Monday, February 26, 2007


I am finally getting around to writing a post for Manic Monday. This week’s topic is Yellow. When I heard the topic many songs came to mind that I will talk about in my daily song segment following the post. The first thing that came to mind, however, was not a song. It was a movie that I believe is from Sweden, “I am Curious (Yellow),” This movie was about a young woman who wanted to learn about life. She looked up all kinds of information, experimented sexually, and got into political activism. It was a fine film but not something I planned to watch often. Friend bought the movie Sr. year of college for some reason I can’t remember. Maybe it was because we thought the title was really funny? One thing I do remember is that “I am Curious (Yellow)” was in black and white and I really had no idea where the yellow came from.

This movie was later traded to another friend, along with a candle holder/candle set, so that Friend and I could go settle the score with our “inner” demons, something we had been planning to do since being accosted by them earlier in the year. We armed ourselves with a flag and some dragons and set off to meet the demons head on. Although we didn’t find them, we found signs that let us know that the demons were gone for good and weren’t going to mess with us any longer and carted them back to the dorm. It was a very emotional and very good day. Unfortunately, the school groundskeepers took away our signs the next morning before we could take a picture. Too bad. I’ll always remember the day fondly. None of it would have been possible without “I am Curious (yellow)”. Actually, we would have most likely just traded something else.

Mellow Yellow, Donovan- Donovan has been the backdrop for much of my adult life. His music really speaks to me. This is particularly strange because all I have is one greatest hits album and Barabajagal which I probably spelled very wrong. Even so, those 20 or so songs mean a lot to me. Even my theme song is Donovan. He always makes me smile and bop around like a happy person, even when I’m sad.

Yellow Submarine, The Beatles- While this song is incredibly happy it does conjure up thoughts of Blue Meanies, which do not make me happy at all. It also makes me thing of my Yellow Submarine shirt that I traded some other shirt to my sister to get and am very happy that I did. All in all, I get pretty good vibes from that shirt, even though I cant really wear it in public anymore because it is relatively jacked up.

I’d Be A Yellow Feathered Loon, Of Montreal- this song is simply adorable. It’s all about falling and being in love. Or something like that. Like the others, it makes me smile. Maybe yellow in songs makes me smile in general. However, yellow on clothes does not make me smile because it makes me look jaundiced.


debalious said...

Natalie - that was a really fun post to read - I had forgotten all of the "yellow" songs that I love!

Mom said...

Back in the 60s, "I am Curious (Yellow)" was known as the first explicit-sex movie to get mass, mainstream release in the US. If I recall correctly, there was a related movie called "I am Curious (Blue)". I don't know much about either. I was too young to see it (them?) when it came out and by the time I had access to videos and such I wasn't so curious anymore.


kim said...

I love the Blue Meanies. I saw them about ten years ago in my other life....they rocked the house.

When I think of Yellow, all I can think about today is Gwyneth Paltrow's hair at the Oscars. It was yellow.

CSG said...

yellow is the only color I knew I didn't want for my walls. It took me weeks to decide which colors I wanted, but I new, from minute one, I didn't want yellow. I think it's the only color I don't like.

Lizza said...

That sounds like an interesting movie. But your demon story makes me curious. :-)

Yay for Yellow Submarine! Good Manic Monday post, Natalie.

CSL said...

Yeah, you should post mre about the demons sometime.

I like the song Mellow Yellow. And Sunshine Superman, which also seem slike a yellowy song. That whole Donovan greatest hits album, in fact - I used to listen to it a lot in college.

Brooke said...

Posting more about the demons is what people seem to want, hmmm? Well then.

I got I Am Curious (Yellow) because of all the things your mom mentioned. The history, etc... I think there was a lawsuit that Norman Mailer was involved in or something. Yes, there is a companion piece I Am Curious (Blue). As I recall, it is the exact same movie except at the end when all the bubbles are floating everywhere and she's ranting about yellow, she's ranting about blue instead. Kind of retarded.

Johnny Yen said...

I'm a big Donovan fan too. Haven't been happy to hear "Try and Catch the Wind" in a GE commercial.

Mom said...

Back when I was a kid, they used "Wear Your Love Like Heaven" for some teeny-bopper fragrance that was real popular. That annoyed me too, although it was nice to hear Donovan on TV.

Count me as another person who cannot be seen in or near yellow...

Natalie said...

Debalious- Thanks, yellow songs are great!

Mom- Yeah it wasn't all that great if I remember. That's why we traded it.

Kim- I love the meanies if and only if they are not in my dreams, Paltrow had a static problem with her hair but I really loved her dress.

CSG- Although I don't like yellow all that much I think it can be a decent wall color. I'm not sure why.

Lizza/CSL- I'll have to think hard about revealing more about the demons, people may decide I am too crazy to read.

Brooke- Yeah, I don't know about all that. It doesn't make us look all that good. They made a whole new movie but changed the ending and called it something different, lame.

Johnny/Mom- I really hate when they put music I like in commercials.

Anonymous said...