Tuesday, January 08, 2008


So I am officially incredibly uncool. I have known for some time that my level of cool is not the highest. I stay relatively up to date with gadget talk and video game news by watching Attack of the Show on G4 more days than not. I am incredibly socially awkward, particularly when around people I fear could possibly be cool but even around people who I know are definitely not cool. Before doing something new I often have nightmares and feelings of utter failure, even when I know the chance of utter failure is negligible. Regardless of all this embarrassing horror, I am very comfortable in my own uncool skin. Remember, it’s hip to be square.

However, I just found myself hardcore groovin’ to Sarah McLachlan. There is absolutely nothing remotely redeemable in the coolness department about that. It would be one thing if I had a moment of nostalgia and put the album on but to be jamming like it’s the hottest new joint is just not right. I’m really not THAT much of a total tool. Or maybe I am.

What had happened was my iPod was on shuffle and this Elsewhere came on and I was like, “man I miss this stuff,” so I put on the Fumbling Towards Ecstasy album and was instantly transported back to a time where I actually thought listening to it might somewhat approach coolness. I heart this album. It ranks up there with More Than Words and To Be With You in my list of guilty pleasures. The thing is, those are songs and this is a whole album. I am actually a bit scared that one of my co-workers or worse, one of my student workers, will come in the office and catch me. Whatever, it is so good.

Monica gave me a meme. It’s been a while.

1)Three Exes I would pretend not to know today:
I don’t think I would really pay much attention to any exes but I also don’t think I wouldn’t at least give a nod.

2)The most scandalous rumor to pass through my high school:
I am sure there were plenty but I honestly can’t remember a single one.

3)The time I Knew Santa didn't exist:
I had an inkling but it was confirmed when I was around 7 my parents rapped the Santa present in the same paper as the other presents. They then tried to tell me it was possible that Santa also shopped at Target.

4)The funniest thing I did in a house of worship:
Other than weddings, funerals, and bar mitzvahs I have only been in a house of worship once or twice. I don’t think I have done anything funny in one at all.

5)Best excuse I came up with for being out past curfew:
The cops stopped me for speeding. See, if I hadn’t been stopped I totally would have made it home on time.

6)Saturday cartoon character I had a crush on:
Keith from Voltron. At least he is a person.

7)Cartoon character I wanted to be:
Princess Allura from Voltron

8)Foods I can no longer stomach:
spaghettios. I went through a month or two of really liking them in high school because I had never eaten them and I thought they were grossly delicious. Now I think they are just gross.

9)Tacky pick up line you used that worked:
I don’t think I have ever used a pick up line.

10)Secret Hangover recipe:
If I told you it wouldn’t’ be a secret anymore.

Song time.
1. Every second/ of every minute of the day/ I let my fancy play

2. OOOHH Baby/ Cry Baby/ Cry Baby/ Welcome back home

3. Stand/ Under/ Fountain/ Cool skin/ Wash clean. Wash him/ From me. Fountain, PJ Harvey. Identified by Jason.

4. There are people going hungry/ Far away/ They got nothing on their plates

5. Deep in the bosom of the gentle night/ Is when I search for the light/ Pick up my pen and start to write.


Monica said...

"to be with you" and "more than words" are NOT guilty pleasures. they are high quality songs of exemplary musicianship... yeah, that's right. i said it. what?

Jason said...

#3 is "Fountain" by PJ Harvey, from Dry. And Extreme still sucks.

Katrina said...

I absolutely love, love, love Fumbling Towards Ectasy. I can't help but sing to every single song. I don't think it's so much as uncool as just cheesy. But it's such a completely good cheesy!

I "rediscovered" it about 5 months ago and for a full month I was listening to at least one or more songs every single day on the way home from work singing my heart out. Couldn't help it at all.

I don't consider it guilty pleasure though. Mainly because every song is so well written and she has such an awesomely beautiful voice. But it is cheesy pleasure for me. :)

Anonymous said...

The fact that you love Sarah makes you exceedingly cool in my book. The fact that Monica used the word 'exemplary' in a sentence makes her equally cool.

terry said...

omigod, i LOVED spaghettios when i was a kid. it was my favorite food.

i picked some up when i was in college, thinking that'd be a funny (and cheap) dinner, and it was REVOLTING. i was so disillusioned...!

more than words, by the way, is an awesome song. yeah, i said it too!

notfearingchange said...

ah sarah is still cool she is she is she is!

Mrs. Loquacious said...

I think it's great you are willing to subject yourself to "uncoolness" and rock out to these great oldies :) That in itself makes you cooler, actually!

I can't say I've rocked out to Sarah M. but I definitely have had my moments with Celine, Shania, and Alanis. I think these may be comparably uncool.

Thankfully nobody I know owns a camcorder! ;)

The Doc said...

Most people have moments when they think they're cool. I've been guilty of that before, and I'm most definitely not. Then, of course, you get hit with the realization that you're rocking out to Sarah MacLaghlan, or in my case, trying to figure out how best to organize your comic books.

Also: Sarah MacLaghlan? Fumbling was a pretty good album, but the later releases, not so much.

Natalie said...

Monica- Yeah, sure they are.

Jason- I totally agree with you on that but I still love that song.

Katrina- I think you nailed it on the head. Cheesy may well be a better term than uncool. Either way it is good stuff.

Auld Hat- Monica is actually much cooler than me and, as she is a lame, that doesn't bode well for my coolness.

Terry- Aren't they gross? Who calls that food?

Notfearing- Sure she is, and so are the Indigo Girls

Mrs L- Those are easily equally as uncool. Welcome to the club.

Doc- If I was rocking out to something other than Fumbling I would have shot myself. Even I know better than that.

Urban Chick said...

meh...you're coolness didn't take a hit. just look how far you've come since spaghettios

Mom said...

So, um, are you gonna have an "UNcool club" now...???

I was going to write that I consider you to be very cool, but "my mom thinks I'm cool" would be such an uncool sentiment that I think I'd better not write anything.


CS said...

I ate spaghettios the last thing before i had my son. I think they sent me into labor. So be warned.

I'm with you, I don't think I'd actively avoid an ex.

Natalie said...

Urban- I've come so far since then. NASTY.

Mom- Sure the uncool club is all about Lewis News '08. It's hip to be square you know. Tell a friend.

CS- Even though I am not pregnant I think they might send me into labor. I will take heed.