Monday, February 05, 2007


Before he finds out and accuses me of stealing his thunder yet again, Tony made the above statement not me. I just found it be funny cause it is true. As everyone probably knows, The Indianapolis Colts won the Super Bowl. If you happened to only watch the first quarter of the game this fact may surprise you. The bears came out looking good, until Grossman got on the field that is. Apparently a quarterback can be carried to the Superbowl by his team. But to win the game you need a quarterback who can carry a team, a la Manning. I really doubt anyone was truly surprised by the game yesterday. I know a big part of why I elected to watch at home vs. out with people was that I couldn’t handle the mass drunken depression that was likely to follow the game. Plus, at home I call yell things like “Run you bitch ass pansy losers,” without people thinking I am not supporting team, which I am. I’m just saying that they need a new quarterback and have needed one for some time. If they get a good one, or even a fair one, the team should be unstoppable.

From one depressing note to another, the cold that is happening today is simply ungodly. No one should be outside in weather like this, ever. I was hoping for Chicago Public Schools to be closed this morning because when they are closed so is my office. No such luck. I guess it has to be much colder. Now I realize that –6 isn’t that worst thing ever and many people are experiencing much worse but it’s freaking cold. My bedroom is the only room in my apartment without a radiator. Does that make any sense? The space heater that has worked so wonderfully in the past is now overworked and exhausted and the warm air that comes out is heavily mixed with cool air. Not so happy. I am thinking of sleeping in the bathtub tonight, that room gets really toasty. Typically, I don’t mind my 8-10 minute walk to the train but this morning I was not very happy about it. I had on two scarves, one under my coat and one over my coat. When I arrived at the train station I looked down to see that my outer scarf had a nice layer of frosty crystals on it. Yes people, my breath had frozen on my scarf. That should never happen.

Once I got on the train I thought things would be ok. They weren’t. The train kept stopping because the power would cut out. If you hadn’t guessed, no power means no heat. Sometimes, when the train was waiting for the power to get going the doors would remain open. Other things were affected by the cold as well. My bag and the cords on my headphones were unnaturally stiff and my pen didn’t work until I held it in my hands for some time. Oh the wonders of cold. Luckily, the train was exceptionally crowded and the body heat helped a little. However, I also happened to be sitting by the rudest people ever and they kept bumping me like mad. I’m not crazy, I expect a bump here and there on the train, but these people were all about invading my personal space and I am not cool with that.

The office is also exceptionally cold today. Many people still have outerwear on. I have the smaller of my scarves on still but it matches my outfit so that’s ok. I also have a particularly toasty office. Generally, this is a bad thing because it makes me want to get naked and I can’t. Today it is pleasant and I am content. Lots of people have been stopping by and getting very jealous. My computer (and those of a few others) is running incredibly sluggish. I am hoping that this post actually makes it online today. I am a little afraid that it won’t. If you are reading this it did. If you are reading this and it is Tuesday, things didn’t work out quite as I had planned (or maybe they did and you just didn't happen to read it on Monday).

Maybe some tunes will keep my mind of the frozen feeling in my toes.

1. She’s outta my life/ She’s outta my life/ And I don’t know whether to laugh or cry/ I don’t know whether to live or die.

2. I need time to scrounge the rent/ Need time to contemplate the accident/ I got to drag my ass to now/ How did I come to stop here? Maybe I'll Come Down, Soul Coughing. Identified by Brooke.

3. Could be/ Who Knows/ There’s something do any day/ I will know right away/ Soon as it shows. Something's Coming, West Side Story. Identified by JaneyLynne and Mom.

4. Particle Man/ Particle Man/ Doing the things a particle can. Particle Man, They Might Be Giants. Identified by Eve and CSMC and Mom.

5. Please allow me to introduce myself/ I’m a man of wealth and taste. Sympathy For The Devil, Rolling Stones. Identified by JaneyLynneand Mom.


kim said...


You are too funny. Love the comment about everything on the train being stiff was hilarious. I am looking forward to taking the "instant heating pads" out of my shoes when I get home tonight.


thethinker said...

Hearing about weather THAT cold makes me glad I live in Texas.

Eve said...

When I was in high school in Chicago, there was one day that was declared "attendance optional," which I found out after arriving at school (including a 10 minute walk through the snow and wind, uphill both ways...)

They Might Be Giants! Yay!

janeylynne said...

#3 is "Something's Coming" from West Side Story!!

#5 is "Sympathy for the Devil" by The Rolling Stones!

YAY!! I actually got two!!

I never get any on here so I'm very proud of myself.

I'm sorry it's so cold up there for you guys...I was bitchin' about the weather here and it's hovering under 20 degrees, but it's not neg., thank goodness!

