Monday, July 23, 2007


I have been a little lax in my Manic Mondaying and I thought people may have begun to catch wind of that fact. However, as the word today is Wind (he he), I thought I would do a special shuffle with songs that have something to do with wind. If I can pull it off, that is. I also wanted to do a meme that With Love, Fat Girl had up that was all about Harry Potter. I promise this will be my final Potter post.

1. Butterbeer or Pumpkin Juice? Butterbeer, without a doubt. I like beer. I like root beer. I think I would like butter beer. Nice creamy beer is never bad. Pumpkin juice would taste too much like pie filling I think. Pie filling is good but beer is better.

2. What's your wand? The Elder Wand of course

3. What would be your Hogwarts house? I’ve been sorted a few times by a few different hats, although we know there is really just one. Every time I come up Gryffindor

4. If you were an animagus, which animal would you be? A bear cub and I would never grow to full size.

5. Which character do you resemble best? I don’t seem to recall any Black Jews in the Potter world. In fact, I recall very few Black characters at all. The only one I remember at all is some boy. I also don’t recall any Latina characters, I kind of look like them sometimes. I’m going to have to go with Padma Patil (Ron’s date to the ball in Goblet of Fire). Indian is as close as it gets for me.

6. What position would you play at Quidditch? Bludger without a doubt. My aim is no good and I’m not particularly fast but I have a heavy hand.

7. Pet? Scabbers or whatever that rat’s name was. It just figures my petwould be some evil little shit.

8. Which teacher is your favourite? Professor Trelawney for sure. She is a total dip, although she has a little power here and there. She cracks me up and the main characters have very little use for her. She is 90% comic relief.

9. What would your patronus be? Giant Mr. Snodgrass (plecostomos) I don't think anyone else has had a fish so mine would be super cool.

10. Which disgusting Bertie Bott's every flavoured bean would you be willing to try? I might try a meat flavored one just so I could see what it would taste like

11. Which Hogwarts room would you love to visit? The headmasters office, provided I get to use the pensive of course.

12. Favourite Harry Potter moment? The one at the end of book seven where...just kidding. I am going to go real classic and say when the letters flew into the cabin in book one.

The Wind songs are here and boy oh boy are they easy.

1. Catherine liked high places/ High up/ High up on the hills/ A place for making noises/ Like whales/ Noises like the whales. The Wind, PJ Harvey, Identified by Brooke.

2. After all the jacks are in their boxes/ And the clowns have all gone to bed/ You can hear happiness staggering on down the street/ Footprints dressed in red. The Wind Cries Mary, Jimi Hendrix. Identified by Johnny Yen.

3. In the chilly hours and minutes/ Of uncertainty/ I want to be/ In the warm hold/ Of your loving mind. Catch The Wind, Donovan. Identified by Mom.

4. How many roads must a man walk down/ before you call him a man/ How many seas must a white dove sail/ Before she sleeps in the sand. Blowin' In The Wind, Bob Dylan. Identified by Mom.

5. I listen to the wind/ To the wind of my soul/ Where I’ll end up well I think/ Only God really knows.

The songs from last week are as follows:
1. Down in the cellar in the Boho zone/ I went looking for some sweet inspiration/ Oh well, just another hard time and with Negro affectations. The Boho Dance. Joni Mitchell

2. I just wanna fuck bad bitches/ all them nights I never had bitches/ Now I’m all up in that ass bitches/ Mad at your boyfriend ain’t you. Fuck You, Dr. Dre

3. Well showing how it used to be/ So hard/ This hard /Used to get those kicks for free/ But now I’m towing the line. Multiply, Jamie Lidell

4. Oh we could rock/ Or we could bomb/ Or we could try/ Like super hard. Let’s Run, Le Tigre


CS said...

One of the girls on Gryffindor's Quidditch team was black (in the mnovie anyway) I think her name was Angelina, and she was also either Fred or George's date to the Yule Ball.

