Monday, July 09, 2007


As everyone knows I love TV. TV is a great friend to me. Lately, a new show has found its way into my world. This show is HBOs Flight of The Conchords. This show is so incredibly fantastic and wonderful I can't even tell you. Instead I'll have to show you. I tried to tell Monica about it and she was interested but when she saw it she became REALLY interested.

The band, Flight Of The Conchords, has apparently existed for some time and plenty of concert clips are available on YouTube. The clips have nothing on the show though. Everyone who doesn't have HBO should get it for the sole pleasure of watching these fantastic guys do hilarious things. Sometimes shows I love tend to get cancelled because people don't know how awesome they are. I doubt that will happen with this show because HBO usually gives programs a few seasons to get started. Plus, I have seen people caring about this program and there have only been 4 episodes so far. Just in case, I want to do my part to spread the word.

From the website the premise of the show is as follows:
Bret and Jemaine have moved to New York in the hope of forging a successful music career. So far they've managed to find a manager (whose "other" job is at the New Zealand Consulate), one fan (a married obsessive) and one friend (who owns the local pawn shop) -- but not much else.

This pretty much sums it up, except for the fact that they tend to burst into song a few times an episode. It also doesn't talk about how incredibly adorable Bret and Jemaine are. Then again, many people either don't care how adorable they are or will think I have lost my mind. Most of the time the songs are in their heads but sometimes they are legitimately singing. Their songs aren't just any songs either, they are wonderful hilarious insane songs that make you want to die and stuff. I can't wait until they incorporate "Albie (Racist Dragon)" into an episode. I wish I could show you more general clips from the show but most of the things you can embed are songs. The songs are particularly great though and I like to have some cohesion in my posts so here you go.

Now, before you start thinking how you don't like musicals or things where people randomly break into song you should just take my word for it. It's awesome. The clips are nice and short (about a minute and a half each) so it won't even take up too much of your time to indulge me.

1. If You're Into It. (Episode 4. Yoko. This episode is currently available for viewing on the website)
Bret wrote this song for his girlfriend Coco with the help of Jemaine. Bret's original version had been 2 hours of very off the wall things that Bret would do for Coco. You know, the typical climb the highest mountain kind of stuff. Jemaine pointed out that Bret probably wouldn't do most of those things and suggested he make the song more realistic. They talked about what Bret knew about Coco and decided they had enough material for a song. This is what they came up with.

2.Hip-Hopopotamus vs. The Rhymenocerous (Episode 3. Mugged)
Bret and Jemaine are in the process of being mugged because their manager had them out there bad and looking like obvious tourists. They thought about their rap identities and figured if the muggers knew who they really were they would not be mugged. The muggers just wondered why they were dancing and mugged them anyway.

3. She's So Hot, Boom (Episode 2. Bret Gives Up the Dream)
Bret gets a job holding signs to to supplement the bands income as they have not had any gigs. He gets really into signs. He also meets Coco. At this point, Coco is not yet his girlfriend but he sure does think she's hot. Boom.

4. Robot (Episode 1. Sally)
Murry, the band manager, has decided to make a video. Unfortunately his only video camera is on his cell phone. Ugh. The budget is a bit tight so they had to make costumes. Meanwhile, Jemaine tries to date Bret's ex-girlfriend Sally.

I hope you enjoy these clips a quarter of as much as I enjoy the show. If that is the case you will love them a lot.

To continue my obnoxious plugging of this great band I will give you three random songs by Flight Of The Conchords

1. The aforementioned Albie (Racist Dragon)

2. Part-time Model

3. Bowie Song

sorry for the many videos but if you have made it this far you obviously know these guys are incredibly hilarious and you are happy I included them.


Monica said...

I love Jemaine. "wha'"

remember when Jemaine made a Bret out of Bret's super secret project and an outfit and was using strings to make it talk because he missed him?

Mom said...

Ya gotta love any video that opens with the Unisphere and ends with a glockenspeil.


kim said...

Baby baby!

The best show in a LONG Time. I liked the episode where what's his name had to stand outside with the sign for his job....

Reminds me of many old boyfriends.

notfearingchange said...

you make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

Holy Moly, that is alot of video... sad thing, i'm not allowed to watch it.

My roomate Ellice is setting up a big flight of the conchords party with people and if don't know about it, we are supposed to wait, so sorry hun, i couldn't even read your entry, but thanks for posting on my tech blog, Sis called, but haven't heard since a voicemail, sounds fun.

Anonymous said...

ok, i broke own and watched to song when they are next to the globe out in Queens, SOooo funny! I'll save the rest for later (till Im' allowed)

Natalie said...

Monica- Jemaine hearts Bret! He wants to go on non-girly dates with him.

Mom- And that's what I'm talking about!

Kim- It almost seems like a fun job. I particularly liked how he started to take it VERY seriously.

Not Fearing- I hope so, that is the point.

Anon.- I understand about not being able to watch it but I'm glad you got one in. That particular song has been in my head for ages. If you are allowed you should have Sis to that gathering. She has no TV :(

dmarks said...

A friend of mine flew on a Concorde. It was not very comfortable.

Eva said...

I love that show!

"In the whole wide room."

And I have a crush on Bret, too.

Evil Spock said...

Absolutely love the show. Looks you covered well too! 10:30 Sunday nights are awesome!

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