Monday, January 28, 2008


I so called it. The US “ladies” have a world team that will be made up of the 3rd, 5th, and 7th place finishers at nationals. Poor 6th place Katrina Hacker got passed up for last year’s champ Kimmie Meisner but I can’t blame anyone for doing so. She certainly isn’t ready for Worlds. The Pairs event also saw its winner being bypassed for Worlds because of age issues. At least the US ladies Jr. World team will kick butt.

The Men’s event was, as predicted, awesome. The two top finishers actually tied (unheard of with the new scoring system) but as Evan won the long program (by 1.35 points) he won the gold. It wasn’t the result I wanted and made me wish Johnny tacked one single jump onto the end of something or held a spin for one more revolution but so it goes. He was happy with the results so I am as well. Plus, he is so freaking fab in the most hilariously awesome way. I wish I had a picture of him strutting down the NYC streets in a blue bomber jacket with a popped fur collar, skinny jeans, fitted white ankle boots with pom-poms, and aviator glasses while toting shopping bag upon shopping bag that they showed in the NBC profile video. It was too perfect. This will have to do. Oh, and the pictures on his website that Nigel Barker of ANTM fame took of him….uh…yeah.

This weekend I also found a new show, Torchwood. Sure it’s been on for a season already but I had seen one episode with the rents and loved it so when I saw the season 2 opener was on I just had to watch. Imagine my happiness when James Marsters (aka Spike from Buffy) was on. I also learned that there was a very entertaining remake of Bye Bye Birdie starring Jason Alexander, Vanessa Williams, and George Wendt. Awesome and Awesome.

In other awesome news Avenue Q is coming to town as well as JC Superstar with Ted Neely (of the movie) as Jesus and Corey Glover (of Living Color) as Judas. In case anyone was planning to get tickets who is not me or Monica you shouldn’t because we still need to get ours. You can get them next week.

Now for the song reveal.

1. When the Witch Doctor Life/ throws his silent bones/ some are crowned kings/ while others lose their thrones. Witch Doctor, by Captain Beefheart

2. It was a clear black night/ a clear white moon/ Warren G was on the streets trying to consume. Regulators, Warren G and Nate Dogg (come on people)

4. Goodnight/ Goodnight/ Sweet baby/ The world has more for you/ Than it seems. Lullaby, Ben Folds


Jenn said...

I hafta disagree with your feelings on the men's results. I too believe Johnny Weir is 7 degrees of fierceness, but Evan is amzing and zexy to boot.
The women's results were a joke. We need a star. C'mon Tara Lipinski, come out of retirement LOL.
Who would've thought dance would be our strength???

Natalie said...

Jenn- I think Evan is a very talented skater but not so sexy. More like greasy and smarmy. He just doesn't wow me the way Johnny does. Those ride out edges are priceless.

I think we'll have a star by the time 2010 rolls around. If these girls don't get hurt and continue to develop their artistry they could almost begin to rival Mao and Yu-Na...almost. Wait...did you just mention the hell beast Tara Lipinski coming out of retirement on my blog??? Shudder.

I too think that Dance being our strength is hilarious but the top two teams were AMAZING.

jenn said...

Sorry about the hell beast thing. I was a roller figure skater too so I hafta give mad props to Tara. Roller skaters are the poor cousins of fgure skating. And I'm Naperville proud too so Evan is my zexy hometown man! Our last senior man from these parts was Timmy "cry me a river" Goebel!
I think Johnny is a great talent, but there is just something about him that is in the same genre of Plushenko. Technically sound, but with an ick factor. Can't you just imagine Viktor Petrenko rolling his eyes at Johnny most days at practice???

What gets me about the ladies is that we are lacking personality and charisma. It's hard for 14 year old jumping machines to capture america or the world for that matter.

We'll see how it shakes out for 2010. I'm just hoping Dick Button retires from commentary by then.

Peace out.

jenn said...

Clarifying ick factor...

I just want to clear up that when i say ick, it's a shut up, skate and stop wearing more stones and illusion than I would. I felt the same way about Phillipe Candeloro, most of the 1994 Olympic team, etc.

You can be fierce and fabulous. I welcome it. I just hate how cartooney it can look to those not into skating.

Ok, I'm done now...

Natalie said...

Jenn- Did Tara Roller Skate? I just thought she was the perfect picture of a pampered ice princess. I hated her "style" and her little face just made me want to cringe. Plus I think she stole the Olympics from Kwan. Other than that I have nothing against her.

Goebel was a serious mess!!! I hated Plushenko for years not to mention that Urminov, what was with the mullet and the leg wiggles respectively? However, Pluskenko's raw talent won me over. I do see what you are saying though. Sadly, I fear that men's figure skating will never be taken seriously by the majority of people outside the sport so I say just go with your style.

I actually think the young girls have quite a bit of personality. At least more than Miesner (I can't stand how boring she has become). I do think they need more time though.

One thing I love about the Grand Prix is the lack of Dick Button. Ugh.

Katrina said...

I almost watched the men's skating yesterday but opted not too.

I do however have a two hour skating event with the Celtic Woman group singing their little hearts out while famous skaters skate. It was a benefit for heart disease. Did you happen to see it? I've been watching bits and pieces here and there and still have almost an hour to go before I'm done. HD has no interest in it so I can't watch while he's home and up. Plus I've wanted to watch other things more so, but so far what I've seen I really liked.

jenn said...

Tara did roller skate.She was the primary girls singles national champion in 1991. She was INSANE! She was throwing 5 jump double combinations (axel-loop-double toe-loop- double toe- half loop- double salchow) when she was like, 6. Unreal... Our divisions shared practice time at nationals so that's as close to greatness as I got. I do remember her skates were so tiny the wheels almost touched eachother.
Yup, Goebel was a HOT mess. I see Disney on Ice in his future.
Tanks for the skating discussion Been a while since I had one!

Chatty Knitter said...

I guess I shouldn't assume you were speaking of me when you say JC Superstar, but if you were, holler at me when you buy your tickets!

Natalie said...

Katrina- I haven't seen it. I rarely watch ice shows actually. I'm more into the competitions.

Jenn- It's nice to have a discussion for me as well. Too few people can do it.

Chatty Knitter- I'll let you know. Is this the same cast you saw in Ohio?

Monica said...

candeloro bugged me
also, natalie, i have my editor hat on again. don't hate me... corey glover's group was "living coloUr"... and i can't wait for jc OR ave Q. can. not. wait!!!!!!

deadspot said...

Torchwood rocks. I am so psyched that the second season has started. Now if SciFi Channel will just get their shit together and start running the next season of Doctor Who, I'll be a happy man indeed.