Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So, Edwards is out of the race. I have to admit I’m a little bummed. Not that I thought he would necessarily get the nomination, unfortunately I think the media decided that for him. I did think he was a good candidate and brought a lot to the Democratic race. I’ll be very interested to see who he ends up endorsing. At this point I am thinking it will be Obama as they seemed to have more in common than he and Hillary. I could easily be wrong though. I do think he has a solid chance at the VP nomination with either candidate. Maybe his endorsement will depend on how that negotiation goes. Maybe I presume too much.

My cousin sent me a link to a site called vote chooser. It asks you very basic two or three option question about a variety of topics and then tells you which candidate has the most in common with you. My results went Obama, Edwards, and a tie with Hillary and Ron Paul. Interesting. I don’t think that this is the way people should pick their candidates but I found it to be entertaining.

Field Negro seered me to this press release by Marcia Pappas the President of NOW - New York State. I'm not one to get down on feminists in general but for her to put out a press release that said the men have been putting a "gang bang" on Hil by attacking her is one of the most ridiculious things I have read in a long time. Reason One, It's politics and people are expected to down their oppononents to a certain extent. Reason Two, Did you see all the mess she pulled on Obama? Reason Three, That kind of language is simply inflamatory and taking things WAY TOO FAR. Gross.

1. It’s over/ You don’t need to tell me/ I hope you’re with someone who makes you feel safe in your sleep.

2. Stand up/ You’ve got to manage/ I won’t sympathize/ Anymore. Army of Me, Bjork. Identified by Danielle

3. Laid back in an old salon with a peso in my hand/ Watching flies and children on the street.

4. I/ Was gazing in your eyes/ Seeing butterflies/ Melting on the wall/ Strangest thing I saw

5. Streets like a jungle/ So call the police/ Following the herd/ Down to Greece.


Danielle said...

I know it's been awhile. I've been catching your post through me feedreader however.

I am too bummed that Edwards dropped out and find it a stretch that he would endorse Clinton. Edwards supporters will go for Obama.

#2 Army of Me Bjork, one of my favorites.

Wishing you well, as always.


Monica said...

i will not be bringing you cds today. i am safely in the bosom of logan sq. and am not venturing into downtown. LOVIN YOU! (heh heh) don't you love how my comments have shit to do with what you typed?

Colleen Snell said...

I just learned something from your blog. Thanks for that. Keep it up.

Mom said...

I heard something about NOW saying some dumb stuff, this morning on The View (it was on in a hospital waiting room I was in -- I don't normally watch). I must say I was very happy to hear Whoppi Goldberg injecting some sense (and humor) into the situation. One thing feminism is supposed to mean is that you don't judge a person by their gender. So I think NOW was way off-base.

Haven't tried the vote chooser yet...

Katrina said...

I still haven't paid much attention to the canidates yet. I'm waiting until mid to late summer to really listen. Too many things are still changing right now. Also I don't want to get burnt out with it all.

I did the questionnaire and I agreed with Hilary on one more item than Obama and he was 2 more than McCain. But I agree, it shouldn't be used to decide on who you vote for.

Eve said...

I was kind of bummed too. I like Edwards. I wonder if he'll go for VP?

I read about another dumb NOW position on Ted Kennedy, I think. It looks like they've revised it though (or perhaps the free morning paper got it wrong.)

dmarks said...

I just did the poll, and 2 of the bottom 3 dropped out of the race today.

The whole problem with Hillary hiding behind her gender, and what NOW wrote is ridiculous.

For comparison, look at Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm. She's strong/assertive, female and controversial at times, and has had men run against her for office, but the "I only get cricitized because I am female!" stuff is never used by her or her "independent" supporters as a defense, like it is with Hillary.

Mom said...

Eve - Yeah, the dumb thing I heard about was the "NOW criticizing Ted Kennedy" thing...

BTW, I don't know what the weather is like in Chicago, but it was -13 today in Minneapolis...

jenn said...

Definitely Edwards for the VP nod. I can't think of another profile Democrat that appeals to so many people. I think he lacks a bit in the leadership department and that's why the media sorta coked his goose for him. Didn't demand the kind of attention Obama and Clinton do.

The feminists are acting a little desperate. Kind of stereotyping themselves too.

Hope the blizzard isn't too bad. Later!

Evil Spock said...

Edwards has been my guy since 2004. I was really bummed when he dropped, and I'm leaning more towards Obama now, though I'll support Hillary if she gets the nomination.

Edwards was the most electable out of the three according to pollsters. For the Republicans, its McCain according to the same pollsters. I guess the Dems are willing to throw caution to the wind in November.

Natalie said...

Danielle- Honestly though, nothing would truly surprise me in this race

Monica- I do so love that fact.

Colleen- Sometimes it happens. Sadly I don't have all that much to say all that often.

Mom- Funny cause it's true

Katrina- I figured I wanted to pay attention for Tuesday. I can understand waiting it out though. It is a bit tiring.

Eve- I read that too, they have just been all types of dumb lately.

Dmarks- Depending on who she is talking to Hillary seems to increase or decrease her "feminine" traits. Then again all politicians cater to an audience so it makes sense.

Jenn- I agree that he has a very broad appeal. I thought he displayed great leadership skills as well but they just weren't picked up on.

Spock- If a cat's left toenail got the Democratic nomination I would vote for it. I'm ready to be done with Republicans for a bit.