Wednesday, January 23, 2008


The year was 2000, I was a senior in college and I had the best hallway in the world. My hallway was off a main hallway and led to two rooms. The rooms belonged to myself and Friend. We spent many a good time in that hallway. I’m not entirely sure why we did because we had two perfectly good bedrooms and one perfectly good (most of the time) common room to hang out in. Even so, the hallway was a special place.

To make the hallway even more fantastic, we decided to decorate it. The entry to the hallway was adorned with purple shiny beads that let everyone know they had entered our world. The left wall was covered with three LARGE pieces of paper that were printed with this black wavelike pattern that were just cool looking. The right wall became the “Wall of Heath”.

It was that year that Friend and I discovered 10 Things I Hate About You. Being Sarah Lawrence girls, we found it particularly amusing that the main character wanted to come to our school. It was even funnier that she was a total moody bitch who read the biggest copy of The Bell Jar (cause that book isn’t all that long) ever. It was also funny that the girl who played her younger sister was a Freshman that year. We liked to try and make her know she wasn't all that cool. It didn't necessarily work. Anyway, we were enamored with Heath Ledger. He was delightfully off in that movie. Just the type of guy we thought was awesome. He was also our age which was nice.

One day, we spent HOURS online looking up various pictures of Heath and named the files things like “really awesomely hot Heath” and “cool Heath with sunglasses”. We then proceeded to print these pictures out and paste them all over our hallway turning it into the epitome of an obsessed eleven year olds bedroom. We knew it was hilarious, we also thought he was incredibly hot.

As I am sure most people know by now, he died yesterday. The details surrounding what happened are unclear and I’m not going to speculate because I just don’t know. I do know that he made me cry in Brokeback Mountain, disgusted me in Candy, and I was/am eagerly awaiting his role in The Dark Night as the sickest looking Joker I have ever seen. The pictures on the wall are long gone. In fact, they were only up for a short while because our hallway was considered a fire hazard and we were ordered to take everything down. Sadly, there won’t be a chance for any more.

1. When the Witch Doctor Life/ throws his silent bones/ some are crowned kings/ while others lose their thrones

2. It was a clear black night/ a clear white moon/ Warren g was on the streets trying to consume

3. Riding round town with all the windows down/ Eight track playing all your favorite sounds

4. Everywhere I hear the sound of marching charging feet boy/ Cause summers here and the time is right for fighting in the street boy. Street Fighting Man, The Rolling Stones. Identified by Jason.

5. Goodnight/ Goodnight/ Sweet baby/ The world has more for you/ Than it seems


Brooke said...

Oh, the Hall of Heath. I particularly remember that picture of him in a tree, entitled "Everything I Want Heath". So, so sad.

Jason said...

#4 street fighting man, stones.

Mom said...

Jason beat me to #4. Twice.

I feel I should know #3, but I don't seem to.

Have you seen the movie "The Brothers Grimm"? It stars Heath Ledger and Matt Damon and was, as I recall, delightful.

There are just too many people dying lately. I hope it is a long, long, long time before you have any more eulogies to post.

Chatty Knitter said...

I hate it and love it when you make me laugh and cry all at once.

That hallway was a hot hot mess.

Natalie said...

Brooke- I was trying to remember the name of Everything I Want Heath. That was easily the best name we had. It was a great picture too.

Jason- You've become quite the song force

Mom- I have seen The Brothers Grimm and really liked it. I love Terry Gilliam and it was just a lot of fun. I also hope I have no more eulogies anytime soon.

Chatty Knitter- I have some pretty interesting pictures of you in that hallway. Your comment made me smile.