Thursday, January 31, 2008


Is a really good song. Oh man, Monica, I need those Belle and Sebastian CDs so much.

Urban Chick passed on a meme that asked only one question, what do you expect from your blog?

I thought it was a rather easy question to answer. I expect absolutely nothing from it save that it entertains me. If other people are entertained as well that is simply a bonus. I like cataloging all the random thoughts, happenings, and mindless drivels that I encounter on a daily basis. It is something to do and it makes me smile. Plus, I like to talk about blogging and blogs with people who also blog and like to talk about blogging and blogs. It is yet another piece of things to discuss and for someone who is socially awkward an increase in potential topics is always a good thing.

There are some people who expect a lot from their blogs. They expect that they will get a book deal or a huge readership or quoted in some random media thing. If those things happen for those people it will not only be despite huge odds against it but it will cause more people who want to blog for reasons other than self-gratification to belly up to the keys and churn out tons of mediocre attempts at being deep. I’m sure someone will read their stuff though and stroke their ego and maybe one of them will make something out of their blog. If so I think that is great for them.

I like having readers, it makes responding to comments a much more enjoyable experience than if no one stopped by. That being said, would I blog if no one commented? Probably, I mean how many posts did I do about Figure skating before someone other than my mom really seemed to care? I still enjoyed writing them.

I’m not going to tag people, tagging is totally 2007. I’m just going to say it’s an interesting question to ask yourself and if you want to answer it feel free.

Monica, answer all five of these songs right now.

1. It’s over/ You don’t need to tell me/ I hope you’re with someone who makes you feel safe in your sleep. No Distance Left To Run, Blur. Identified by Jason.

2. Laid back in an old saloon with a peso in my hand/ Watching flies and children on the street. Mexicali Blues, The Grateful Dead. Identified by Monica

3. I/ Was gazing in your eyes/ Seeing butterflies/ Melting on the wall/ Strangest thing I saw . Will You Come and Fetch Me, of Montreal. Identified by Moncia

4. Streets like a jungle/ So call the police/ Following the herd/ Down to Greece. Boys and Girls, Blur. Identified by Monica

5. Your butt is mine/Gonna take you right/ Just show your face/ In broad daylight. Bad, Michael Jackson. Identified by Jenn


jenn said...

5. Bad-- Michael Jackson

Monica said...

i can't answer all 5 but... you misspelled saloon which threw me with number 2 which is grateful dead mexicali blues

3 is funny because i wrote on my blog about you and them today. of montreal - will you come and fetch me

4 blur - girls and boys

even though i know 5 and it's been answered already, i'm gonna answer wrong and say fat by weird al yankovic

also you said "tagging is SOOOOO 2007" you are a jerk. hahaha i will give you cds maybe tomorrow?

Natalie said...

Jen- Nice call

Monica- Man I suck at typing and reading things before I hit publish. I can't believe you didn't get number one. You'll be so mad at yourself. CDs tomorrow may be just fine. I'll leave you know.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you - it's all for ME! And it's fun.

Urban Chick said...

Tagging is 2007? My bad...I'm a quasi-luddite in this sphere. :)

Monica said...

i cant stop singing "expectations" by the way

Anonymous said...

I expect more posts about creepy hand touching on your blog. And gratuitous photos of abc gum. Alas, you refuse to deliver...

Jason said...

#1 - No Distance Left to Run by Blur, from their best album...

Katrina said...

I feel the same way which is a good thing considering most of the time it's just you and Saintseester who leave comments. I have quite a few people who stop by on a regular basis and one person who comes every day sometimes multiple times (no, not that kind, get your minds out of the gutter) I'm assuming they're using my site to get to others that never ever leave a comment. Even after asking the lurkers to let me know what they thought of the new layout they still didn't leave a comment. Ah well, no biggy.

Natalie said...

Citizen of The World- Blogging is so narcissistic. But in a good way.

Urban Chick- No, tagging is fine. I'm just being an asshole. Plus I think it is funny to call something 2007 seeing that is is only about a month ago.

Monica- Well I wish I could be singing it but I have nothing to sing along to.

Auld Hat- Creepy hand touching posts could possibly be delivered. Photos of ABC gum...not so much.

Jason- I knew someone would get it!

Katrina- Maybe they are just shy? It doesn't matter though, blogs are just for fun.

Monica said...

damn! i should have known that shit! as many timnes as we've watched my blur dvd and sang along with everything? oh well. Don't worry, Friend. you will be singing along soon enough.

Natalie said...

Monica- I knew you would kick yourself for that one.

Urban Chick said...

Nat - no worries. I didn't take the tagging comment seriously. :)