Monday, July 16, 2007


The Pitchfork Music Festival:
Three (although I only went to two) days of awesomeness (and some disappointments as far as music quality goes). But all in all an awesome time. Monica got me a ticket for my birthday which was totally awesome. I would have gone anyway though.

I go pick up my tickets so that I can sell my Friday ones to Morgan and Cheryl because I don’t care about Slint, Gza, or Sonic Youth. Apparently I should care about Sonic Youth because “if I knew then I would know,” but I don’t know so it doesn’t matter. I then go home and chill out to prepare for a weekend of fun.

I wake up later than I planned but early enough to get there by 5pm to see Iron and Wine. I was actually early enough to see Grizzly Bear and I am glad I was because what a fun group of guys. I need to get some of their music and listen to it. They had great harmonies and made funny faces while making the harmonies. I could see their faces because we had the most awesome spot right up against the rail on the left side of the stage. Ah yeah. Iron and Wine was up next. I had been a little afraid that Iron and Wine would be too chill to put on a great show but boy oh boy was I wrong. That concert was AWESOME. Sam has a beard for the ages; the album cover with little birds nesting in it is an accurate representation. A poor lady stood for hours trying to get a picture with him but didn’t. Then it was time for Clipse. They aren’t the greatest Rap group I have ever seen but they can certainly rock a mic and put on an excellent show. The little white kids knew every word and were incredibly into it. I enjoyed myself as well.


Sunday was THE DAY. I was incredibly excited for two bands, although I was disappointed by both. Band one was Brightblack Morning Light which, as Tony said “doesn’t even make sense.” They are a group of ridiculous hippies with sticks and feathers and hippie smells. Yes, we were close enough to smell them. The problem was that their equipment wasn’t working and their set-up took too long and they only played for about 25 minutes and things weren’t even working during that time. They were still fun though. Then we headed over to the main stage to stakeout a spot for Of Montreal. Jamie Lidell was playing before them and Monica said he was supposed to be good and I was excited even though I knew nothing about him. His set started and I had a new hero. The man was INCREIBLE. His voice was like Jimmy Ruffin had a baby with Prince, Otis Redding and Stevie Wonder. The only thing was this baby came out white and scruffy complete with gold smoking jacket and turban with streamers coming of it. Needless to say I wasn’t expecting the voice when I saw him. He was a literal one man show. It was just him and his sound board. He mixed tracks by laying down vocal pieces and created complex beats. He had energy like you wouldn’t and that voice was awesome. I think he may have been the highlight of the festival and that is strange because Of Montreal is easily one of my favorite three bands. I’m not saying Of Montreal didn’t put on a great show, because they did, but I would have liked to see them play longer and play older stuff but I shouldn’t have expected that given the constricts of a festival. As Tony put it, “they put on an old fashioned rock show,” they had costumes, theatrics, jumped all around, and the lad singer got mostly naked. That’s what it’s all about. After the show Tony and I walked around and sat down to listen to half of De La Soul before I had to head home and sleep before my class this morning. We should have stayed though because after De La Monica and co. got backstage and met Jamie Lidell and Of Montreal. Crap. Oh well.

All in all, it was a great festival. I am a new shade of pink, but it is fading into a nice brown. I have the worst farmer tan in history and have a glasses tan to boot. At least I wear my glasses all the time so people don’t notice the big line down the middle of my face.

1. She’s a witch of trouble in electric blue/ In her own mad mind she’s in love with you/ With you. Strange Brew, Cream. Identified by Mom.

2. Down in the cellar in the Boho zone/ I went looking for some sweet inspiration/ Oh well, just another hard time and with Negro affectations

3. I just wanna fuck bad bitches/ all them nights I never had bitches/ Now I’m all up in that ass bitches/ Mad at your boyfriend ain’t you

4. Well showing how it used to be/ So hard/ This hard /Used to get those kicks for free/ But now I’m towing the line

5. Oh we could rock/ Or we could bomb/ Or we could try/ Like super hard.


Mom said...

#1: Strange Brew, by Cream

No clue on the others, but very interesting lyrics.

The concert weekend sounds fantabulous. Mom says you need to put on some sunscreen, though. Next time, maybe you can take a cue from Talking Heads and The Grass Roots (a 60s era top-40 band): "stay up late" and "don't worry 'bout tomorrow".


Katrina said...

Am I late or early wishing you a happy birthday? Well, anyway, Happy Birthday!

Sounds like you had a good time, glad to hear it.

You've completely stumped me on the songs, not one sounds familiar. Even Strange Brew didn't sound familiar and I've heard that song many times.

Johnny Yen said...

Damn, Mom-- I totally missed #1-- Disraeli Gears is one of my favorite records. I think I'm working too much this summer.

My father is getting rid of his vinyl, and a few weeks ago asked if I wanted any of it-- Disraeli Gears was one of the three I requested (his monoaural copy of Dylan's "Highway 61" that I grew up listening to was another).

I worked this weekend, so I didn't go to either to Pitchfork or the Oldtown Folk and Roots festival-- both good places to be. Kim and the Bubs' reported that the Knitters (a folk group made up of members of X and The Blasters) were awesome.

You didn't like Sonic Youth? I'm shocked. I always felt that they delivered on the promise of punk in their way. I hope that you fall prey to their charms some day.

CS said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Excpt maybe for the hippie smells.

Evil Spock said...

Girlfriend is a big fan of Iron and Wine. I run hot and cold with them.

Not Sonic Youth fan? Well back in my day . . .

Natalie said...

Mom- Yeah I should have maybe put on sunscreen but I am now a nice shade of brown. I should have stayed up late but I really was ready to be home.

Katrina- It was in June, thanks though. They are an odd group of songs. Even i must admit that.

Johnny Yen- I'm sure that if I ever get around to listening to Sonic Youth I will be happy. I just haven't got around to it yet.

CS- They actually smelled pretty good.

Evil Spock- I was worried that their live show would be dull but it was just great! Sam has a beard for the ages.

Mom said...

In my mind, I imagine someone sniffing deeply, inhaling smells... "Mmmmmm, hippies..."


Monica said...

I heart Nabob