Monday, March 31, 2008


Can I just say how upset I am over this whole overpayment of Road Home Grants thing and now thousands of people who lost their homes in Katrina are going to have to pay back tons of money. Between one and five thousand people are going to have to repay money with the largest repayments being 150k and the average being 35k. Assuming everyone paid back the maximum (which they won't) they would repay 750 million in total. The company is being paid 912 million to run the program. Something just doesn’t add up to me.

Time for the reveal.

2. The fat is in the fire/ A fryer made of chicken wire/ Gettin sick and tired of a friggin liar. Crosshairs, Dangerdoom

4. You are a splendid butterfly/ It is your wings that make you beautiful/ And I could make you fly away/ But I could never make you stay. All My Little Words. Magnetic Fields.


Katrina said...

That's sad, absolutely sad. I understand them signing a form and therefore having to repay any overpayment. But 1st of all, there shouldn't be an overpayment and 2nd of all how the hell could they overpay the full $150,000.00? Don't give me the bullshit of rush job. Whatever.

I still feel bad that we haven't been able to make it back down there to help out by spending, spending and more spending like we always do when we go. And it's unlikely that we'll get down there again this year. It saddens me.

With Love, Fat Girl said...

Hey there chikita... I'm slowly working on coming back (seriously), but in the meantime I went on and started a book club, and really want certain people to be a part of it. It's got a different take on the regular book club... spread the word!

Kiyotoe said...

It would be too much like the "right" thing to do to pay what was necessary, rebuild and move on.

There has to be some kind of mix-up, confusion, controversy or misunderstanding that ultimately hurts the same people that needed help in the first place.

One day somebody will write a book or make a movie about Dubya's administration and it's going to be hard to believe in retrospect, that we allowed so much crap to go down.

Woozie said...


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Monica said...

dude...that is the WROST.

waylon solos said...

disaster capitalism rides again!

Michael C said...

I had not even hear of that. That is ridiculous!

Chatty Knitter said...

Hurry up and update already! It's Friday, and I'm bored out of my skull at work.


This post is just too disturbing to even make a comment, though I echo waylon solos' sentiment.