Thursday, January 17, 2008


All I have to say is about freaking time! This season of Project Runway has been excruciatingly boring in comparison to all other seasons. Although there have been some interesting challenges, many of the designs were just blah and I wasn’t too fond of any of the designers. It started to get a little interesting last week but I really had to question the intelligence behind telling high school girls they looked horrible in what was supposed to be their prom dresses, particularly if they love the dresses. It was just mean. Now even if they like the dress they can’t wear it because everyone will know that fashion experts think it is horrible. Or, maybe they already had prom and no one will care.

Either way, this week was plenty of fun. Design and drama abounded. I haven’t much cared which outfits have won in the past but I was about to tear someone apart if Chris and Christian didn’t take this one home. As much as the judges love Victorya I think she needs a good slapping and I find most of her clothing to be cute enough but nothing special. Jillian’s jacket made that outfit, not the nasty jodhpurs or anything else Victorya did. I mean does Michael Kors really think all women will want to wear those things? I don’t think I know too many who would. Then her snarky comment, “we made three outfits so we should win,” was just too much. Sadly, she may very well end up at Bryant Park with her boring self.

I was also sad to see Kit go. I know they always kick off the team leader but Ricky needs to go home, what is he still doing there? They say everything he makes looks cheap. I think this time they should have made an exception and sent him packing. He seems like a nice guy and all but COME ON.

Chris and Christian put it together. That avant-garde piece was so incredibly fantastic it made me giddy. They handled the surprise second outfit with class and I think it truly embodied the feel of the original piece. They also worked so incredibly well together. Jillian and Victorya were just a couple of last minute ladies and planning is very important. Anyway, take a look at the top looks and judge for yourself. The second place ladies made the black things and the winning guys the tan.

And another thing, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves is AWESOME! Tony and I watched it the other day and were thoroughly entertained. There was so much hilarity that had been forgotten.

1. When the Witch Doctor Life/ throws his silent bones/ some are crowned kings/ while others lose their thrones

2. On a rooftop in Brooklyn/ One in the morning. Watching the lights flash/ In Manhattan. You Said Something, PJ Harvey. Identified by Jason.

3. My old man he’s a singer in the park/ He’s a walker in the rain/ He’s a dancer in the dark.

4. I did you wrong/ My heart went out to play/ And in the game I lost you/ what a price to pay. Oooh, Baby Baby. Smokey Robinson. Identified by Mom.

5. Well I’d rather see you dead little girl/ Than to be with another man. Run For Your Life, The Beatles, Identified by Mom.


Monica said...

prince of thieves? no thanks. MEN IN TIGHTS! MEN IN TIGHTS! now THAT was a robin hood movie.

Mom said...

#3 -- Oooh, Baby Baby by Smokey Robinson (and the Miracles)

#5 -- Run for Your Life by the Beatles
(BTW - "I'd rather see you dead little girl...")

(Had to get these in quickly, before someone beat me to it!)

Mom said...

Oops -- #4 is Ooh Baby, Baby. I mis-numbered, in my haste. Sorry!

kim said...

Right on Sister.

Chris is my favorite, he is a dead ringer for my ex-husband (not why he is my favorite, but it's very funny). That was completely couture. I agree, I am bored out of my mind by the cast this year.

Last year was so awesome.

Natalie said...

Monica- Have you seen it lately? Rickman is HILARIOUS, Freeman is preceless, Slater is slaterish, random people are generally awesome. It's just funny.

Mom- It took me so long to see what the difference in your answers was.

Kim- Why are they so awful??? It just doesn't make any sense.

Mom said...

As I recall (and I admit it's been a while) both Men in Tights and Prince of Thieves are priceless and fun. But the only scene I clearly recall, from either movie, is the "Men in Tights" (TIGHT tights!) song.

Those might be some fun movies to rent soon...

Jason said...

#2 is still "You Said Something" by PJ Harvey...

CS said...

I'm not sure about any of those. I don't like the fan behind your head look.

Anonymous said...

See? This is what I've been saying. Also, I totally hear you on Prince of Thieves, regardless of the shame that is Costner.
"That's it then. Cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans, no more merciful beheadings, and call off Christmas."

dave said...

i watched this show last night with Dan, when she said that not english term for the first design, i thought she said "oven garden" and was all confused.