P.S.--You are right. Grossman sucks, but, and I hate to incite something, your defense sucked really hard last night. The Colts offense was on the field more than double the amount the Bears offense was. Sorry.

csmc said...

Dammit! I knew it way they Might be Giants but I wasn't quick enough. Sorry for your loss - I have to say I was rooting for the underdog on this one. ;)

Mom said...

Re: bad Bears defense--Yeah, some of us (who don't live in Chicago) don't like that Urlacher guy so much anyways...

Big congrats to Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning and the rest of the Colts. And big congrats to Lovie Smith and the Bears too. (Why not.)

I was gonna say something about your lyrics. That's "something due any day" not "do". (grin)

People already guessed #3, 4 (sort of -- "Particle Man," They Might be Giants), and 5 so I'm out for this round. That's what I get for reading the blog too late in the day.

We're still at -2 degrees here in the frozen tundra, and I don't think we've gotten above zero at all since Friday. I hope you guys warm up soon!

Here's a funny but sad story about cold weather. A high school kid in a Twin Cities suburb went outside and ran around the block barefoot during half time of the Super Bowl. Of course he got frostbite and will be in terrible pain for several more days. Why didn't he stay inside and watch Prince like a good Minnesotan?

Natalie said...

Kim- You know all about the cold. I bet things are real stiff up there too.

Thinker- Yeah Tony is going to Houston on Friday, I'm a bit jealous.

Eve- I wish work were attendance optional. I would certainly not have gotten out of bed. We had school closed for cold rather often in Minneapolis.

JaneyLynne- Yeah the defense wasn't so good either but if Grossman took longer than three downs to get off the field they could have rested up a little.

CSMC- It's ok; I'll put up all the guessers unless it gets crazy. The loss was ok, I was warm.

Mom- People are so dumb. I remember one guy in High School that would wear shorts on whatever he thought would be the coldest day of the year. If a day was colder later on he wore shorts again. What is wrong with people?

notfearingchange said...

I hear you....i put on a skirt this morning for work...heard the weather report..and quickly changed to tights and long jeans- I'm looking forward to spring when i don't have to change my clothes once i get to the office!

BionicBuddha said...

Great Blog...I was also cheering for the Bears! When do we get this global warming eveyone was promising?

Michael C said...

I can't imagine what it must be like to be that cold! Sorry bout da Bears.

Always on the Move said...

LOL, Natalie, I just wanted to say that it was FINALLY nice and WARM here this weekend and TODAY, the snow was melting and the SUN was out and it felt like SPRING! Finally, it's our turn!!!! LOL!
Nah, but enjoy it, and I hope things will warm up very soon for you. Try to keep warm tonight. Don't get sick because of it either kay!!!!!

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Okay, I had to comment on your post title. With all due respect, Indiana *is* a shithole. At least, from what I saw of it when I was chauffeured around by a very big loser called my ex-boyfriend. Good that they at least have a winning football team to off-set the rest of the crappiness that is their state.

And the cold weather trends have hit us too! -15 Celsius that feels more like - 25 Celsius (what is that in Fahrenheit? No idea).

I prefer to hole up and hibernate like a bear when the temperatures dip like this. Brrrrr!

Johnny Yen said...

Big kudos for the TMBG quote. And the Rolling Stones quote. I remember, as a young lad, the first time I ever heard "Sympathy" on the radio. Right around the time I first heard "Lust For Life." With both songs, I was hooked for life the first time I ever heard them.

One night, at an old waitering job a few years back, I brought that album (Flood) in to work, and we put it on as the shift ended. "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" sparked a spontaneous pseudo-square dance on the floor. It was pretty twisted, memorable and wonderful.

Natalie said...

notfearing- I only own three pair of pants and one is jeans. This means i have to wear a skirt today. I am a little scared.

Bionic- The warming is here. It still can get cold, it's an average thing. It used to be a lot colder in general.

Michael- It sucks. But it gives you character or something.

Always- Today already seems better. Or maybe thats just me willing myself warm.

Mrs. L- -15c would be a balmy 30f. That would be fantsatic. -25c would be 12.6f. I'd take that any day. Yesterday it would have been about -35.5c. Not so good.

Johnny- That sounds like a fun day at work! I guess you are a newer reader so every other week i put up the first lines of random songs on my iPod for people to guess. It's good times.

Brooke said...

Man, I don't miss Chicago in the winter. It's only about 10 degrees warmer here, but that makes such a huge difference. Poor Anya's office has no heat (or air conditioning in the summer)and her space heater sorta exploded yesterday. I convinced her to call in sick this morning. That is so not ok.

2. Maybe I'll Come Down - Soul Coughing

it's the little things said...

Yah, I'm rethinking my allegiance to Texas today too.
It's a balmy 70 or so...