Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So while browsing around I found an entire of Montreal concert from their recent tour and decided to put it on this blog because...duh, it's awesome. Sadly, they are playing for the lamest crowd I have ever seen in life. Apparently, people in Amsterdam are notoriously dull concert goers or at least so said a commenter who was there that night. Sadly, the dull concert goers seem to have made the band rather dull as well. Where are the jumping up and down crazy theatrics??? Huh??? Huh??? Wait...they are in Amsterdam. Regardless, if I was at a concert where they played So Begins Out Alabee, Wraith Pinned To The Mist and Other Games, Requiem for OMM2, and many many more awesome jams I would have been a crazed dancing fool. Still, it is great to see some live footage that sounds good. Monica just called me to say I am an of Montreal obsessed fool, and it is true. Whatever, she can't wait to watch.

On another note, I have realized that my blog is now about Figure Skating and of Montreal. I should change the name to Definitely Boring Musings Unless You Love Figure Skating and of Montreal. I won't though. I'll just find some other things to post about.

I could write about those fool ass fools who decided to hold a white supremacy rally in Jena on MLK Day but the absolute mess that was such an event doesn't even warrant my rantings. Even a person completely blind to any and all racial bogusness would understand that one.

Today is exciting because I submitted my first flex spending reimbursement. OOOOHHHHH neat. Now that I have a grown up job I get real grown up job perks. I wonder where my transit card that I ordered through that great pre-tax transit program is? There is less than a week and a half until February. It better get here.

Speaking of transit. I can't believe G-rod (our Gov) made it so people over 65 can ride the CTA for free. I hope that only Srs who actually need the break apply for the card. I guess the CEO types generally take their cars anyway. Regardless, as much as I love the Baby Boomers there are far too many of them and they will all be over 65 in the not too distant future. They also happen to be the richest generation ever. It just doesn't quite seem right. I'm all for not taxing people on seriously fixed income and would be more than supportive of a sliding scale payment tier for Srs that went all the way down to free. I guess that would be too much work though. Eh. I'll just watch awesome concert footage and forget about it. When, oh when, will there be a DVD of their awesomeness?

1. When the Witch Doctor Life/ throws his silent bones/ some are crowned kings/ while others lose their thrones

2. It was a clear black night/ a clear white moon/ Warren g was on the streets trying to consume

3. You sure you want to be with me/ I’ve nothing to give/ Won’t lie and say this lovings best. Overcome, Tricky. Identified by Jason.

4. Hey, hey, mama/ said the way you move/Gonna make you sweat/ gonna make you groove. Black Dog, Led Zepplin, Identified by Katrina

5. riding round town with all the windows down/ Eight track playing all your favorite sounds


Monica said...

remember when we watched my Belle and Sebastian "For Fans only" dvd? And all the other bands with dvds that i have? are we sure OM doesn't have one? did you see their t-mobile commercial? weird. i heart kevin barnes. i even heart the late bp helium with his 90s performance art fashion.

ps it's REQUIEM for omm2... sorry to be twat...SORRY

Natalie said...

Of course it is. I can't believe I wrote that. I must have had a Blur invasion moment or something. I'm pretty sure they don't have a DVD because I've looked (cause you know I'm obsessed) and haven't seen any. No I haven't seen their T-mobile commercial but I have seen Mickey Avalon on his Boost Mobile Commercial.

Monica said...

mickey avalon!!!!! boost mobile!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Katrina said...

One of these days I'll have to check them out. I never even heard of them until I came to your site. And I never can seem to remember to come on here on the weekends or weeknights to check on the clips you have, so I'm not holding out much hope that it'll be any time soon. But know that it is in the back of my head to do so one day.

#4 Black Dog. Again, by the one and only Led Zeppelin

Kiyotoe said...


I knew the Led Zeppelin song!

I've been reading your blog for over a year now (right?) and that's only the third one I knew and I was too slow.

Just like the first two times :-(

Mom said...

People say that the "boomer" generation runs through 1960 or 1964 or something like that, which means that the boomers won't all reach 65 until 2025 or 2029 or so. I think it would make more sense to provide subsidies such as the transit subsidy with a combination of age-and-income qualifications.

Jason said...

#3 overcome by tricky!

CS said...

There seems to be a serious split among the over-65 set (among everyone, really) with some on very, very limited incomes and needing every break they can get, and some as the primary beneficiaries of the social security system which won't be around for us and fat pensions, etc, etc. SO I agree with your sliding scale idea.

Natalie said...

Katrina- Sadly it isn't demonstrative of the extreme fun of their concerts but it will do.

Kiyotoe- One of these days friend, one of these days.

Mom- I thought they were a little older than that. My fault. either way, a sliding scale makes so much sense.

Jason- What an awesome song it is!

CS- You have a very good point. I wouldn't by any means say that everyone over 65 can afford things.