Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Believe it or not I actually did things last weekend. It was super strange because I am definitely not one for doing things. It was really nice though. Maybe I should do things more often. Actually, this month seems to be rather full of things. Maybe I don’t have a lot of things for a normal person to go through but my plans contain quite a bit of things for a person like me.

Last weekend I went out with friends, saw two movies, went out to brunch, cleaned the house, and had company. Wow. What a lot of things.

After work on Friday Lakeiya, Carla and I went out for drinks. Sorry, Monica, I know I told you nothing was going on but by the time I knew something was going on you had already left work. I tried calling and stuff. We went to Maxim’s, which is a place full of bogusness and free food. I say bogusness because the music is exactly the same every week and it is rarely anything I want to listen to. The crowd is not my crowd, although there is nothing particularly wrong with them. The drinks are cheap and strong so I have no complaints. The free food seems ok. I can’t eat most of it as it is meats. I can eat the bogus nachos. They have a bunch of chips, nacho cheese food, jalapenos, tomatoes, salsa, and lettuce. You can make a pretty good plate of bogus nachos with that stuff. When I got home I was delighted to find out that Tony had got us tickets to The Simpson’s Movie in Evanston. YIPPIE!!! I have only been waiting to see this movie since I was like nine. Was it worth the 19 years of waiting, maybe not exactly, but it was really good and I enjoyed it a lot. My favorite part was the girl sitting behind us that exclaimed, “He’s so STOOPID!” every time Homer or Cletus did something stupid. Maybe not every time but you get what I mean. The movie was a lot of fun though. I highly recommend it.

Saturday we decided to sleep in and then go to brunch at Diner. Diner is a place down the street that I think is actually called Deluxe Diner but the Deluxe is written much smaller than the Diner so we just call it Diner. Tony thought the sign that said Diner said Eat really big instead for years. He was totally wrong. I had a waffle, which was strange because I always have hash browns with cheddar and a biscuit when we go to Diner but I wanted something different. Diner is incredibly average. I would never go if it were not two blocks away. Since it is I enjoy going a lot. I always say, “A good day starts with Diner”. We hung around the house for a while and then decided we would go see Ratatouille at the cheap theater down the street. $7 first run shows, $5 for a matinee or with a student ID. On Wednesdays they give our free popcorn if you bring your own bag. You even get one refill. Tony and I had a long debate about what kind of bags would be appropriate to bring. I think they mean brown paper lunch bags but we thought brown paper grocery bags would be much funnier. The movie was absolutely delightful. I highly recommend it.

We slept in on Sunday, duh, and then Dave said he was going to come over so we cleaned the house a little bit. It is much better now. Dave took his sweet ass time coming over but it was fine. I took the time to make falafel. However, I didn’t measure carefully and had to add bread crumbs so they wouldn’t fall apart and they were still a little mushier than the last time I made them. Maybe I didn’t cook them long enough? They were still tasty! Dave came over and we all played Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds and Tony beat the game! Awesome. Then Dave read our tarot. It was a lot of fun. I was thinking about Tony’s birthday present and my fears thoughts and feelings about the situation were financial ruin. The feelings of those around me were that I was financially secure and didn’t need to worry. If by those around me they mean Tony the tarot was right on! After it was done he jokingly asked if I was thinking about his birthday. I said yes. He told me that it wasn’t worth stressing over that much. I think it is because 30 is a big birthday and stuff. Whatever, I’ll figure it out.

Wow that was a long post about nothing. Huh. Sorry.

1. What if the show didn’t go on/ What if we all got jobs and got to bed before dawn/ What if Old Joe had to retire/ What if all the stagehands were let go or fired

2. I do it for the joy it brings/ cause I am a joy-ful girl/ cause the world owes me nothing/ And we owe each other the world

3. All the world just stops now/ so you say you don’t want to stay together anymore/ let me take a deep breath babe/ If you need me, me and Neil will be hanging out with the Dream King

4. You’ve taken the fun/ Out of everything/ Making me run/ When I don’t want to think

5. Every night out for love/ Get my strength from the man above/ God of pistol God of steel/ God is here behind my wheel


Monica said...

No big. I saw that you called after I got home. I wound up going to Tasty-Freez with Cheryl. We had corn dogs, shakes and cheese fries. good times.

Katrina said...

I'll definitely be Netflixing Ratatouille when it comes out. The previews did absolutely nothing for me or HD but with all the good reviews it's getting from everyone we decided we'd rent it. I can't see the Simpsons until he's home from Mexico. Even then I don't know if we'll see it in the the theater though. We'll watch a show every now and then but we're not devoted to it and I have a feeling we'll miss out on quite a few "in" jokes.

CS said...

I'll be seeing Ratatouille onc its on DVD. That popsorn deal is a good one - concessions are where they really get you.

Kiyotoe said...

hold up, wait one minute! Free popcoirn if you bring your own bag??!!

for real??

that's not cool man, somebody should send that idea to some of these theaters down here in the dirty south. Like "Teach" said....that's where they get you.

That was a lot of "stuff".

thethinker said...

I really, really want to see the Simpsons movie. And Ratatouille. I haven't been to a movie in ages.

Evil Spock said...

My goal is to finally get around and see Knocked Up this week, and then sneaking into The Simpsons Movie.

Are comment sections admissible evidence?

dave said...

i did take my time getting there didn't i.

but i finally got there.