Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Yesterday I did a stupid thing. I erased my MS Office at work. Before you decide I am the worlds biggest fool and click off my blog forever, let me explain. I was trying to uninstall useless programs. When I looked at the add/remove programs screen it said that this particular MS Office hadn't been used since Jan of '06. As I use MS Office everyday, I thought that I must have an outdated version installed in addition to the one I always use and that I could get rid of the extra one. That was not the case. I called the IT guy and, after laughing at me a lot, he said he would fix it. Yet, when I got to work this morning, it had not been fixed. The IT guy is not in the office today. Because I know a tiny bit about computers (although it may not seem so after what I did) I had a good idea where to look in the shared files to find the office installation program. I did end up asking for help from the Computer Instructor but I was really close to the right spot so I was fairly pleased with myself. I got the program all ready to go and then it asked me for the product code. Now I have installed enough programs to know that this was coming but the Computer Instructor told me that usually the codes just pop up for you. No such luck for me. I emailed the IT guy and am hoping he can either tell me the code or let me know if it is saved in a file somewhere.

I must apologize for any spelling mistakes in this post because I typically write in Word and do all my spellchecking from there. I don't have Word right now so I am winging it. I have some reports I need to send off to the State for my contract that are due on the 15th. I can't access them and there is a little more that needs to be done before they are ready. I know the 15th is a little ways off but I am going to be out of work the 8th-12th hanging out with my Mommy (YEAH) so I had really hoped to send them off before I leave. That way, if there are any problems (and as it is my first time preparing them there may be), I can have that fixed before the 15th.

There are times when I would welcome only being able to access the Internet and our internal system. It would mean I would have a lot of nothing to do. Typically that doesn't bother me as much. Today, for some reason, it does. Maybe I only want to get down to business because I can't. I do have some phone calls to make though so at least I have something I can do. Maybe I'll clean up my office. That never gets enough focus. Maybe not having MS Office is a good thing. Maybe not. I think there is a spare computer in my old office that I could probably sit at if things get too dire. If this hasn't been resolved by tomorrow after I get back from the National Testing site I will try that option.

I am incredibly excited to see my Mommy tomorrow (hi Mom). Let's all send her happy wishes and safe driving for her journey. It will be so nice to have her around. Neither she nor my Daddy (who sadly isn't coming but maybe he will sometime not too far away) has been to my apartment for about two years. I've been to see them, they've been to see my sister, we've all been to see my sister, but no one hs been to see me. It will be fun. We have two things planned and they are Radio Golf (August Wilson) at the Goodman on Thursday and Pan's Labyrinth on Saturday. We will also do other fun things like eat good food and go to Target. I can't wait.

Song time.

1. She’s outta my life/ She’s outta my life/ And I don’t know whether to laugh or cry/ I don’t know whether to live or die. She's Outta My Life, Michael Jackson. Identified by Ern

2. Hey pig/ Yeah you/ hey pig piggy pig pig pig/ All of my fears came true. Piggy, Nine Inch Nails. Identified by Brooke.

3. You went to school to learn girl/ Things you never never knew before. ABC, The Jackson 5. Identified by Ern

4. You are subtle as a window pane standing in my view/ But I will wait for it to rain so that I can see you. Anticipate, Ani DiFranco. Identified by Brooke.

5. No New Years Day/ To celebrate/ No chocolate covered candy hearts to give away. I Just Called To Say I Love You, Stevie Wonder, Identified by Ern and Michael C. I just have to say when I was young a friend and I had our own version of this song that we thought was hilarious. "I just called to say I hate you. I just called to say that I don't care. I just called to say I hate you. And I mean it from the bottom of my butt. In my defense we were quite young.


RastaManErn said...

#3: ABC, Jackson 5 ... #5:I Just called...Stevie Wonder

I get the easy ones cause I suck!

RastaManErn said...

Wait. That other one is Mike Jackson too...

Oh, and uninstalling programs can be fun. For example, click the start button. Go to Run, type "cmd", then "format C: " at the prompt, and then "y". Just kidding, don't do that.

Janna said...

I'm convinced that computers are laughing at us as soon as our backs are turned.
They also hold grudges well, and are planning to give 'payback' for every stupid thing we've ever done to them.
If I mysteriously turn up missing, that may be the reason.

Mom said...

I can hardly wait!

And yes, do wish me luck on the road...

And no more snow or subzero temperatures. Please.

terry said...

aagh, i hate computer problems at work...! largely because you feel like such an idiot when the problem is a mistake you made.

have fun with your mommy!

CSL said...

Since I just toasted my own laptop with wine, I don't feel in a position to laugh - and computers are, I'm convinced, possessed anyway.

Bint Alshamsa said...

Oh, that really sucks! I hope you can get it all straightened out by tomorrow so that you can enjoy your mother's visit without any worries. Take care!!

Always on the Move said...

Have a safe trip "mom". I think we're getting all the snow now here in Alberta, Canada. After I laughed at Natalie yesterday for the cold weather! (I'm sorry Natalie!) It's been snowing for 24 hours non-stop and it's only going to continue. SO, I'm hoping that it won't snow for you at all, and that the roads will stay nice and dry and that everyone will behave on the roads around you!
Have a GREAT Time You Two!!!!!
And Good Luck with your computer Natalie! LOL, that is something that I would so do as well! LOL!

Michael C said...

I can finally guess one of these -- Stevie Wonder I just Called To Say I Love You.

At least you didn't completely erase 6 months of your digitally photographed life (including Christmas) once. I'm just glad it was before the twins were born!!

ShadowFalcon said...

Oh no! thats awful!

I installed a program that managed to wipe the whole c drive... it was not fun...

Natalie said...

Ern- Maybe I'll try that when I am really close to a deadline sometime. sounds like a good plan.

Janna- I just watched a movie about a sex doll that came to seek revenge on her owner, it was very strange. A computer would be worse because it really knows EVERYTHING about someone.

Mom- The snow has stopped and we are well into the single digits, you'll be fine. See you soon.

Terry- I felt like the hugest fool ever. I do have a "valid" excuse to not be doing as muhc work as i should though. Even so many people have said I can use their workstations.

Csl- Yeah that was a bad time for you. At least my computer at home works just fine.

Bint= It dosn't look promising but I'll still enjoy my mom and not worry. I'm not big on worries.

Kim- We got the prettiest snow last night. On my way home it was like walking on stardust kissed clouds. Not as pretty this morning though.

Michael- Yeah that stuff can't be replaced, office can be replaced easily once I have the code. Hooray for getting a song!!!

Shadow- That is real bad. I am glad mine was relatively minor. All my documetns are still there, I just can't open them right now.

Steven Novak said...

Hey! I'm going to see Pan's Labrynith on Saturday as well!

*creepy, huh?* ;)


Johnny Yen said...

That's one of the few Stevie Wonder songs I don't like-- and of course he won a grammy for it.

When my son was little, he and I had a scatalogical little song to the tune of "I just called to say..."

Do you remember the scene in High Fidelity where the guy comes in looking for the record and Jack Black refuses to sell it to him?

Brooke said...

I'm glad you're seeing Pan's Labyrinth, Friend. I look forward to hearing what you think of it.

How the hell has no one guessed 2 yet? Pig - NIN

Oh, and 4. Anticipate - Ani

Natalie said...

Steve- That's creepy and cool all at the same time.

Johnny- It isn't one of my favorite Stevie songs AT ALL but it came on the iPod and I have to put it up even if I am a little ashamed. That was a fantastic scene.

Brooke- I can't wait to share with you. I was very shocked that no one got #2 either. I was certain, however, that you would come along and clear that one up. Who doesn't know that song?