Monday, February 19, 2007


I was watching skating this weekend (no surprise there) and was reminded, once again, of how much this sport can hurt. I took a few nasty falls in my day. Once I kicked myself in the shin and had a decent little puncture wound. Gladly, I never had anything hospital worthy. This incident, however, required some immediate facial trauma surgery. The Canadian champions Dube & Davison were going into their side-by-side combination spins when something awful happened. Paris spins are judged on their synchronicity and the closeness of the skaters. This pair got a little too close. Searching for footage, I found this wonderful clip that not only included their spin, but fantastic falls throughout the past few years.

Just so you know, the skater is "fine". She was all stitched up and doing interviews just a few days after the fall and the team plans to compete in the World Championships next month.


With Love, Fat Girl said...

I read an article about that but didn't want to watch the video, facial cuts via skate blades freak me out. Ugh.

Fortunately, I was too much of a klutz to get into figure skating as a child :)

Michael C said...

Ouch!! I guess it's like people who watch auto racing just for the crashes!

Mom said...

Thanks for the footage. Sorry I missed the event!

Closeness on side-by-side camels is definitely not a good thing.

RastaManErn said...

I saw this and immediately thought, "Not the eyes, not the eyes!" Anyway, hopefully she had a good stitchman. It makes the difference between a permanent scar and a barely visible one.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Sports can be very dangerous, and in particular if the standard of "good" requires skates being very close to the face. Surely they can find other ways to measure a pairs' skate than closeness to one another?

CSG said...

mega ouch!!
I could only watch it like looking to the other corner of the screen. I saw a skier die once and since them I can't watch sport accidents.

Mom said...

Oooh! I saw the aftermath of a motorcycle accident once, and the biker's leg was broken into the shape of a "C". I could never ride a motorcycle after seeing that. (Or before, because I was just a little kid.)

ABC Wide World of Sports had a ski jump accident as "the agony of defeat" forever. They'd change the "thrill of victory" footage, but always kept the same "agony of defeat." I heard once that the skiier actually was fine after that horrendous fall. I hope that's true.

Natalie said...

Just so everyone knows she is "fine" and the team plans to compete at the World Championships next month.

With Love- This kind of stuff doesn't happen too often. I did have a split and bruised/enlarged chin for a while though.

Michael- I must admit that I do like the crashes

Mom- The event was pretty blah actually. No worries there.

Ern- I was real scared for the eyes too. I would hope that they got her to a good trauma surgeon.

Mrs. L- I would think they may rethink that. Then again, closeness has been a factor for decades and nothing like this has happened before. This pair has been known for thier closeness though, maybe there is a point where it goes too far.

CSG- It was something I didn't want to watch but couldn't help it. I watched it over and over and over. I am sick and have a problem. Sorry you had to see that, must have been awful.

Mom- I remember that agony of defeat. I would guess most people do. I hope he was ok.

dave said...

oh that was just painful.

janeylynne said...

My hubby and I were both cringing and yelling "AHHH" watching that.

I remember watching footage of that one really famous female skier who died after a horrific accident in a competition. Ugh. Nothing like really facing your mortality after that.