Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I am guessing there must be some truth in the advice that one should not eat spicy food late at night. It really did me wrong. Tony was going to get home from work late and there was no food in the house and I didn’t want to go shopping by myself so we ordered Indian. I asked for mine to be made hot, so did Tony. The food was delicious but nowhere near as good as Hema’s, that place is divine. Why don’t they deliver? Anyway, after eating we watched a little TV and finished Watership Down (finally) and I settled down to sleep. I should never have done it.

Dream #1
It started out fine. I was at a new apartment that looked suspiciously like Belmont apartment with my new roommates and we were having a good time. They told me that I would have the whole upstairs area to myself and that I should go check it out. I was very excited because I am an addict for living spaces and couldn’t wait to see what was in store for me. It was beautiful. There were curved mosaiced fireplaces in corners, a poured concrete floor, high ceilings, huge windows, and a large mosaiced fountain in the middle of the room. I was sitting on the edge of the fountain trailing my fingers in the water when I was grabbed from behind. I twisted free only to see a man with a knife behind me. I started to run but he seemed to know the floorplan much better than I did. I was screaming and running and he was getting closer and closer to me every second. He grabbed me and was just about to thrust the knife into my neck when my roommates burst through the door.

I sat straight up in bed, breathing heavily. I was terrified. I looked around and saw that Tony was up and looking at me as if something was very very wrong. Apparently I had been thrashing about in bed for about ten minutes or so. I said I had a bad dream and he patted my hair and told me it would be ok. It was five am. Somehow, I was able to get back to sleep and reset my alarm for the latest it can be set for in order for me to still make it to work on time.

Dream #2
This one was bad from the start. I became aware of the storyline by realizing that I had something and someone wanted it. They wanted it bad. They were trying to get my friends and I because we had some kind of secret information. We tried to get away by bus, they blew up the bus. We tried to get away by splitting up, they split up too. We ran into my apartment to gather supplies to flee the country, they were too close behind and started shooting up the house, with heavy artillery. They had grenades, rocket launchers, automatic weapons, all kinds of horrible tings. We needed to arm ourselves. There was nothing in the house to arm ourselves with. If this were to happen in real life I would be in the same no-weapons state. We went for kitchen knives, dodging gunfire all the way. Someone was hit. I slid along the floor to try and get close enough to a widow to do something (what are you going to do at a window with a knife?) when an attacker jumped through the window and landed on top of me. We were struggling and I somehow was able to get my kitchen knife and drive it into his heart. I could hear the knife tearing through sinew and flesh. I had to push really really hard to get it to enter the body. The dead man fell on top of me and I looked for a way to get him off to see if everyone else was ok.

The alarm went off. I was exhausted. There was no possible way that I could get up and function properly. I put another ten minutes on the clock and went back to sleep. I didn’t know if it would be restful sleep or awful scary sleep, but I knew I needed to give it a try. Luckily, when I woke up, I was reasonably ok. I rushed through my morning routine and managed to make it to work on time. However, I still haven’t gotten over what happened last night.

Blaming it on the food seems too easy. I mean it’s one of those things I have heard but it seems like an old wives tale. Dreams like that tell me something is seriously wrong. In both cases I was being chased/attacked by a man. I don’t have anything strange going on with any men in my life so maybe that wasn’t meaningful? Maybe the weapons were the issue, the issue that I was left unarmed for most of the dreams and had to resort to everyday items that were just lying around to save my life. Maybe something is telling me to use the resources I have to make a change. I feel far too content to be in that serious of a need for a change though. I really wonder what is going on in that mind of mine. I know there are many people who don’t give dreams much credit. I don’t believe that they mean I am going to be attacked by someone or anything that literal; I just think they tend to show us something about what we need to change or do in life. At least a very graphic dream like that. Maybe the fact that I was attacked with a knife in the first dream and killed with one in the second was important? Who knows? any dream experts out there?

On a side note, I always dream in color. I hear many people don’t. That seems limiting to me. I guess it isn’t something you have control over though. However, I do think you can have control over actions you take or decisions you make in your dreams. I like having the power to change the storyline and make a difference in what I am going to experience. I’m starting to get really sleepy. I need a nap.

1. The Arrivals Gate, Ani Difranco- This song really depresses me. It reminds me of the fac that these days we can’t go to the arrivals gate and just sit and watch people reunite with their friends and loved ones. We can’t even go to the arrivals gate to meet our friends and loved ones. I rarely think about this fact because people can still meet you at baggage claim and that is almost as good, but not really.

2. Giulietta, Smoke City- This is a band that my sister introduced me to and I really liked a lot. That is a little unusual because, while my sister doesn’t have bad taste in music, we don’t have the same taste. Usually I make her listen to things.

3. Manhattan Serenade, Tom Dorsey- This is funny because the album this is from is called Mob Hits II. I have this song essentially by accident. However, the other day Tony and I went out for pizza at Pizano’s (the downtown one) and in their jukebox there was a record labeled Mob Hits and we made a lot of jokes about it. Little did I know that I had a song from Mob Hits II.


Garrett said...

I dream about death all the time.

Michael C said...

I remember very few of my dreams. One recurring dream is that I am told I missed Christmas. For some reason that always ticks me off.

Maybe that explains the $300 I spent on after holiday decoration clearance sales!!

david santos said...

This work is very good
Thank you

Brooke said...

Jesus Friend. Just please tell me that I'm not the friend who died in your dream. After that dream you had last week, that would not be ok with me.

RastaManErn said...

Damn Natty. You should probably stop eating spicy food before bed. =P

I love those kinds of dreams! I used to have nightmares all the time and I guess I just got used to them. The Bar™ is tired of hearing about them. My worst nightmares, however, are the ones when something HUGE happens out of nowhere -- like a skyscraper collapse with me in it, or a plane decides to land on my apartment, or me floating on the ocean and a friggin' whale surfaces next to me. Oh, and can't forget the alien subjugation of the human race.

I always dream in color, too. Writing is also legible (some people are dyslexic dreamers I guess). Oh, I've dreamed that I've seen my sleeping body on occasion and I actually "died" twice in my dreams.

it's the little things... said...

From the dream research I've done, it looks like you're experiencing some decision-anxiety in your life perhaps?

Natalie said...

Garrett- Welcome, I am sorry to hear that, unless you like it and then I am glad.

Michael- I remember only a few of my dreams but those I do remember stick with me. I would be mad if I missed Christmas too. I hope your kids still got one.

David, hello to you too. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Brooke- No you did not die. You were one of the friends that came and saved me though. If you were I may have had to come visit you stat because I would have been worried.

Ern- Yeah, but those lentils were so good. I don't think I have ever "died" in my dreams but I have been very near death many many many times. I think the alien subjugation dream sounds fascinating.

Little Things- I do suck at decisions. There really haven't been any big ones lately though? Maybe I'll have to think more on that.

Mom said...

I dreamed my own death once, a number of years ago. It had profound and lasting (positive) effects on my perspectives on life, living, dying, and the enduring nature of being.

It's been many years since I had any severely scary dreams, thank goodness. But I have had experiences of dreaming my work. The most unpleasant of those was when I worked in a hearing-aid factory while in college, and would dream of cleaning zillions of tiny hearing aid parts, one after the other. I can still visualize those tiny metal leads and plastic casings...