Also, we found a recipe online for butterbeer. It was absolutely foul.

Mom said...

Amusing meme. I especially liked the part about the bear cub.

I'll guess the easy songs. (Well, maybe the others are easy for somebody...)

#3. Catch the Wind, Donovan

#4. Blowin' in the Wind, Dylan (another popular version is sung by Peter, Paul, and Mary, but it's Bob Dylan's song)

Johnny Yen said...

#2 is "The Wind Cries Mary," by the Jimi Hendrix Experience. #4 Is Blowin' In the Wind by Bob Dylan. Did you know that Hendrix and Dylan were close friends? Dylan was devastated when Hendrix died.

With Love, Fat Girl said...

Angelina Johnson from the first few books was Black, but you don't remind me of her. I could see you being a girl Lee Jordan, though... he's the one you were thinking of.

As for the email conference with Jacyln, YOU'RE ON.

Natalie said...

CS- Foul? That is too bad. It seems as if it would be so delicious. Then again I suspect it is a nonalcoholic beverage. That makes it sound worse.

Mom- Yeah I like bear cubs. They are awesome and adorable and walk funny.

Johnny Yen- I actually didn't know that. I was also devastated when Hendrix died and I wasn't even born.

WLFG- I haven't read those first books in ages (I'm not much of a Potter re-reader) so I didn't remember her, but I totally believe you. I talked to Jaclyn a little last night, it was fun. She is re-reading Deathly Hallows now to catch subtleties she missed in the speed read. Awesome.

Katrina said...

I also thought of Angelina right away. I think Dean Thomas, one of Harry's friends and dorm mates, is black. But I'm not positive on that fact. Which is sad considering I just read the darn things again. But then, it would've only been mentioned one time in the very first book so ya know, that's my excuse. Hee!

I think I'd be a some form of feline. Maybe a lioness.

Mom said...

Nice job on the Hendrix lyrics, Johnny! I had no idea that Hendrix and Dylan were friends, although it makes a lot of sense. He did a great job covering some of Dylan's songs.

Unlike my daughter, I was too young to be devastated when Hendrix died. Or was it "too old"? Having already lived through both Kennedys, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and the incessant deaths in Vietnam, in American cities during too many "long hot summers", and on college campuses (Kent State and Jackson State in particular). I was actually just talking with some friends about Bobby Kennedy yesterday afternoon. Still, Jimi's voice was special and he was mourned and will always be missed.

On a happier note -- bear cubs! In addition to their other adoraboe and cuddly qualities, they have hardly any neck at all!

Kiyotoe said...

I'm finally allowing my girlfriend to drag me into that Harry Potter world and i'm actually looking forward to seeing the new one.

But I'm nowhere near versed enough to know about ANY of the stuff you just wrote about.

I gotta catch up.

Monica said...

you don't use shuffle for your song guessing? i thought you used shuffle.

thethinker said...

Great meme.

I still have to read the 6th and the 7th book. I feel so left out.

Brooke said...

1 is The Wind - PJ Harvey.

Have you ever had pumpkin beer? Good stuffs.

Natalie said...

Katrina- Or it could be that they were forgettable characters. For some reason I have always pictured you as a feline. I wonder why?

Mom- As you very well may have forgotten, I have grown a neck. Even Daddy has admitted it.

Kiyotoe- The every flavored beans are in book one in the first few chapters. I bet you just forgot!

Monica- I do use shuffle but as this Manic Monday theme was Wind I thought I would do something a little different.

Thinker- Don't feel left out, only one reference was from anything post book 4.

Brooke- No I haven't had pumpkin beer but I now want some.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

So I caved. I thought I could read 5-6 chapters and then leave the rest until my camping trip. I was dead wrong. Finished it yesterday after a few hours. LOVED IT.

And now I think I want my Patronus to be the same as Hubbs'...whichever one his might be. Probably a giant alligator. The whole "sharing a Patronus" thing seems so sweet to me.