Thursday, February 22, 2007


Tonight is the series finale of the O.C. I welcome this for many reasons, the largest of which is that I no longer have to be embarrassed that I watch The O.C. At the same time, I have grown fond of these little spoiled freaks and may, unfortunately, come to miss them. There have been some fantastic and crazy moments on this show. Most of these moments have come in this final season when they just took things TOO far. I was initially turned off by it but have come to realize the ridiculousness what just what the show needed. The season beginning with Ryan getting into cage fighting to deal with his pain was simply too precious. Who does cage fighting? That is simply brilliant. Summer going from a fashion focused ditz to an environmentally conscious fashion focused not ditz was just the kind of growth and development the character needed. Seth not going to college and becoming an even bigger comic book nerd and hanging out with old people all the time was the epitome of pathetic perfection. Summer’s crazy friend from Brown who thought Seth was his soul mate because of some vision quest. Taylor’s going to France and marrying some guy who wrote a book about their erotic adventures that became a best seller??? Can you get any better than that? I’ll miss this crazy show.

In even more pathetic TV news, the new season of Top Model starts next week and the girls look more of a mess than ever. I can’t stand the fact that I am going to watch this show. Will someone give me some willpower to resist horrible television? I think Heroes and Ugly Betty are my saving graces and I suppose the Law and Order shows don’t hurt my rep either. Will they please hurry up and bring back Project Runway so that I can be enthralled by good reality television.

On a positive note I have been able to resist American Idol since the first round of audition shows ended. I don’t know if that is something I am ready to give up just yet. Maybe next year. I almost watched it last night but decided that Spartacus would be a much better viewing experience. It was, until I fell asleep. I wonder what happened? Don’t tell me, I’ll finish watching it. I didn’t even get to see him go “I am Spartacus,” which I think is relatively important. Why did they have to have TMD in Roman times? These are the things that occupy my mind.

California, California, here we COOOMEAAA. Goodbye my O.C friends fare well on your new endeavors. I hope they aren’t as horrible as this show was. But remember, I mean horrible in a good way.

1. Hey little boy you’re not allowed to stay/ You have to evolve inevitably/ And I’ve sure come a long way.

2. He said “I’ll protect you like you are the crown jewels” /Yet/ Said he’s feeling sorrier for me the more I behave badly/ I can bet.

3. Love is a dress that you made long enough to hide your knees/ Love to say this to your face/ I’ll love you only.

4. I heard rumors/ I heard talk/ About the trail you left of /Broken hearts

5. Thown like a star in my vast sleep/ I open my eyes to take a peek/ To find that I was by the sea/ Gazing with tranquility. Hurdy Gurdy Man, Donovan. Identified by Brooke.


Brooke said...

I think I'm gonna skip top model this time around. Wait a minute - I skipped last season, too. The show's not even funny any more.

BTW, your dream sounds hilarious. Email me with more details. What weird stuff happened to us? My dreams last night were weird, too. Something about watercress infused chocolate, but the stakes were high or something. It made no sense.

Anyway. 5. Hurdy Gurdy Man, Donovan. Oh, freshman year.

Skittles said...

I never got around to watching OC.. but I saw a LOT of commercials for it. I AM addicted to Idol again this year. I can't help myself. :)

notfearingchange said...

i admit i too love the OC....

thethinker said...

I used to watch the OC all the time. And then Marissa died and I lost track. And now I'm addicted to Grey's Anatomy.

But the theme song, I love it.

thethinker said...

Oh, and I will be watching Top Model again. I've seen every season. I love the show, especially with all of the cat fights.

Oh, The Joys said...

OMG! I'm so glad you reminded me!!!

Bye Ryan and Seth (Sob, sob)

Mom said...

Just say no to seriously awful television!

Way to go, Brooke, on Hurdy Gurdy Man. I missed it entirely.

Mood Indigo said...

I am completely failing lately in not watching t.v. I don't even have t.v. and I watch (online) all the time!

On a more personal, the world revolves around me note, funny that The OC is ending just as I depart the OC myself :)

RastaManErn said...

I haven't watched tv (dvds and futebol excluded) for about three years now, and I really don't think that I'm missing much. Old episodes of the OC or something get played over here, dubbed into french, and one happened to be on the tv at McDo's (only thing to grab in 15 mins) yesterday. No sound, but from what I gathered, the show is about cell phones, underaged drinking, love triangles, and spoiled rich kids. Just helped to add to my indigestion...

Blondie said...

Hahahahaha! I too am lured in by the evils of Top Model. It starts next week, eh? I saw the ads in a magazine, but wasn't looking at the dates. I think it's totally funny that Tyra has been all "being fat is awesome!" lately but every season on Top Model, she tells someone they are too fat.

And yes, I LOVE Project Runway. Can't wait for that one to come back, too.

I've never watched OC or American Idol. Sounds like I kept myself from new addictions. And I've never seen Heroes, which makes me sad b/c I think it's really good. I'm waiting for it to come out on DVD.

CSL said...

Cage fighting like on Spiderman? I knew someone who participated in underground pit fighting, a la "Fight Club." So it exists. Of course, I live in an unusual piece of the world.

Natalie said...

Brooke- If this season gets good I'll let you know. But it won't.

Skittles- You didn't really miss much, I may find my way back to idol if nothing good starts coming on.

Notfearing- Wow you do?

Thinker- The post-Marissa season was really silly but it grew on me a lot and became on of my favorite seasons. I've never seen Gray's and since I am such a TV junkie that is odd.

Oh, the joys- Hope you caught it. Truly, it was a wonderful series finale.

Mom- Sorry, I am sick and have a problem.

Mood- I knew there had to be something other than awful ratings that was taking that show off the air.

Ern- That's about right but I am real sorry you can't watch Heroes. You would like it a lot. Nerd paradise.

Blondie- I hear there are two plus size models this season. Maybe they won't tell them they are too fat the whole time. Certainly get Heroes on DVD it is the greatest!

CSL- Cage fighting doesn't happen where I'm from either. Unless it does and I just don't know about it.

Oh, The Joys said...

p.s. - I shed a wee tear at the end. The "Hey kid! You need help?"

Boo hoo!!!

Natalie said...

Oh, the joys- Me too. I was a wee bit ashamed.

Julie said...

I also watch Top Model & Idol. I will never stop watching them. They are too ridiculous not to. And yes, Ugly Betty and Heroes ARE saving graces. I was so sad there wasn't a new Betty this week! But the next 2 weeks of Heroes is gonna be good!!