Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I had so much fun with Mommy that I just don’t know where to begin. I’ll just give a little rundown of the festivities. I also went a little link happy. I don't know why.

Wednesday- Mom sent email to say she was leaving within the hour at 9:45. Mom called to say she was leaving at 12:45. She arrived around 8ish and we ordered some food and relaxed. It was fun.

Thursday- Mom, Tony, and I went to see “Radio Golf”, August Wilson’s final play in his chronicle of African-American life in the 1900s. It was great although we discovered the matinee audience at the Goodman is 75yrs+old white people. They didn’t really seem to “get” the play. No one clapped between scenes in the entire first act. Mom and I wanted too but were kind of embarrassed. We shouldn’t have been. That was silly of us. Anthony Chisholm (Burr Redding on Oz) was in the show. That made Tony and I very excited because Oz rules. I realized I had already seen him act in “Gem Of The Ocean” (another August Wilson play) on Broadway. I felt more special. After the play we wanted to stand up but the old white people made us feel uncomfortable about it. We should have stood up. At least we held our hands high to clap. Mom, Tony, and I went to dinner at Hema’s Kitchen a fantastic Indian restaurant on Devon and Oakley. If you live in Chicago and like Indian food this is THE place to go. I have never had a poor dish there. We then dropped Tony home so he could pack for his trip to Houston and his friend’s wedding. Mom and I went to a fundraiser at Continuum Studio where Dave E. Wo works. He poured a mean chocolate martini (although he didn’t know what was in them). We met fun people including a guy who told us to watch out for the black ice on Lake Shore Drive while taking Tony to the airport in the morning. My mom thought he said “watch out for the black guys” which was funny. Went home and enjoyed DVRed programming.

Friday- Drove Tony to the airport at an ungodly hour. Came home and took a nap. Woke up and called Dave E. Wo so that we could pick him and his massage table up and have massages in the living room. That was awesome. Unfortunately he had an appointment so he couldn’t come out to dinner with us at Ethiopian Diamond. Another fantastic restaurant that any person would enjoy (unless they are opposed to eating with their hands from a communal plate). I highly recommend the Tej (honey wine) if you like really sweet wine that Winnie the Pooh would tear up. Went home and decided it was couch and movie time. We started with “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum”. I really enjoyed the film although it was obviously on crack. If you like crack filled musicals you should see it. We then watched “Harvey” and I continually poked Mom throughout the second half because she insisted that we should finish the movie and not save it for tomorrow.

Saturday- It was time to get to business. After lounging around for a while we set out to Target to stock my somewhat lacking house with needed goods. It was the greatest. I am glad Mom likes to take me places and buy me things that I need. We then went to Jewel to get more things I need. I have tons of food and household goods. It is the greatest. We then went to pick up Monica for Pan’s Labyrinth. We were a little later than expected so we opted out of the earlier shows to go home and order food from Heartland Café MMMMMM. Then we headed to the movie. Can I say how much I enjoyed that film? It was dark and fanciful all at the same time. There were so many ways to interpret things and different lenses to look at the film through. The cinematography was gorgeous and the music set the story off beautifully. I did have to look away briefly in a few parts but I knew to expect a little gore. I was thinking it would be more war-type gore than it was but I was cool with it. Then home to watch DVRed SNL (which could have been funnier) and to sleep.

Sunday- We took Monica home in the morning and then went home for lunch before going to the airport to pick up Tony. He was happy to see me. It was nice. We ordered Pizza Hut for dinner (I know, a strange departure from the fantastic food we had been eating) but Tony really wanted some bad pizza with cheesy bite crust and dipping sauce. Pizza Hut took FOREVER to come and I got $10 off my next order. Tony was super tired and I think ended up getting 3 pieces of the pizza he desperately wanted and has talked about for eons and was SOOO HUNGRY because he fell asleep. Mom and I watched “Ali” because I had never seen it and “The Five Heartbeats” cause who doesn’t love that movie and Mommy hadn't seen it. Then it was time to sleep.

Monday- Mom and I ate the rest of the pizza for breakfast because he was still sleeping. He kind of got up for a second and I asked if he wanted the last piece and he said no so I ate it. HA. Before putting Mom in the car we watched "Hustle and Flow" because we needed some grit to round out the wonderful visit that we had.

As you can see, I was totally busy and even though I considered blogging here and there I just wasn’t going to do it. Feels good to be back though.

Oscar Sees Through Red Eye, Boards of Canada- There are a lot of drums in this song. I don’t know if there are any words. I don’t listen to it often. It is really relaxing, maybe next time Dave comes by to massage people (or I go there) I’ll recommend that he invest in this song. Oh wait, there comes some muted voices. I have no idea what they are saying.

