Friday, March 07, 2008


One thing I have learned from my last post is that unfounded theories that are known to be based on vast generalizations will inevitably cause more legitimate realizations to surface. I find this to be fascinating. Recently I was reading an article about poop. Why was I doing this? Because Tony and I thought it would be funny to google poop and see what came up. Yes, I realize this makes us seven.

One of the sites full of fun facts about poop tackled the question of wiping. Apparently, most people wipe sitting down and a much smaller number of people prefer to stand and wipe. There seems to be no difference in gender. It just struck me as strange that people do this very common thing in such different ways. Why is this? I guess people learn from their parents and that the percentage of standers and sitters would remain relatively constant throughout generations. I didn’t research this it is just an idea.

I don’t know much about wiping habits of others and I don’t particularly wish to discuss my wiping habits. I don’t want to read comments about peoples wiping habits. I assume most people feel the same way. I guess the question then becomes why did I post about it? That would be a valid question. The answer is simply that it was on my mind and I didn’t know what else to write about. Plus, it’s yet another thing that I believe is learned at home and that impacts the life of a person. And maybe, just maybe, someone will know actual real facts about the subject.

1. Close my eyes/ feel me now/ I don’t know how you could not love me now

2. Elephant wields the rod/ While the donkey throws you the bone/ I'd rather have a bone than a beating I suppose/ Either way still the dog

3. Silver birch against a Swedish sky/ The singer in the band made me want to cry/ We're all inside our own heads now/ We are leaving new friends/ We are leaving this town

4. When I had you to myself/ I didn’t want you around/ Those pretty faces always made you stand out in a crowd

5. So they say I was sometimes cruel/ I don’t know if I would say that too/ oh I/ I don’t know about thaT


Katrina said...

Thanks for not sharing your wiping habits and I won't share mine. But I'm going to share a story about my nephew of when he was still very young and on the tale end of potty training.

He knew when to and how to go to the bathroom on his own but he still couldn't wipe himself yet. So when he was done he would holler out, "Someone come wipe my butt! Someone come wipe my butt!" over and over until someone went and wiped his butt.

He'll be 19 in May and I can still hear it as clear as if it were yesterday. Love him, love that story.

Woozie said...

What's there to comment about if I can's share my wiping habits?!? :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, some things ought to remain private!

notfearingchange said...

i've wondered about the same thing in the past... *shrug*

weird how our minds work! lol

Natalie said...

Katrina- You are welcome. That is the exact kind of comment I was hoping for, slightly related but not creepy.

Woozie- Well i guess not much.

Citizen Of The World- Yeah, I have a hard time realizing that sometimes.

Not Fearing Change- Thanks, I feel a whole lot better now.

Anonymous said...

even someone who brings bathroom books into the common room during festive gatherings, won't post wiping habits as a comment...interesting study, however...until this moment, it never occurred to me that some people wipe weirdly...