Monday, July 09, 2007


Manic Monday for today is 7. To check out other takes on the theme visit Mo

I was initially stumped as the topic has never before been anything other than a word. While seven obviously is a word, it is more so a number. I thought and thought about what 7 meant to me. The one thing I kept coming back to was Prince’s song “7” from the album lovingly referred to as symbol.

I have always loved this song. How can you not what with the awesome music and utter coolness that is Prince. When I saw him in concert back in 2004 he played the song during his acoustic set. I hadn’t really thought about the song being played that way but it worked so well. It was easily the highlight of the concert for me.

One of the things that gets me about this song is the many ways that it can be interpreted. There is the obvious Biblical imagery that harkens to the seven cycles of events in the Book of Revelations but Prince is never that simple. He then juxtaposes that interpretation with the idea that after defeating the 7 that we will come into an age of enlightenment full of education and peace. I haven’t read revelations for a while but I don’t think that is what is supposed to happen as all the good people are supposed to be gone and stuff. Then again, it has been a while since I read it.

I also have heard talk that the song refers to the 7 countries with nuclear capabilities (this is before North Korea became #8) and I kind of like that idea. With intellect and savoir-faire we can smite the possibility of global destruction. Sounds good, right? There are 7 Continents and I suppose if the label and separation of Continent was destroyed there could be a unifying global federation (like in all the future movies) and that could theoretically bring about an age of enlightenment. If we were no longer concerned about geographical divisions and had to work together as one world things would supposedly have to change. Of course there are many other 7s. Deadly sins, days of the week, wonders of the world, major world religions, dwarves; but I don’t think they make as much sense in the song. Maybe the deadly sins but I don’t know if Prince would be the one to talk about the downfall of lust. Maybe it’s just an awesome song that makes you want to dance.

Coincidentally, the single reached number 7 on the US Pop charts.

I was able to find a video of an acoustic version of the song from his 2004 tour (although it was from the Iowa show and not Mpls) for you all to enjoy. You can make your own conclusions of its meaning from that.

And now to reveal the songs from last week’s guessing game.

1. I think I’ll walk to the moon/ I don’t think I’ll be back soon/ I’ll take some water and time/ And I’ll be fine/ Yes, I’ll be fine. Walk To The Moon, Persephone’s Bees

3. Stop the bus/ I want to be lonely/ When seconds pass slowly and years go flying by/ You gotta stop the bus/ And get off here. Jackson Cannery, Ben Folds Five

4. Canyon girl/ ‘neath imaginary skies is beckoning/ in a fictional world/ I fear I got no business being in. Canyon Girl, Fruit Bats

5. Well I’m coming through your window/ I see your family there/ Well I’m the midnight creeper/ When I go creepin’ ya’ll better beware. Midnight Creeper, Eagles of Death Metal

That group of songs kind of makes me want to wear floods and small jackets. Maybe a rainbow belt and a polka dotted head band for extra coolness.


Monica said...

if you wear that i'm not gonna let you sing our song anymore. you will be too much in the element to be allowed to hate on it.

Mert said...

Some one else listed this song today:D I have never heard the song believe it or not, despite me having owned a few Prince CDs in the past. You've piqued my interest! Happy MM.

Travis said...

Thanks for that. I don't know about any meaning, but I do know I liked the song.

Comedy + said...

I'm with Mert. I'd never heard of this song before today, but then I'm over 50 so there you have it. Excellent, well thought out post on seven. Have a great MM. :)

Mom said...

Prince turned "7 times 7" on the 7th last month. (Should've known he was a Gemini like you...)

He played 3 concerts on Saturday 07-07-07 here in Minneapolis, ending with a "wee hours" show at First Avenue.

That 2004 concert was fantabulous. Thanks for the video.

Natalie said...

Monica- You know I constructed that outfit just for you to get a chuckle.

Mert- I'll have to go find that person and see what they have to say. I love that little purple man.

Travis- I'm glad you enjoyed it. I like that song far too much.

Comedy+- It came out shortly after he changed his same to symbol. Happy MM to you too.

Mom- Thanks for all your Prince articles. That man is all about 7s.

dmarks said...

I hope next time Prince decides to go "sans name", he choose a symbol that you can produce from common computer fonts.