Is This Love, Bob Marley- Don’t you love how people say they really really like reggae music and then own one Bob Marley CD and it is Legends? Posers. Now I own two Bob Marley CDs and one is Legends, I also have a good deal of Lee Perry and some other assorted reggae. I enjoy it plenty but know I am not very knowledgeable about the genre. I would never be one of those people who says I am all about reggae. I am a poser in different ways.

I’m Looking Through You, The Beatles- The Beatles are a band I am not a poser about. I don’t own everything of theirs, for some reason I don’t have Let It Be and I know that is a problem in my Beatle cred. Regardless, I know a fair deal about their songs but am not one of those huge Beatle geeks that knows everything about them. I did write a 50pg paper on them in Jr. High. That was a bit silly. I think many of the pages were lyrics.


Oh, The Joys said...

In what ways are you a poser?

Natalie said...

Well I used to be kind of a hippie poser, I liked to talk and dess the part but didn't really DO anything. Before that I was a prep poser and before that I was a thug poser. Maybe I'm not so much of a poser anymore. I guess I grew out of it but still think of myself as a posing ass poser.

Johnny Yen said...

I can't imagine people not clapping between acts in a play, whether they "get it" or not. Weird!

Thanks for the recommendation on Hema's Kitchen. I've been to just about every other Indian place on Devon (and there are many!) More than one person, including Ethiopian folks, have told me that the Ethiopian Diamond is the best in town. I'm still missing the Ethio Cafe, on Clark, which closed a couple of years ago.

Aren't moms the bomb? I won't let my mother get anything for me-- my parents are retired-- but she goes behind my back and spoils her favorite grandson.

Eve said...

I'm trying to not be embarrassed to show appreciation (like when you were at the clap-free play.)

Also, what's that reggae song that goes "I don't like reggae, oh no, I love it. I don't like Jamaica, I love her?"

And what about that song, "Kansas City, Kansas City here I come. They've got a crazy way of loving there and I'm gonna get me some..."?

I want to hang out with my mom!

Mom said...

Natalie, thanks again for a wonderful visit!

When I was almost home I heard a radio interview with The Smithereens, who apparently have recently released a cover of the album "Meet the Beatles." They called it "Meet the Smithereens" although they've been around forever. The interview was fun and they played a few cuts from the album and they were quite good.

The first reggae I ever heard was "Burnin'" by The Wailers (Bob Marley's band at the time). One of Dad's friend (Brant, I think?) played it for us so we could hear the original "I Shot the Sheriff", which had of course been a big hit for Eric Clapton. There are some songs on that album that I love.

And about the "black ice" -- I had been all set to say "what did you just say???" to the nice guy we were talking to, until I realized he had said "black ice". I still need to send him the info about the math books...

I don't remember you ever being a prep poser, or any kind of prep for that matter. I do remember you telling me that the mom of one of your friends said she found you "refreshingly genuine", however...

thethinker said...

I've heard very good things about Pan's Labyrinth. I can't wait to see it.

Natalie said...

Johnny- Yeah it was real strange. I've only been to a few places on Devon (which is silly cause I live right there)because Hema's is all I need. Mom's certainly are good. Maybe one day I'll stop letting her get me things but no time soon.

Eve- I don't know cause I don;t know a lot about reggae. But at least I didn't look it up on google and pose like I knew.

Mom- I thought I was going prep for a little bit of Freshman year, I was wrong.

Thinker- Hurry and see it soon. Cause it's cool.

With Love, Fat Girl said...

What's Ethiopian food like? There aren't many restaurants of that kind around here, but I'd love to seek it out and try some. And I totally don't mind eating with my hands!

Natalie said...

With Love- Ethiopian food is fantastic. It is served on a big round of spongy bread called injera and the main dishes are mostly stewed or sauteed meats and veggies. You are also given pieces of injera to eat with. You just tear off a hunk of bread grab some food and put it in your mouth. The flavors are fantastic and a foodie like you would love it.

CSG said...

wonderful account of your weekend. It's funny how many movies you saw. I would've spent the whole weekend with my mom shopping and chatting at nice caffés. But that's because we both talk a lot so we need a lot of time to communicate :D

Lizza said...

That sure was a busy weekend, and it sounded like fun. Your mom seems like quite a character! I wonder how much of her traits you inherited? ;-)

Oh, and a chocolate martini sounds very intriguing!

Natalie said...

CSG- We talked a lot, sometimes during the movies. I don't think we started any movies before 10pm (except hustle and flow) so it wasn't as if we hadn't spent most of the day talking already.

Lizza- I am a lot like Mom. She is sleepier than I am though.

Julie said...

I love the Beatles.

And I love "Is This Love" - shhhh....here's a secret...that's the song Mike and I picked for our first dance as husband and wife. Don't tell!!!! :-) I'm trying to keep it a secret from everyone. (so posting it on the internet is a good idea???) I just love that song - it makes me all warm and mushy inside, and I feel like I'm dancing on the beach in Jamaica or something. It's very "us". :-)

Natalie said...

Julie I won't tell but you better stop telling too.