Friday, January 04, 2008


So last night I watched the Iowa Caucuses fully expecting to see Hillary Clinton coast to a win. I wasn’t hoping for it, of the three top runners she is my least favorite. Something about her just seems a little robotic and I don’t trust her. I feel pretty good about both Obama and Edwards. They seem sane, passionate, intelligent, I like their plans, and are generally stand up guys that I wouldn’t mind having dinner with. I think dinner with Hillary would make me really self-conscious.

Just a little under a year ago I wrote a very honest post about how I felt about Obama’s chances to become president. I really wasn’t sure at the time if I thought our country would actually vote a Black man into office. I still am by no means convinced that it would really happen but the actual possibility of it sank in a little bit. It brought a tear to my eye. Don't get me wrong, I'm not for Obama because he is Black, I like his politics. I just didn't know how many people would feel the same way. Obama himself doesn't talk about race all that much but all the commentators do and it is certainly in the mind of the public. It isn’t something that can be ignored.

Political commenters, and Obama himself, have been saying for a while that he needs to have a victory to really gain the full support of the African-American community. While I was ready to support him win or not, I think there is likely to be many people who, after seeing his rather definitive success, will take a closer look at him. I don't know if that is all that it will take to get people to support him, believe it or not politics do matter. However, it did play out that way in the Illinois Senatorial race.

His speech after the win was absolutely priceless. If you didn’t get a chance to see it take a look.

He spoke of hope, unity, change, and a belief in the inherent good of our country. I felt like he said everything that I needed and wanted to hear. However, in the middle of his speech one thought came into my head, “please don’t kill him”. I don’t know where it came from and I was actually a little disappointed in myself for thinking it. Sadly, I couldn’t see myself thinking anything else.

Even if he never gets another win in this race I think great strides were made last night. I think, at the very least, the possibility is there. Sure Iowa is only the first of many many steps and it won’t be an easy road from here on in. It will be interesting though. Very interesting.

Ok, enough of that. Time for some songs.

1. Every second/ of every minute of the day/ I let my fancy play

2. OOOHH Baby/ Cry Baby/ Cry Baby/ Welcome back home

3. Stand/ Under/ Fountain/ Cool skin/ Wash clean. Wash him/ From me

4. There are people going hungry/ In Far away/ They got nothing on their plates

5. Deep in the bosom of the gentle night/ Is when I search for the light/ Pick up my pen and start to write.


Monica said...

at no point did i ever really feel like hillary was gonna take it. Obabma did surprise me though. Good on him! Makes me smile.

dmarks said...

Dinner with Obama might be cool. The only problem would be being nervous the whole time that I might accidentally slip up on his last name.

Edwards? He'd be the guy to sue you if you accidentally bumped your elbow and spilled wine on his $1200 suit.

2.0 weblogs said...

Yeah Yeah Yeah!

Urban Chick said...

i saw obama at ravenswood cafe when he was in the senate race.

i called mommy and told her that i had seen the first black president...then my mind went to that same morbid place yours did "if they don't kill him first".

but i think he'll make it and i think he'll be okay

notfearingchange said...

i just wish and hope for a GREAT leader of the US....please for the love of god! Enough of the Bush get someone in who will work!

CS said...

Will it happen? I don't know. Sometimes I feel so optimistic about progress made in this country in terms of equlity, but other times I feel hopeess. And cynical. And fearful that the fundamentalists will always be in power.

terry said...

i'm beyond thrilled with his win. i think obama rocks. i'm glad others agree!

Mom said...

...and that was a *wonderful* speech!

Anonymous said...

Great post m'dear!
Dmarks comment is unfair. Edwards is not "that guy".
I want to see Obama and Edwards on the same ticket ultimately.
That would be the best evuh.

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

I'm sort of undecided (a Democrat not especially enamored of HRC; I like Richardson but he won't win). I agree with this, Obama is truly riding a wave of excitement and hope and freshness. I think he scares the bejeezus out of the GOP. They were all geared up for Hillary and don't know how to respond to Barack.