having a going out of business sale. We saw a bus coming and decided to hop on it to go to a fish store up in Evanston that we visited the last time my parents were in town. They didn’t have any fish we particularly wanted, which was a bummer because we really wanted some fish. They did have a Sugar Glider and I immediately wanted to take it home forever but it was like $285 and that wasn’t happening. After the fish store we decided to go for a walk and ended up walking back to Chicago. It was only about two miles but it was also 34 degrees and Tony had no hat. We passed a cemetery and I really wanted to go inside and walk around but it wasn’t the right time. Instead we just looked through the gate and commented on how certain mausoleums looked more like they housed vampires than others. We also noted how long ago everyone was born. Where do they bury new dead people? We decided that we would need to have a visit cemetery day when the weather gets nicer. They are pretty cool. After making it back to Chicago we hopped on the bus and headed home. Later that night I made a lasagna! Talk about doin stuff.

So my point is that if I do ANYTHING it seems like a whole lot of action. I’m totally exhausted today but we’ll say it is because of the daylights savings thing because if that lame nothing weekend made me this tired there is no hope for me at all.

Time for the reveal of last weeks songs.

1. Close my eyes/ feel me now/ I don’t know how you could not love me now. Sometimes, My Bloody Valentine

2. Elephant wields the rod/ While the donkey throws you the bone/ I'd rather have a bone than a beating I suppose/ Either way still the dog. Master and Dog, Quasi

3. Silver birch against a Swedish sky/ The singer in the band made me want to cry/ We're all inside our own heads now/ We are leaving new friends/ We are leaving this town. Country Mile, Camera Obscura

4. When I had you to myself/ I didn’t want you around/ Those pretty faces always made you stand out in a crowd. I Want You Back, Jackson 5

5. So they say I was sometimes cruel/ I don’t know if I would say that too/ oh I/ I don’t know about that. Sixteen, Le Tigre


Anonymous said...

A patient once brought her pet sugarglider into her session so I could see it. It was adorable.

dmarks said...

There is a quaint phrase "Oh sugarjets!" that they talked about on a word show on the radio once. Must be faster than sugargliders, whatever it means.

Mom said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. Sorry you didn't find any good fish! That sugarglider sure is cute.

I still like Dr. Who better, but Torchwood is pretty cool.

Michael C said...

I like 'hella cheap.' That's all me!

Natalie said...

Citizen of the World- That would have been a very unproductive session if I had been in your place.

Dmarks- I never heard that phrase but I think I might love it.

Mom- I am sorry too. The place by us didn't have any either but we got a proper stand. I can't get into the new Dr. Who. Tom baker or none for me.

Hella cheap is the way to go most of the time!

Katrina said...

My mom could never understand why I always only had a few close friends. I had plent of "surrounding" friends but only 2-4 really good friends and still pretty much adhere to that. It used to drive her nuts. But I start to go batty if I get one I deem "too much" social interaction. I need my down time which means my alone time!

dave said...

i would heart seeing you more often then my once week!

i hope the store you're talking about wasn't the fish bowl.

booo at the fish bowl!

though i did recently bump into stephen... you remember him... of course you do. he apparently still works there. i got him that job a million years ago!